Time: Jim Carrey Brands California Governor ‘Fascist’ Over Vaccine Law


Time had the following today:

Jim Carrey Brands California Governor ‘Fascist’ Over Vaccine Law

July 1, 2015

Jim Carrey left his 14 million Twitter followers in no doubt about his feelings on California’s tough new vaccination law on Tuesday.

The actor believes there is a link between vaccines and autism. He branded California Gov. Jerry Brown a “corporate fascist” after he signed into law one of the strictest immunization programs in the country earlier in the day. …

California Gov says yes to poisoning more children with mercury and aluminum in manditory vaccines. This corporate fascist must be stopped.


Notice also the following:

June 30, 2015

SACRAMENTO — Ending months of speculation on whether he would endorse the incendiary legislation, Gov. Jerry Brown this morning signed into law Senate Bill 277, which requires almost all California schoolchildren to be fully vaccinated in order to attend public or private school, regardless of their parents’ personal or religious beliefs.

California now joins only two other states — Mississippi and West Virginia — that permit only medical exemptions as legitimate reasons to sidestep vaccinations. …

Under the law, vaccinations would be required of children first entering public school, or when they enter seventh grade, after July 1, 2016. http://www.mercurynews.com/news/ci_28407108/gov-jerry-brown-signs-californias-new-vaccine-bill

Those who thought the State of California with its ‘liberal’ governor would look out for individual and parental rights on this matter, surely should now see that freedoms and religious rights are being reduced. Historically, California has been a ‘trend-setter’ and it is likely that many other states will follow California in this direction.

I perhaps should mention that biblically-unclean ingredients are often used to make vaccines, and it has been alleged that aborted tissues have sometimes been used (see also Human Fetal Tissue Being Used for Vaccines?).  There are various neurotoxins that are regularly used.

The world is moving more towards a type of religion that agrees with governments who often have little tolerance for those who hold minority views. Freedom of religion and freedom to make personal health decisions is being taken away in the USA and elsewhere (Australia recently lost it on this point).

Having met with the Senate Health committee and given testimony before the California Assembly Health committee years ago, I have seen first hand how certain decisions appear to be made, and money and political considerations are normally more important than health and true public welfare.

The Bible teaches:

10 For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. (1 Timothy 6:10)

Someone in the World Health Organization (WHO) was relieved of his job a while back when the Europeans realized that he overly pushed flu vaccines two years in a row using scientifically-unsound scare tactics and had ties to the company making certain flu vaccines. Do not think that money and greed play no role in the politics of vaccinations.

That being said, California Governor Brown, himself, was probably not specifically influenced by money, but, in my view, was misled.

As far as vaccine safety goes, here is something about measles, etc. from the PAVE website:

WE DO NOT HAVE VACCINES FOR THE GREATEST THREATS TO OUR HEALTH. And where can an immune compromised child encounter such a germ? Well, try your doctor’s office, or your local hospital, or even the jungle gym at the fast food joint near you. The CDC estimates over 700,000 people in the United States are infected annually by hospital-acquired infections, resulting in 75,000 deaths. Compare that to 21,000 cases of polio in 1952 (peak of polio), with a full recovery rate of 90% from acute paralysis. How serious is MRSA to your child? How serious is C-Diff? Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus? Stenotrophomonas maltophilia?

Parents are first and foremost in the business of protecting their children from harm. Sometimes it is in the form of promising never to vaccinate a child who starts seizing four hours after a vaccine, and never stops–ever. Sometimes, it is to prevent infection from diseases that can prove fatal to their child. The medical business, however, is concerned chiefly with parading examples in front of lawmakers to make money. The examples never include the most fatal of today’s infections. They include the most profitable of today’s vaccines.

So we are in a world now where “sometimes” the vaccine “doesn’t take” and sometimes we have to vaccinate millions to protect little ones undergoing chemotherapy, and those born with immune system disorders. A huge legal and ethical argument rises out of this fog created by medical propagandists. Yes, maybe they can prevent chickenpox. But according to the most recent data by the CDC, hospital-acquired infections now affect one in 25 patients. Again, in 2011 alone, 722,000 patients contracted an infection during a hospital stay, and about 75,000 of them died as a result of it (http://www.cdc.gov/HAI/surveillance/index.html). That’s 205 deaths PER DAY…. THAT’S 205 DEATHS PER DAY…. Is chickenpox REALLY the biggest threat to your health? http://vaccineeducation.com/

Now, vaccines per se are not a massive doctrinal issue, but the trend this year is to reduce rights of parents and others who have concerns about them. Much of the world is moving towards a more totalitarian government–and moving away from religious freedom.  Last week’s decision by the US Supreme Court on homosexual marriage, in my view, was another step that way.

And while I believe it will take the rise of the final European Beast power to make loss of religious freedom worldwide (as the Bible shows that all the world will be involved in his religious worship per Revelation 13:4,8, 11-18), even the American and Anglo-Saxon nations are taking more and more steps pointing to that direction.

As mentioned before, one candidate for US President, Hillary Clinton, once stated that giving vaccinations was one of the three most important things needed to be a good parent (see also Hillary Clinton in Prophecy). Yet, teaching the word of God and being a proper example is what parents are biblically supposed to do (see also Five Rules for Effective Parenting), but Mrs. Clinton did not say that.

Also as mentioned before, my wife and I did not vaccinate any of our three children. Nor have she or I had any vaccines in adulthood despite traveling to various countries around the world.

But again, am I saying that all vaccinations are necessarily wrong?


But I also do not believe that one must expose oneself or ones’ children to the pathogens and other elements involved with vaccines. Nor do I believe that vaccines should be mandated to parents. Vaccines are not going to save society. Decades ago, the old Radio Church of God published the following:

Leading doctors have warned that there is no substitute for clean living – that drugs cannot nullify the damage done by wanton breaking of all health laws – and that wholesale vaccinations can weaken man’s overall natural resistance to disease. But as long as we appear to be well, almost no one gives these warnings a second thought.(Martin E. Will we ever learns? Plain Truth, August 1965)

Turning from sin, eating only what is good, and obeying sanitary principles in the Bible are more effective than vaccines. But most political leaders will not truly advocate all of that.

The U.S.A. and other lands are likely taking bigger risks mandating vaccines and reducing religious freedoms than the proponents realize.

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