WND headline ‘Statistician: Data proves biblical financial collapse’

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The DOW component of the US stock market dropped a lot yesterday.  World News Daily has an article claiming that the Bible basically predicted it:

Statistician: Data proves biblical financial collapse?

Get ready – because the best of times are over and the worst of times may have just begun.

That is the assessment of a Florida mathematician who has studied the biblical Shemitah cycle as it applies to the financial markets.

Thomas Pound is an educator and mathematician who applies his statistical wizardry to the markets.

The Dow fell another 468 points, or 3 percent, Tuesday, providing fresh evidence for investors the sell-off which began in August was no mirage. It is likely to continue in September.

Only eight more trading days remain until the dreaded Elul 29, which is the final day of the Shemitah year, known as “wipe out day” on the Hebrew calendar.

Since Elul 29 falls on a Sunday, Sept. 13, when the markets are closed, the rest of this week and the following week could bring the most devastating losses. Another theory is that the period of Sept. 14-28 right after Elul 29 and leading up to a scheduled blood moon (on Sept. 27-28) could be worth watching. …

Now comes Jonathan Cahn’s New York Times-best selling book about the Shemitah cycle – “The Mystery of the Shemitah” – and Pound was again challenged to study Cahn’s research from a statistical perspective to see if it had merit.

The Shemitah year falls every seventh year, when God instructed Moses to let the land rest, cease sowing and reaping, and then all Israelites were to have their debts canceled on the final day of the year, Elul 29.

Cahn pointed out that the years 1973, 1980, 1987, 2001 and 2008 were all Shemitah years that saw stock markets collapse.

The biggest ever single-day stock market crash occurred on Sept. 29, 2008, when the Dow fell 777.7 points and lost $1.2 trillion in value. This day also happened to be Elul 29, the last day of the Jewish year, one day before Rosh Hashana, signaling the end of the Shemitah cycle. http://www.wnd.com/2015/09/statistician-data-proves-shemitah-financial-collapse/#UfvI3TORSkpBWBky.99

Of course, stock prices rise and fall, but this WND report may sound convincing to many.  But there is an inconsistency that is not mentioned.  The civil year ends the last day of Elul (the sixth month in the Hebrew calendar) and the new one begins the first day of the seventh month (called Tishri or Ethanim).

Yet, while there have been stock market disturbances in Elul in 2015, I remember being in Paris right after the Feast of Tabernacles when the major drop in 1987 happened.  This was in the Hebrew month of Tishri/Ethanim.  Or in other words not in the same claimed Shemitah year. Thus, the statistician combined data together that was not related quite as is being interpreted.  It is not that there are no time cycles associated with economic issues, but that it is not wise to suggest that the Bible is forecasting something that it is not forecasting.

Now, as I have written before, I am not convinced that the Jewish civil year that ends at sunset September 13, 2015 is a Shemitah year.  Also, as I have repeatedly pointed out, Jonathan Cahn is wrong on many points (see, for example, The September ‘harbinger’ convergence?) and the lunar phenomena called blood moons are not of biblical significance (see Blood Moons and Prophecy).

That being said, if enough Jews (e.g. Jewish Rabbi claims blood moons mean ‘messianic advancement’ ) and/or others believe that they are, the stock market could be affected because of that view in Elul or Tishri/Ethanim.

Speaking of Elul, back in 2013, the 24th day of Elul for 2013 equated with August 30 on the Roman calendar. David Pack of RCG repeatedly claimed it had biblical significance, that three shepherd obstructionists would die that day, and that thousands in the Church of God would flock to his church then.  I denounced this and said it would not happen.  And that came and went without RCG getting what David Pack suggested.  Just because WND quotes Jews, Protestants, and a statistician about this month does NOT mean that the Bible prophecies what WND is reporting.

Now could anything else bad affect Wall Street this year?

Absolutely yes!

Notice also the following today from Larry Edelson of Money and Markets:

September 2, 2015

Is it over? Will the stock market now make a beeline back to the highs, then on to new record highs?

Not yet! The long-awaited correction, according to my models, is far from over. Yes, we may see the dust settle for a few more days. We may even see more strong spikes higher.

But my work tells me there is much danger on the horizon, and the Dow Industrials have not yet bottomed. Not even close. Nor have the other major indices such as the Dow Transports, the S&P 500, the Nasdaq.

Nor has Europe bottomed. Or Asia. …

After a brief stabilizing period and bounce (red line) into the middle of this month, the stock market is likely to nosedive into the third week of October.

That low can come in as low as 13,937 in the Dow. …

My models show similar patterns for virtually all stock markets in Europe. Some stabilization and a possible bounce into the middle of this month, then a collapse.

Moreover, Europe’s economic data is far worse than the lackluster data on the U.S. economy. Deflation is worsening in Europe. Industrial production is sliding. Consumer confidence is near lows. …

Long-term, Asia, including China, is fine. But my work tells me the markets there too have not yet bottomed. But keep an eye on them, for when they do bottom — especially China — they will likely bottom ahead of Western markets.

Why? Because in a very real sense today, Asia — especially China — leads the world.

They used to say when the U.S. sneezed, the rest of the world caught a cold. Now it’s the other way around: When China sneezes, the rest of the world gets pneumonia.  http://www.moneyandmarkets.com/bottom-yet-not-even-close-73119#.Veb4aPTw82E

If Larry Edelson is correct, then the US stock market will be lower in the month of Hebrew month of Tishri/Ethanim than in Elul–which again would not be in the same claimed Shemitah year.

Now, like many analysts, Larry Edelson sees China becoming the financial leader of the world in the 21st century, with the USA declining and Europe doing even worse.  While he is correct that the USA is declining, and there are problems in Europe, this is consistent with biblical prophecy.  However, the Bible shows that Europe, and not China, will be the major military (Revelation 13:4) and economic power, for a time (Revelation 13:16-18; cf. Revelation 18), in the world.

As I have written before, the worst is yet to come, but for the USA it will not be for at least a few more years (see When Will the Great Tribulation Begin? 2015, 2016, or 2017?).  This current claimed Shemitah year is NOT even close to the massive and total collapse that will happen to the USA’s economy.  Yes, the DOW might drop a lot this month.  But even if it does, this pales in comparison to the trouble ahead for the USA (and I am looking past next month when I state that).

Short of nation-wide repentance, the USA faces total collapse, but not this month or next.

As far as 2015 goes, as I mentioned before, consider watching the videos Project Prophecy: Economic Collapse Starting in 2015?, Market Collapse then New World Order in 2015?, Alternative to the US Dollar in the Fall of 2015?, and The ‘Harbinger’ and September 2015.

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