Islamic State kills Ethiopians; Arab League attempting to put together ‘king of the south’ coalition

Islamic State supporters shown on cover of the German edition of Bible News Prophecy magazine


Supporters of the Islamic State in Libya have killed apparently Ethiopians hoping to get on vessels to Europe and the Arab League is considering forming a more militaristic coalition:

April 20, 2015

After the release of a video by Islamic State on Sunday showing what the group said was the killing of 28 Ethiopian Christians, thousands of Ethiopians have taken to social media to express their shock and outrages. …

The victims are believed to be migrants trying to reach Europe. The news came only a few days after African migrants (including Ethiopians) have experienced xenophobic attacks in South Africa, news of a boat that sank with hundreds of African migrant in Mediterranean, which many Ethiopians suspect is also carrying their fellow men and women and a civil war in Yemen that caught Ethiopian migrant workers trapped; many are believed to have been killed in Yemen.

April 19, 2015

The White House has condemned “in the strongest terms” the mass murder of 30 Ethiopian Christians in Libya claimed by Islamic State. …
In claiming responsibility for the massacre, Islamic State group posted a graphic video showing men kneeling on a beach and beheaded. Others are shot in the back of the head. …

Arab League meeting planned

An Arab League official told the French news agency military chiefs from the region would meet in Cairo this week to discuss creating a joint military force against Islamic State militants.

A United States-led coalition of several regional partners continued attacks against the IS nerve-center on Sunday, with 12 airstrikes in Iraq and one in Syria.

In Ethiopia, government spokesman Redwan Hussein said officials were in contact with its embassy in Cairo to verify the video’s authenticity. Hussein said he believed those killed likely were Ethiopian migrants hoping to reach Europe. Libya has become a hub for migrants across Africa hoping to cross the Mediterranean to enter Europe for work and better lives.

“If this is confirmed, it will be a warning to people who wish to risk and travel to Europe though the dangerous route,” Hussein said.

Abba Kaletsidk Mulugeta, an official with the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church’s Patriarchate Office, told the AP he also believed the victims likely were migrants.

“I believe this is just another case of the IS group killing Christians in the name of Islam. Our fellow citizens have just been killed on a faith-based violence that is totally unacceptable. This is outrageous,” Mulugeta said. “No religion orders the killing of other people, even people from another religion.”

Ethiopia long has drawn the anger of Islamic extremists over its military’s attacks on neighboring Somalia, whose population is almost entirely Muslim.

The actions by the group calling itself the Islamic State are pushing the US to push for a militarized Arab coalition as well as pushing many Arab leaders to push for a militaristic coalition.

Biblically, a military force of Arabs and others is inevitable–and this force will be led by one called the King of the South in Bible prophecy:

40 “At the time of the end, the king of the south shall attack him, but the king of the north shall rush upon him like a whirlwind, with chariots and horsemen, and with many ships. And he shall come into countries and shall overflow and pass through. 41 He shall come into the glorious land. And tens of thousands shall fall, but these shall be delivered out of his hand: Edom and Moab and the main part of the Ammonites. 42 He shall stretch out his hand against the countries, and the land of Egypt shall not escape. 43 He shall become ruler of the treasures of gold and of silver, and all the precious things of Egypt, and the Libyans and the Cushites shall follow in his train. (Daniel 11:40-43, ESV)

The peoples listed above are mainly located in North Africa and the Middle East. They are in Muslim-dominated lands and include the Arabs and some of the Turks.  The Arab League is working on the framework for that type of coalition–and an Arabic coalition with Turkish and Cushite involvement will come to pass.  Now, I used the English Standard Version (ESV) above as it does not improperly translate one of the groups verse 43 as Ethiopians as that is a mistranslation of the Hebrew in the KJV.

The word commonly mistranslated as “Ethiopians” is the plural of the word Kuwshiy, which according to Biblesoft’s New Exhaustive Strong’s Numbers and Concordance with Expanded Greek-Hebrew Dictionary means descendants of Cush. Or in other words, people of dark color–and it is commonly translated as Cush or Cushite in many Old Testament passages.

I would add that the late evangelist Raymond McNair also wrote that Ethiopians were not being discussed, he properly referred to the peoples mentioned as :

modern Cushites, south of Egypt (McNair R. Solving the Arab-Israeli Impasse! Copyright Raymond F. McNair 2005, Church of God—21st Century).

Thus, hopefully all can understand that Ethiopia proper is not required to be part of the coming coalition, though some from Ethiopia may end up supporting it.

The situation with Ethiopians being in Libya is also related to another issue.  The amount of refugees trying to get on vessels to get to Europe, as well as the increasing number of deaths to these people, are concerns for the Europeans:

April 20, 2015

Ships and airplanes scanned the Mediterranean Sea for survivors and bodies on Monday, a day after an overloaded boat crowded with hundreds of desperate migrants capsized off the Libyan coast.

“We are there to look for survivors,” said Italian coast guard Commander Filippo Marini. “Let’s not give up hope.”

European officials, under pressure for not doing more to aid a flood of Europe-bound migrants escaping wars, oppression and poverty in Africa and the Middle East, were set to discuss the growing refugee crisis in Luxembourg later Monday.

Europe wants to figure out a way to stop this type of ‘immigration’ (or at least slow it down).  The Bible tells of one or more deals that the European will make with the Arabs (e.g. Psalm 83:3-8).  Immigration issues could be part of some deal that will ultimately be made between the coming European King of the North and the coming King of the South (perhaps the deal of Daniel 11:27) or at least trigger the need for more discussions between the Europeans and Africans.  We may see more European interest in pushing for some type of coalition to form the end time biblical King of the South.

To mention other matters related to Ethiopia, as it turns out I have recently been receiving several contacts from that nation.  And today, not related to the killings by the Islamic State, I received emails from two different leaders in Ethiopia.  We in the Continuing Church of God are considering having one of our pastors visit Ethiopia this Summer if all goes well with our contacts there.  Basically leaders, who once had ties to CG7, representing between 100 and 300 people there have contacted us.  I have also contacted CG7 to discuss the situation there in an attempt to determine what, if anything, they know about these leaders, who originally learned COG doctrines from someone in Kenya who had ties to CG7.

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