USA again warns Russia about being involved with Ukraine; Russia goes to the UN

White House (Mark Wade photo)


The USA is again warning Russia about interfering with Ukraine:

April 13, 2014

WASHINGTON — The United States says Russia appears to be employing the same tactics in eastern Ukraine that were used to seize and annex Crimea earlier this year.  The Obama administration says it stands ready to impose new sanctions against Moscow if Ukraine’s sovereignty is violated once again.Gun battles between Ukrainian special forces and pro-Russian militias constitute another escalation of conflict in eastern Ukraine, where pro-Russian residents are agitating for autonomy from Kyiv.Russian officials insist they have no territorial designs on eastern Ukraine.  But the Obama administration sees the hidden hand of Moscow behind current developments.U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power appeared on ABC’s This Week television program.

“It has all the telltale signs of what we saw in Crimea.  It is professional, it is coordinated,” said Power. “There is nothing grassroots-seeming about it.”

Even before the current escalation of tensions in eastern Ukraine, some U.S. lawmakers urged the United States and Europe to take a stranger stand against Russian territorial expansion.  Speaking on CBS’ Face the Nation program, Republican Senator John McCain said President Vladimir Putin has yet to pay a significant price for Russia’s actions.

“The question now is: what do we do, and what does he [Putin] do?  It is obvious that he is encouraged by the fact that we sanctioned a few people and suspended – did not even throw him out – of the G8,” said McCain. “Obviously, with all his troops massed there, he is keeping his options open.”

Ambassador Power insists Russia has paid a price for its annexation of Crimea, and will pay a bigger one if the crisis deepens.

“The Russian stock market has depreciated by 20 percent,” Power said. “Investors are fleeing.  And that is just on the basis of the sanctions we have put in place up to this point.  The president [Barack Obama] has made clear that, depending on Russian behavior, sanctions against energy, banking, and mining could be on the table.”

Asked if she believes Russian President Vladmir Putin wants control of eastern Ukraine, Power said Moscow’s actions “give credence” to that conclusion, despite Russia’s insistence to the contrary.

Politicians in the USA worry about the stock market.  Vladimir Putin likely feels that any drop in stock values is temporary and that any  territorial gains are permanent.

The USA gave Russia many warnings about Crimea.  They were ineffective.

Ukraine with Crimea in Red and Russia the grayish area to the right tip of Crimea

The Kremlin annexed Crimea despite warnings from the White House.

That, of course, was no surprise to me. I did not think that if Vladimir Putin only had to put up with limited sanctions from the USA and EU that this would turn him away from attaining Crimea.  Vladimir Putin wants as much of Ukraine as he can get to either be part of his Eurasian Union and/or to be a buffer between Russia and the West.

Notice also the following for more of a Russian perspective of what is going on:

APRIL 13, 2014

The West is imploring Russia to help de-escalate tensions in eastern Ukraine after pro-Russia armed men seized government buildings in multiple towns over the weekend, even as Russia continues to deny involvement in the confrontations.

Amid the West’s calls for a peaceful resolution to the mushrooming unrest, Ukraine’s central government ordered an operation to clear pro-Russian forces from occupied buildings in the town of Slovyansk on Sunday. Ukraine’s interior minister said there had been casualties among both Ukrainian law enforcement and pro-Russian forces, while Ukrainian President Oleksandr Turchynov late on Sunday announced that a large-scale offensive would be carried out against the militant separatists in the east of the country…

Lavrov also said that neither the U.S. nor Ukraine had provided any evidence of the presence of Russian agitators in eastern Ukraine and that such allegations were attempts to “put the blame on Russia” for the volatile situation in the country.

Russian officials have repeatedly said that the current Ukrainian government, which it says illegally seized power after President Viktor Yanukovych was ousted in late February, is the cause of the current unrest in the country.

Lavrov told Kerry that the unrest in eastern Ukraine stemmed from the Ukrainian government’s disregard for “the legitimate needs and interests of Russian and Russian-speaking population.”

He also said that the use of force against pro-Russian protesters, which he referred to as “desperate inhabitants” of eastern Ukraine, would undermine further multilateral cooperation on the Ukrainian question, and could disrupt the planned Geneva talks later this week.

Pro-Kremlin political analysts have adopted the state narrative on the Ukrainian authorities’ role in the escalation of tensions in their country.

“Authorities in Kiev have demonstrated that they are weak, that they cannot control the different regions of the country,” Alexei Mukhin, the general director of the Moscow-based of the Center for Political Information, said by telephone. “They have tried to show their independence, their ability to control the country, but they have failed to do so.”

While I am not supporting what Russia is doing, the Kremlin has essentially argued that how the government in Kiev got rid of Ukraine’s last elected president was less democratic than how it ending up agreeing to accept Crimea.  Many in Eastern Ukraine do wish to be part of Russia, though the actual percentage is a question.  Many simply believe that Russia will treat them better and that they will have a better economic future with Russia.  And that may be true for a time, but that is not the ultimate solution.

Notice also the following view:

April 13, 2014

The West Leaves Ukraine to Putin

As Russian special forces invade the country’s east, Kiev’s leaders feel betrayed by the EU and America…

Vladimir Putin sees a West made soft by money, led by weak men and women, unwilling to make sacrifices to defend their so-called ideals. In the Ukrainian crisis, the image fits. Russia’s president is many things, but most of all he is resolute. He took the EU and America’s measure and annexed Crimea last month at minimal cost. Ignoring Western pleas for “de-escalation,” Russia this weekend invaded eastern Ukraine. Just don’t look for video of T-72 tanks rolling across the borders, not yet at least.

Russian intelligence and special forces on Saturday directed local crime bosses and thugs in coordinated attacks on police stations and other government buildings in towns across eastern Ukraine…

Kiev is on a war footing. Radio commercials ask for donations to the defense budget by mobile-telephone texts. The government’s decision to cede Crimea without firing a shot cost the defense minister his job and wasn’t popular. Western praise for Ukrainians’ “restraint” got them nothing. The fight for Ukraine’s east will be different…

The West looks scared of Russia, which encourages Mr. Putin’s bullying. But on the Ukrainian side, the sense of abandonment brings unappreciated consequences. Ukraine’s political elites have taken into account that Russia could reimpose its will—perhaps that anticorruption law demanded by the EU isn’t so necessary after all?

While millions of Ukrainians have united against Russia, out in the east of the country many people are fence-sitters.

Russia filed a complaint with the United Nations to indicate its view that it is the Kiev government which bears responsibility for the problems in eastern Ukraine:

April 13, 2014

Russia late on Sunday night denounced Kyiv’s decision to crack down with military force on the unrest in eastern Ukraine cities as a “criminal order.” The Russian foreign ministry said it had called for an urgent debate on the situation in the United Nations Security Council.

April 13, 2014

The United Nations Security Council will meet for an emergency session to discuss the escalating crisis in eastern Ukraine at 8 p.m. ET on Sunday.

“The Council will meet at 8 at Russia’s request,” a council diplomat told Reuters on condition of anonymity. Another diplomat said negotiations were under way on Ukraine’s participation.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry said earlier it would put an urgent discussion of the situation in Ukraine on the Security Council agenda, calling Kyiv’s plans to mobilize the army to put down a rebellion by pro-Russian militants in eastern Ukraine “criminal”.

Now as far as those in most, if not all of, Ukraine and Russia go, sadly, war is in their future.  This matters little if they support the rising European Union or the upcoming Eurasian Union (watch also the video Ukraine in Prophecy?).

Yet all is not without hope as deification is in the ultimate future for most there. Those in Ukraine and Russia need our prayers and the kingdom of God.

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