Serbians ask to become part of the Continuing Church of God

Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. (Luke 12:32)


A group from Serbia has declared that it wants to be part of the Continuing Church of God.

Here is an email from the leader of that group:

My COG background in short: I began reading the Bible back in 1991, when I was staying in England during the turmoil in former Yugoslavia. My cousin was a WCG member. I was baptised on March 10, 1992. I enrolled AC in 1992 (four years term). However, my studies were cut short due to 1995 Great apostasy in WCG. In the beginning of 1995, the apostasy set in and I organized a student underground at Ambassador College. Later, I survived the United Church of God mess and joined David Hulme as I believed he was going to be the one to lead God’s people faithfully. In the course of time it became apparent that he was rather interested in his own career and was planning to change various doctrines. Thus, I was gradually pushed out of Church of God – an International Community in 2005 because I wasn’t going to give up on prophecy, identity of Israel and relations with friends in various COGs. In 2014, some of my friends felt compelled to leave the Church of God – an International Community and called for reconciliation. I renewed my contact with them as I responded to their call for reconciliation. I was offered a contact with a minister in Europe, but I had no plans to join that group. I wanted to see where it was heading to. This year I established cordial relations with you based on the end-time Work you have been doing. In spite of all my earlier disappointing results in cooperation with some COG leaders, I decided to give it again a chance because I realize that I cannot really achieve anything worthwhile on my own, nor do I want to be a „lone wolf“. I never wanted to be a lone wolf in the first place. It has always been my desire to participate in the Work of God in a full unison with others who are dedicated to that immense task. Since we as a group have concluded that we need to trust God in faith as we move forward in His Work and maintain ties with you, the things have now changed because we don‘t feel we are on our own any more.

So far I didn’t feel I could really trust any COG leadership to the point of cooperating with them and joining their groups. And sadly, mostly to their shame I would say, my translation talent was not used and the Work in Serbia, however small, could not pick up the pace due to their lack of interest. Yet, I never gave up on the main mission of the Church (Matthew 24:14) and have been doing what I can in order to see it fulfilled in my native tongue. Since you have entrusted me to do what I can do well (translation/editing), my experience with you is different. It is especially refreshing to see your commitment to virtually reach all the nations! Thus, I fasted and prayed and felt moved to ask for your advice given our situation in Serbia.

There has never been a Church of God in Serbia as most people are used to. I myself was called to repentance during my stay in England in 1991. From England I was sent to AC as I was deemed dedicated to God and a good asset to the Work. There was not a single member of COG in Serbia. Following my departure from AC (due to doctrinal changes in 1995) and a my one-year stay in Latin America, I returned to Serbia in July 1996. I found economically ruined country and faced all sorts of persecutions, but I had a firm resolve to fulfill Matthew 24:14 in my native tongue. I always tended to think that God allowed me to go to AC for that purpose – to understand the Bible better and keep spreading true biblical teachings in my native tongue. I faced much adversities, including unemployment because of the Sabbath and because I belong to no political party. At the time when I returned, I was part of UCG. In May 1997, I left UCG and joined David Hulme. Meanwhile, I translated several HWA booklets to Serbian in order to use them to spread the Word. My efforts were not met with any enthusiasm. As the result of my efforts some people were called and some were later baptized by ministers in COG-aic who visited Serbia upon my insistence. I was asked to assist in baptism ceremonies and I immersed various baptism candidates. After being pushed out in 2005, I wondered for a while in confusion and despair. I was on a spiritual downhill. It took me some time to get around various issues. In 2007, I decided to continue what I was doing. In the meantime, Facebook emerged, so I used that platform to spread the word as well. I didn’t make any attempt to join any COG. I kept away from them as I didn’t want to (again) fall prey and victim to their misuse of the Scripture and pastoral authorities.

Meanwhile, the CCOG constituted and emerged as the Philadelphian remnant among the Churches of God. Since we have established contact things have changed.

About 4 years ago, I composed a book on baptism by compiling several materials from HWA time and some of my notes from lectures I listened to several years ago. I sent that book to those who were getting familiar with the Word of God and expressed interest in baptism. As a result, I baptised one lad last year upon his request, according to the traditional COG ceremony. At that time I had no contact with you.

Even though I have figured as a substitute for pastoral care in Serbia and performed various duties to the best of my abilities and reliance on God in prayer and fasting, I have never been ordained. True, I attended AC, the institution established with the purpose to educate future ministers and pillars in the local congregations, so I used that education and privillege to the best of my ability to serve God, the Gospel and those called in Serbia. There has never been a minister nor members in Serbia. As a group we started from the scratch and continued to this point. Now the things have become more clear in COG confusion, so we tied ourselves to the CCOG and its dedication to Matthew 24:14.

In a summary, I just want to say that, considering the fruits of your ministry and the teachings that you have been promoting as based on sound biblical doctrines, we as a group have decided to tie in with you and participate in this most important Work on the earth.  And in spite of my various bad experiences, I will gladly give my trust (once again) to God that He would lead us in this Work.

Yesterday, I was finally able to Skype with the host/leader of that group.  His name is Aleksandar ‘Sasha’ Veljic.

We discussed doing aspects of the work, including the ‘Short Work’,  and getting more materials published in the Serbian language.

We also discussed the Feast of Tabernacles for Serbia this year, though that was not finalized.


Serbia, itself, is in the middle of the Balkan peninsula.  This groups has about ten people who have said they would like to be part of the Continuing Church of God.

The Continuing Church of God has had literature available online in Serbian and other languages–here is a link to our currently brief Serbian literature page (we are in the process now of adding more to that page).

Those who understand the ramifications of Matthew 24:14 and Matthew 28:19-20 understand why having materials in numerous languages help fulfill Jesus’ words and admonitions.

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