Greetings from Charlotte, 

It seems that we have entered a period of gathering storms.  Hurricane Hanna ripped through the Caribbean and Hurricane Ike has torn across Cuba and is heading for Texas.  Further north, when the governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, was nominated as the Republican Vice-Presidential candidate and took the convention by storm, she was referred to as “Hurricane Sarah.” The days ahead should be interesting!  Last weekend, Mr. John Strain from Tyler, Texas, visited with us in Charlotte and toured the office.  Mr. Strain is an Ambassador College graduate and former Church Pastor who has been attending with the Living Church of God in Hawkins, Texas, for more than a year. Living University classes are off to a good start with about 100 students enrolled from countries around the world. Brethren around the world are also benefiting from the Living Leadership Course. Mr. Rajan Moses, Malaysia Area Pastor, wrote concerning it, “It is exciting to see how the Living Leadership Course is helping the brethren to achieve that goal [God’s Kingdom]. We have completed lesson 16 and some of our brethren want to go through it from lesson one again.”  

Mr. Rod King has returned to the UK after a very profitable trip to South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania and Kenya, where a new group, once-affiliated with a Jerusalem-based Church of God, has indicated that they would like to join us. While in Kenya, Mr. King ordained Mr. David Mwanzia as a deacon serving in the Nairobi congregation.  Keep Mrs. Meredith in your prayers, as she will undergo surgery on Friday for cancer (see Dr. Meredith’s announcement below concerning his wife’s health).  There are other brethren around the world who will also appreciate your earnest prayers for God’s intervention in their lives.   

From the Presiding Evangelist 

Dear fellow servants of Jesus Christ, 

I want to tell you that my wife, Sheryl, has come down again with breast cancer. She has been checked and diagnosed thoroughly and an operation is scheduled for this Friday at 2:00 pm. We do not know the extent the surgery will take, but will ask all of you to pray that God would heal her ahead of time—according to His will—or at the very least guide the hands of the surgeon and protect her life through the operation. I love her and need her very much and will deeply appreciate your prayers for her in every way at this time. It is certainly okay to tell others about it now—as everyone’s prayers will be deeply appreciated. Thank you very much.—Roderick C. Meredith 

Church Administration 

News from Haiti 

Mr. Jove Jean-Pierre, our deacon in Haiti, reports concerning the state of our brethren there after the ravaging passage of Hurricane Ike, “We are still in hurricane season and our country has gone through difficult times in the last few days. But God protected His people throughout Haiti and none of us were affected, directly or indirectly.” 

Jamaica Update 

Dr. Scott Winnail, Jamaica co-Pastor, visited that island from September 5 through 8. There were 77 people in attendance for combined Sabbath services in Kingston on September 6. During his visit, Dr. Winnail conducted a Living Leadership Course lesson, gave a songleading and sermonette workshop and visited new prospective members. He wrote, “This was my best trip yet. Everyone was very positive and upbeat. Feast fever has now set in, with much of the congregation involved in FOT preparations and serving in FOT activities….”  

Feast of Tabernacles 2008 

Sabbaths Before and After the Feast—Congregation Contact List 

Attention USA and Canadian Area Pastors: We are compiling a list of congregations that will be holding Sabbath services on October 11 (before the Feast) and/or October 25 (after the Feast).  Please let us know which congregations in your areas will be holding services on either (or both) of these two Sabbaths and send us the contact persons’ information. The list will be posted on the MyLCG website for brethren to access.  Send this information to Mrs. Genie Ogwyn at gogwyn@lcg.org by September 22.  

Branson, Missouri 

Family Day: The 400 seats that the Dixie Stampede had reserved for our Family Day have quickly filled up! Apparently a LOT of you want to go! So, the management has increased our allotment by an additional 200 seats and we have extended the deadline to purchase your tickets to September 19.  If you wish to attend the Family Day activity in Branson, please go to our festival site at www.fotbranson.org, click on the “Family Day” link, read the information and fill out the ticket request form.  If you do not have Internet access, you will need to talk to your local Festival Advisor. If there are more requests for tickets than spaces available, then the spaces will go to those who have paid earliest. The payment information and mailing address are available on the www.fotbranson.org website.   

Children’s Choir: If you are going to the Feast in Branson and are interested in having your children participate in the Children’s Choir, please contact our Children’s Choir Director, Sarah Manning, by e-mail at dfmsrm@live.com, or by phone at 816-591-6382.  Practice music should be available soon to download from the www.fotbranson.org website, or by CD through the mail. 

Sunset Beach, North Carolina 

Pianists Needed: We are in need of someone to volunteer for choir pianist. Additional pianists to accompany hymns are also needed. If you can serve in this way, please contact Rodger Hagmaier at 330-645-1901, or by e-mail at fly34x@gmail.com.  

Ensemble to Accompany Hymns: Do you have an instrument? Do you like to play? Then join the ensemble that will accompany hymns during services. Provide your name, e-mail address and type of instrument you play to Rodger Hagmaier by e-mail at fly34x@gmail.com or by phone at 330-645-1901. 

Teens Ice Cream Social (Pre-Payment due September 26): Teens! Come and join your friends for an Ice Cream Social Friday evening, October 17, before Bible Study, beginning at 6:30 pm. This event will be held at the Gazebo, within walking distance from the Festival meeting hall. The Bible Study is at 7:30 pm. Cost for the Ice Cream Social is $5 per personPlease pre-pay for this event by September 26.  Make checks payable to “Charlotte Local Activity Fund,” noting on the memo line “For Teens Ice Cream Social.” Send checks to Living Church of God, Attention: Don Davis, 2301 Crown Centre Dr., Charlotte, NC 28227. We will send you your ticket(s) upon receipt of your check. 

Family Dinner and Dance (Pre-Payment due September 26): The Sunset Beach Family Dinner and Dance will take place on Saturday night, October 18.  The dinner, hosted at the Palm Court Tent (within walking distance from the festival meeting hall) will begin at 6:30 pm.  Cost for the meal is $25 per person (adults and teens); $13 for children ages 4-11; and free for children ages 3 and under.  The dance will begin at 8:30 pm in the main Festival hall. Music will be provided by a live band and admission to the dance is free.  The buffet dinner will consist of mixed green salad, grilled vegetable pasta salad, grilled flank steak, pan-roasted chicken breast with smoked tomato cream sauce, seasonal vegetables, whipped potatoes, cake with fruit toppings, iced tea and coffee. Please pre-pay for this event by September 26.  Make checks payable to “Charlotte Local Activity Fund,” noting on the memo line “For Dinner/Dance Banquet.” Send checks to Living Church of God, Attention: Don Davis, 2301 Crown Centre Dr., Charlotte, NC 28227.  We will send you your ticket(s) upon receipt of your check. 

For more information about these and other activities at the Feast in Sunset Beach, check the MyLCG (www.cogl.org) website.  

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin 

Formal Dinner Dance: Plan to bring your formal attire to the Feast in Wisconsin Dells. This year’s extravaganza will be held at the Wilderness Resort and Convention Center on Sunday evening, October 19. Great food, music, entertainment, formal photographs, and a children’s activity area, make this an event you will not want to miss.  Pre-register, if you haven’t already done so, on the Living Church of God website. We will collect payment at the Feast for this activity. (Sabbath wear is also appropriate).

Scramble Golf Tournament: Anyone interested in signing up for the Scramble Golf Tournament in the Dells, contact Festival Coordinator, Sheldon Monson, at 715-386-6898.  Feel free to put together your own team of four; or, if you do not have a team, we will assign you to one. This event is scheduled for the afternoon of Wednesday, October 15.  Cost for green fees (18 holes) and cart rental is an exceptional value at only $30 per person.  We have reserved the entire course for this event. Prizes will be awarded.

Teens Serving: All teens who wish to serve at this year’s Seniors Luncheon are asked to bring a white shirt and black slacks (men), and a white blouse with black skirt (ladies). Anyone between the ages of 13 to 20 is encouraged to participate. Pizza and drinks will be provided for those serving. Sign up at the Information Table at the Feast. 


Mr. Wayne Pyle reports: Wow, wow, WOW! A number of factors came together last weekend to make last week’s response the highest ever for a Tomorrow’s World telecast. Three new TV stations began airing, plus BET aired two times. The biggest factor, of course, was the program itself: program #318, “Overcoming Satan,” which offered the booklet Twelve Keys to Answered Prayer. The two previous airings earlier this year had both produced 4,000-plus responses. The first airing back in February generated 4,889 replies, and the second airing in April brought in 4,375 responses. But this weekend’s third airing of program #318 shattered all previous response records—making this week’s telecast the third time ever for a Tomorrow’s World program to break the 5,000-barrier….  we are expecting the week to end with well over 5,100 responses. 


Pay Attention to Prophecy:  Jesus told His disciples to stay alert and to watch for the fulfillment of specific prophesied events that will mark the approaching end of this age (Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21).  Jesus also warned in the parable of the foolish virgins that many will be caught napping and unprepared by the surge of events that will precede His return to this earth (Matthew 25:1-13).  The Apostle Paul admonished Christians, “do not despise prophecies”—don’t take prophecy lightly (1 Thessalonians 5:20).  Do we really appreciate that God has given His Church a “more sure word of prophecy” (2 Peter 1:19, KJV) so we can warn this world about the prophetic significance of both current and impending world events (Ezekiel 3 and 33)? Some misguided teachers have ridiculed the prophetic understanding that God has given to His Church and accused members of “prediction addiction” while other self-proclaimed prophets attempt to attract followers by coming up with their own particular twist on Bible prophecies—in spite of the fact that the Bible clearly states that “no prophecy of Scripture is of any private interpretation” (2 Peter 1:20).  As we see world events building to a historic prophetic crescendo, let’s make sure that we are building a closer relationship with God and that we are not only paying attention to prophecy, but also learning to live by every word of God (Matthew 4:4). 

Have a profitable Sabbath.

Douglas S. Winnail 

News and Prophecy—September 11, 2008 

Irish Oppose Re-Vote on EU Treaty.  A recent poll of Irish citizens revealed that nearly three quarters of the Irish would vote “NO” on the Lisbon Treaty, should a re-vote occur. This percentage is higher than the original “No” vote percentage. In addition, of those who did not vote the first time around, 57% said that they would vote this time, and would vote NO, while 26% said they would vote YES. Currently, twenty of the 27 EU nations have definitively ratified the EU Treaty, with several more poised to sign it.  This places a tremendous amount of pressure on the current EU President, Nicolas Sarkozy, to bring the EU to some type of unified conclusion on the matter (EU Observer, July 28, 2008). As Europe struggles to maintain unity across historical divides, God’s description of the future European Beast power being an un-cohesive mixture of “iron and clay” rings truer and truer (Daniel 2:32, 40-43). The question remaining is, How will the current 27-nation configuration of EU nations be pared down to the ten prophesied nations or groups of nations that will comprise the final Beast power (Revelation 17:10-18)?  

Germany To Track Citizens for Life and Beyond.  For the first time in history, all fiscal databases in Germany will be centralized so that the state has control over everything that has to do with money given or received from citizens.  Information from this central database will be stored at a “Center for Information Processing and Information Technology” (ZIVIT), which is linked to a customs bureau and all aspects of the newly created “e-government” called “Project Germany Online” (www.identifikationsmerkmal.de, September 3, 2008). Germany is preparing, under the name of “simplified and more efficient tax procedures for citizens,” to have full control and oversight over monetary aspects of its citizens. Although several European nations already have similar systems, with Germany coming online with such a system, it may be possible in the foreseeable future to track all EU citizens through a central database.  This new German database is also interesting in light of Bible prophecies about the future role of Germany on the world scene and within the structure of a future European Beast power. God will use Germany and the Assyrian-descended peoples to gain control over many Israelite-descended peoples, just prior to the return of Christ (Isaiah 27:13), and prior to the time when God will elevate Germany, Egypt and Israel in His Kingdom (Isaiah 19:23-25). 

Trees of the Land Fail to Yield their Crop. Citrus is the largest cash crop in Florida—a $9 billion per year resource. However, due in large part to blight (canker and greening), citrus production has fallen by half since 2003. Currently, much of Florida’s grapefruit crop remains underwater from the flooding from tropical storm Fay—just one month from harvest. Standing water will likely rot the roots of an unknown number of trees, causing premature fruit dropping by the trees. Because Florida is by far the nation’s largest citrus producer, the repercussions of this latest storm will be felt nationwide (Time, August 28, 2008). While the citrus situation may appear small on the world scene, God clearly prophesied that, at the end of the age, “… your land shall not yield its produce, nor shall the trees of the land yield their fruit” (Leviticus 26:20). God promised to bless the Israelite-descended nations, however, because we have rejected Him and despised His laws (Leviticus 26:14-15), His prophesied plagues will come. The citrus industry problems in Florida are just one way in which these plagues appear to be coming.—Adrian Kaefer, Daniel Bennett and Scott Winnail