Europe’s migrant crisis–do Biblical and Catholic writings indicate how this will end?

Migrants on a crowded boat (photo courtesy of Irish Defense Forces)


Europe is facing a migrant crisis of aliens who often do not enter it legally. There are people fleeing political persecution and wars in the Middle East and Africa, as well as people hoping for better economic situations pouring into Europe from the same regions.

This is causing divisions within the European Union, with different countries taking differing forms of action:

September 5, 2015


Trains filled with refugees are finally arriving in Germany Saturday after days of delay at Hungary’s Keleti train station in Budapest.

Reports from Germany and Austria say the first trains carrying refugees left Austria for Germany on Saturday, just hours after they were bused from Budapest to the Austrian border.

Thousands of migrants are now entering Austria. It is a breakthrough after a week of uncertainty about the status of refugees seeking asylum inside the borders of the European Union.

Austrian officials said Saturday that several thousand refugees have already passed into Austria where they have been greeted with aid packages and a place to sleep.

Austria’s chancellor said his country and Germany will grant the migrants unhindered entry. Chancellor Werner Faymann announced the decision early Saturday after talking with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Chancellor Faymann said the decision was prompted by the “present emergency situation on the Hungarian border.”

Many refugees left Hungary’s Keleti Train Station in Budapest on foot Friday after days of waiting for Hungarian officials to allow them to travel. Hungary later sent buses to pick up the hundreds of migrants spreading out along a six-lane highway as they headed west toward the Austrian border.

From the scene in Hungary

Even as crews cleared piles of garbage and removed portable toilets at Keleti train station in Budapest, authorities are bracing for a new wave of refugees heading toward the city from Hungary’s border with Serbia.

Police officials in Budapest on Saturday said Hungary would not provide any more buses to take the refugees to the Austrian border.

A few hundred were not able to get seats aboard the buses and remained stranded at Keleti station Saturday. …

Hungarian leaders have been reluctant to help the refugees, cutting off train services between Budapest and Austria earlier in the week in an attempt to stop the flow. Police fired tear gas in an effort to disperse the refugees. …

“Refugees and migrants are two different things. The refugees are welcomed here, but the migrants are not,” said one Hungarian traveler, rushing to catch a train on Saturday.

September 5, 2015

NICKELSDORF, Austria — Thousands of Syrian asylum-seekers who had been stuck in Hungary for days passed into Austria early Saturday, and the first trainloads of them arrived in Germany later in the day.

Many who have migrated into Europe have come because of US actions and inactions in Syria and Iraq.  The Europeans may finally realize that.  Others are from Africa and elsewhere.

The time will come when Islam will basically be gone from the world, and Europe may end up being one of the first places to ban it.  Currently, Europe has a large Muslim population and many from Syria and Iraq are also Muslim.

While some European officials appear to be welcoming these migrants, others are not.

Here is a new report from ICG’s Mark Armstrong I saw earlier today:

Tens of thousands of migrants from the Middle East continue flooding into Europe.  Photographs showing their arrival on the shores of Greece and Italy accompany news stories charting the influx north and west.  An estimated 2,500 have drowned trying to cross the Mediterranean this year.  Thousands more have made their way into Hungary where they’ve descended on a train station in Budapest, creating a humanitarian crisis.  Train service west has been discontinued.  Many took refuge on stranded trains, which became unbearably unsanitary.

Hungary is erecting razor-wire fences along its southern and eastern borders, trying to stem the flow.  Meanwhile, angry refugees have left the train station and temporary camps and set off on foot along a six-lane highway on a three hundred mile trek toward Germany.  Hungary doesn’t want the Middle Eastern migrants.  Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban is quoted as saying, “Now we talk about hundreds of thousands, but next year we will talk about millions and there is no end to this.  All of a sudden we will see that we are in the minority in our own continent.”

The EU is trying to insist that all member countries accept their fair share of Middle Eastern refugees, in the face of public sentiment that is not all that welcoming.  The UK is under constant pressure as well, with migrants staged on the French side of the English Channel looking to get to England one way or the other.  The English already spend well over a billion dollars per year to support immigrants, and are under constant pressure from the EU and the UN to take more.

Some 300,000, mostly Muslim, are believed to have swarmed into Europe this year alone.  It is reported that there have been 200 attacks against refugee centers this year in Germany.  As the European refugee crisis continues to grow, Europe will be further destabilized and may very well see political upheaval in the wake of growing anarchy.

Some in Europe are upset with all of this.  Anti-immigration parties are rising in many parts of Europe.  There have been protests in Europe (see, for example, Dresden anti-Islamization rally hits record).

Pope Francis has stated that he wants the world more tolerant of migrants, and certain leaders are in agreement with that. But some aspects of that cooperation will change.

Europe itself will change.  The Bible shows that Europe will reorganize and a strong leader will emerge:

12 “The ten horns which you saw are ten kings who have received no kingdom as yet, but they receive authority for one hour as kings with the beast. 13 These are of one mind, and they will give their power and authority to the beast. (Revelation 17:12-13, NKJV throughout unless otherwise specified)

This Beast leader, who is also known as the final King of the North, will ultimately promote his religion (Daniel 11:36-38; which will not be Islam, he will at first feign and claim a form of Roman Catholicism), destroy the USA and its Anglo-Saxon allies (Daniel 11:39), and then takeover the predominantly Islamic nations in the Middle East and North Africa (Daniel 11:40-430).

Catholic writings tell of a time when a ruler will push Islam out of Europe:

St. Francis de Paul (1470):…From your lordship shall be born the great leader of the holy militia…These devout men shall wear on their breasts, and much more in their hearts, the sign of the living God, namely the cross…members of this holy order…

…the Great Monarch…He shall be a great captain and prince of holy men, who shall be called ‘the holy Cross-bearers of Jesus Christ,’ with whom he will destroy the Mahometan sect and the rest of the infidels. He shall annihilate all the heresies and tyrannies of the world. He shall reform the Church of God by means of his followers, who shall be the best men upon the earth in holiness, in arms, in science, and in every virtue…They shall obtain dominion over the whole world, both temporal and spiritual…

God Almighty will exalt a very poor man of the blood of Emperor Constantine…who shall on his breast wear a sign which you have seen at the beginning of this letter (a red Cross)…He will gather a grand army, and the angels shall fight for them…

This religious order shall be the last and best in the Church: it shall proceed with arms…Woe to tyrants, to heretics, and to infidels to whom no pity will be shown…An infinite number of wicked men shall perish through the hands of the Cross-bearers…most holy Crossbearers elected by the Most High, who, not succeeding in converting heretics with science, shall make vigorous use of their arms…These holy Cross-bearers shall reign and dominate holily over the whole world until the end of time

But when shall this take place? When crosses with the stigmas shall be seen, and the crucifix shall be carried as the standard. The time is coming when the Divine Majesty will visit the world with a new religious order of holy Cross-bearers, who will carry a crucifix, or the image of our crucified Lord, lifted up upon the principal standard in view of all. This standard will be admired by all good Catholics; but at the beginning it will be derided by bad Christians and by infidels…You shall destroy the sect of the Mahomet, and all infidels of every sect. You shall put an end to all the heresies of the world…

He shall be the great founder of a new religious order different from all the others…This shall be the last religious order in the Church and shall do more good for our holy religion than all other religious institutes. By force of arms he shall take possession of a great kingdom. He shall destroy the sect of Mahomet…There will be one fold, one shepherd. He shall reign until the end of time. On the whole earth there will be twelve kings, one emperor and one pope. (Culleton, p. 157-161).

St. Francis de Paul (d. 1507): A new order will be founded, that of the Cruciferi, because its members will carry the cross on their banners…The Crusaders will lead the Mohammedans, the teachers of heretical doctrines and bad Christians back to Christ…the power of Islam {was} destroyed by the Great Monarch. (Culleton, The Reign of Antichrist, p. 142).

Venerable Bartholomew Holzhauser (died 1658):…”When everything has been ruined by war; when Catholics are hard pressed by traitorous co-religionists and heretics; when the Church and her servants are denied their rights, the monarchies have been abolished and their rulers murdered…then the hand of Almighty God will work a marvelous change, something apparently impossible according to human understanding. There will rise a valiant monarch anointed by God. He will be a Catholic, a descendant of Louis IX, (yet) a descendant of an ancient imperial German family, born in exile. He will rule supreme in temporal matters. The Pope will rule supreme in spiritual matters at the same time. Persecution will cease and justice shall reign. Religion seems to be oppressed, but by the changes of entire kingdoms it will be made more firm.

“He will root out false doctrines and destroy the rule of the Moslemism. (Connor E. Prophecy for Today. Imprimatur + A.J. Willinger, Bishop of Monterey-Fresno; Reprint: Tan Books and Publishers, Rockford (IL), 1984, pp.35-36)

The ‘Great Monarch’ that is spoken of above is quite similar to the final King of the North that the Bible warns against.  Both Catholic and biblical prophecy teach that this leader will be a European, probably at least partially of German heritage.  As the 21st century proceeds, do not be surprised that Islam will be pushed out of Europe to a major degree (Daniel 11:36-38; Revelation 13:4,8,11-17).

Although we need to rely on the Bible, and not ‘private Catholic prophecies,’ the way some of them mirror the Bible gives us pause to consider that some who claim Catholicism will point to them as part of their justification for actions they may take in the future.

It should also be understand that while the Bible indicates that there will be deals between the Muslim peoples and the Europeans (Daniel 11:27; Psalm 83), the Bible also shows that they will turn against each other (Daniel 11:40-43).  And it is most likely that there will be a more significant separation between them before they actually turn against each other.

Of course, not all migrants are Muslim.  According to biblical writings, the leaders that will ultimately rise up in Europe will expect more conformity from all, including in matters of worship (Daniel 11:36-38; Revelation 13:4,8,11-17).

It may well be that migrant issues will be a trigger to get Europe to ultimately reorganize as the Bible teaches it will in Revelation 17:12-13, Daniel 11:21-38, Daniel 2:41-43, and other passages.

For years I have written that Islamic migrants in Europe will become an issue that Europe will decide it has to address.  We are getting closer to that time.

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