EU offers UK deal, but PM Cameron wants details improved and Nigel Farage wants out

David Cameron and Nigel Farage


The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom received an offer from EU’s Jean Claude Juncker intended to keep the United Kingdom in the European Union.  David Cameron likes the deal, but wants more as do others:

February 3, 2016

David Cameron has mounted a defence of his EU reform deal after it was questioned in the Commons by London Mayor Boris Johnson.

Mr Johnson – among the big hitters exit campaigners are hoping will join their side – has said there is “a lot more to do” to get a good deal for the UK.

He asked the prime minister what the package would do to restore UK sovereignty and curb EU regulations.

Mr Cameron insisted he would get back powers over a string of areas.

Thumping the despatch box to emphasise his point, Mr Cameron told his Conservative colleague: “I am not saying this is perfect, I am not saying the European Union will be perfect after this deal – it certainly won’t be – but will the British position be stronger and better? Yes it will.” …

Mr Cameron is aiming to get agreement from all member states at a summit in Brussels in a fortnight, paving the way for a referendum on whether the UK should remain in the EU in June.

He told MPs the details would need to be pinned down during the course of the “intense” round of negotiations – but the draft deal hammered out with top EU officials was the strongest ever achieved on freedom of movement rules.

Mr Cameron insisted the overall plan for Britain’s EU membership, if agreed, will be legally-binding, adding: “In key areas, treaty change is envisaged in these documents.” …

European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker talked up the draft deal in a speech to the European Parliament, saying: “The settlement recognises this – it recognises that if the United Kingdom considered that it is now at the limit of its level of integration then that is fine.

“At the same time it makes clear that other member states can move towards a deeper degree of integration as they see fit. In this way we have addressed the prime minister’s concern while respecting the treaties.”

February 3, 2016

BRUSSELS–The proposed deal to keep the U.K. in the European Union is fair and needs the endorsement of the European Parliament, the European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker said Wednesday.

“The proposed settlement is fair for the U.K. and fair for the other 27 members and the European Parliament,” the head of the EU executive, said during a debate in the European Parliament.

Mr. Juncker helped shape the proposed deal that officials hope will convince the British electorate to vote in favor of staying in the EU. …

Liberal leader Guy Verhofstadt said that instead of “destroying political integration,” the U.K. should be simply given an opt-out from the common goal of building an ever-closer union, as enshrined in the EU treaties.

Mr. Verhofstadt also warned that the emergency brake on welfare benefits risks triggering a domino-effect among other EU leaders, who might also demand exemptions from the bloc’s fiscal and economic rules.

“What’s next, maybe Hollande will want an opt-out from the internal market, maybe Renzi will want one from the Stability and Growth Pact? Give Cameron the emergency brake, but let this be the last time, else we destroy the EU,” Mr. Verhofstadt said.

Dutch Foreign Minister Bert Koenders, representing EU governments, said that having an opt-out on ever-closer union is not a good idea.

Prime Minister Cameron hopes to get some more concessions from the EU, so that those in the UK will vote to remain in the EU.

But there is opposition to this.

Nigel Farage and the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) wants the UK to leave the European Union:

February 3, 2016

Absolutely nobody in Britain would today vote to join the EU and its people power which will win the coming referendum said Nigel Farage speaking in the European Parliament, Strasbourg in a debate on the forthcoming European Council with Commission President Tusk.

A day after the release of Cameron’s deal with European Council President Tusk, which Farage earlier described as “Cam’s Scam”, he listed the huge loss of control and money that the UK would undergo if it were today deciding on joining the EU. …

Read the speech in full below:

“If the question in June was should we join the EU we’d have to tell the British people you have to surrender the control and sovereignty of your parliament and have 75 percent of your laws made somewhere else.

Your supreme court will not be supreme; you will be overruled by a court of Luxembourg made up by people who aren’t even judges.

You will have to give up your fishing grounds, including in some places 200 miles of the North Sea. And you must cut your links with the Common Wealth and the wider world because you are no longer fit to negotiate your own global trade deals.

Oh, and by the way for all of this you will be paying 55 million pounds a day as a membership fee. ”

“Yes thank you, I just think they’re just slightly over enthusiastic. Well tt wasn’t supposed to be like this was it? Because Mr Cameron’s renegotiation began with really big intentions, treaty change, he was going to control the free movement of people, he was going to achieve a fundamental change not just in Britain’s relationship with the European Union but reform the EU itself.

And what we got was a letter from Mr Tusk in which there is no treaty change, no powers returned to the United Kingdom and no control over our borders at all. In fact it was hardly worth the wait, it is really rather pathetic.

But there is of course one more chance for the Prime Minister because he goes to the European Summit in a couple of weeks’ time and like Oliver Twist he will parade in front of the other leaders and say please can we have some more concessions. I find it rather humiliating that a British Prime Minister has to do this but I’m certain of one thing; he won’t get another thing.

Because just look at the substance of this. We have an emergency brake on migrant benefits, wow. It was supposed to be a total ban on migrant benefits for up to four years so it is hardly an emergency brake, it is more of a hand brake turn. And the Prime Minister is saying we’ve got a red card, isn’t that wonderful? Well what that means is if a majority of parliaments in the European Union can say to Mr Juncker they don’t want one of his directives, is that a cause for celebration? I mean if 15 parliaments couldn’t stop a piece of law we would be living in a communist dictatorship. And what I’ve gone through here are the good bits.

The most bizarre thing is that Mr Cameron said that with this deal he would now vote for Britain to join the European Union. Let’s have a little think about that.

If the question in June was should we join the EU we’d have to tell the British people you have to surrender the control and sovereignty of your parliament and have 75 percent of your laws made somewhere else.

Your supreme court will not be supreme; you will be overruled by a court of Luxembourg made up by people who aren’t even judges.

You will have to give up your fishing grounds, including in some places 200 miles of the North Sea. And you must cut your links with the Common Wealth and the wider world because you are no longer fit to negotiate your own global trade deals.

Oh, and by the way for all of this you will be paying 55 million pounds a day as a membership fee.

Would the British people vote for that? Not a snowball’s chance in Hades and all we have to do is recognise that while the politicians and the big banks and the big businesses will in this referendum defend their own vested self-interest, it is people power that will win this referendum and after we’ve won this referendum I hope that many other countries will in Europe too.”

Nigel Farage has long been a thorn in the side of European Union leaders, and often openly insults them when he speaks at the EU parliament.

But there are also other leaders and parties in the UK who have concerns about the EU, so we will see what they think about the details of the latest proposal.  Part of the irony of this proposal is that David Cameron, is both endorsing it and hoping to renegotiate it, with an individual he publicly opposed.  PM Cameron tried hard to stop Jean Claude Juncker from being elected EU Commission President (see UK’s Cameron attempting to force vote related to next President for European Commission).  Notice something from June 2014:

10 June 2014

Cameron opposes Juncker, the former prime minister of Luxembourg, for being too much of a European federalist, which could work against Cameron’s plans to recast Britain’s relationship with the bloc, as he has pledged an “in/out” EU referendum for his nation by 2017.

Juncker has the stated support of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, as well as the European People’s Party, the top center-right political bloc in the European Parliament.

David Cameron felt that Jean Claude Juncker would not give the UK the deal it needed to vote to stay in the EU.  Well, now he has a proposed deal, that various ones seem to question. PM Cameron will try and negotiate a few details, and if he keeps his word, will have a referendum put forth for UK voters to decide if they want to remain in the European Union.

As far as Europe itself goes, it will change. The Bible actually teaches that the European Beast power will have to have three reorganizations (Revelation 17:12, 13, & 15-18), not necessarily counting what Nigel Farage hopes will happen (see also Must the Ten Kings of Revelation 17:12 Rule over Ten Currently Existing Nations?).

The reality is that the UK will leave or somehow be eliminated from the final confederation of nations that will be part of the European Beast power. Ultimately, the Europeans will divide up and rule the UK.

The idea of Britain leaving the European Union has been called a “Brexit” or “Brixet” – British exit. Here is a news item I posted here back in February of 2014 related to that:

The fact of the matter is that “Brexit” happens to make perfect sense for the UK.

There is not going to be a two-speed EU with some countries in the Eurozone and others not. One is going to be either in or out. Sitting on the fence forever won’t happen. Neither French president Francois Hollande nor the UK liberals will allow that.

On June 26, 2007, (see Tony Blair a Catholic EU Leader?), I posted the following:

We in the COGs tend to believe that the final beast power will be nominally Catholic (see Europa and the Beast of Revelation)…we in the COGs do believe that Britain will pull out of the EU…

David Cameron promised the referendum on the EU in his re-election bid. The fact that he has hinted that this may happen as early as June 2016 may make 2016 a more pivotal year than most probably realize.

The biblical reality is that the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will not be an equal part of the European Union. Britain will either pull out or be forced out or at least truly lose its sovereignty. The Bible indicates that the end time descendants of the Israelite tribes, because of their national sins, will be taken over and many killed (Ezekiel 5).

Many of the Anglo-Saxon peoples of the UK, USA, etc. that are not killed will to be scattered and many will be made slaves by the final European Beast power(see Hosea 7:11-16; 9:1-17; 11:5-7; 12:1; 13:12-16; see also Will the Anglo-Nations be Divided and Have People Taken as Slaves?). That is some of what the Bible shows will happen during the Great Tribulation.

The Bible warns of a time of trouble for the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic nations (Jeremiah 30:7).

The final European King of the North (Daniel 11:27-40) will take over the UK, USA, and their Anglo-Saxon allies according to Bible prophecy (cf. Daniel 11:39; Isaiah 10:5-11).

Irrespective of what happens in the proposed referendum, whether it is called a Brixit or a Brexit, in some way, some day, the United Kingdom will stop being a regular member of the European Union.

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