Another “Author” Misrepresents LCG and COGwriter

LCG’s Dr. Meredith and I (January 2008) 


While I normally do not post corrections here to what blog posters say about the Living Church of God or me, today I thought I would comment on two I noted yesterday from a particular “author” at a site that seems to bash the COGs (and no, not Gavin Rumney’s site this time).

Here is the first:

The Living Church of God (the original splinter that Weinland joined in 1995, which he subsequently broke away from) likes to take a prophecy-by-hindsight approach, claiming that “evangelist” Rod Meredith has “predicted” everything from 9/11 to I-don’t-know-what. Thus, in LCG’s eyes, RW’s a false prophet.

No, Ronald Weinland was never part of the Living Church of God.  He was, however, once part of the United Church of God.  But it is true that we in LCG have always considered Ronald Weinland to be a false prophet.  But it is not true that we take a prophecy in hindsight approach, etc. (the comment about RC Meredith is not quite right, but that will take a longer explanation than I care to do here) as the blogger indicated.  LCG has repeatedly explained what the Bible teaches must occur in the future, and still does that.

Here is the second:

Thiel is not a PhD; he got his “doctorate” from the unaccredited Ambassador College, and the education he received there (if reports from former students are any indication, especially Dennis Diehl’s articles) was minimal at best, and laughable at worst, and absolutely scarce on real “theology”.

Why the above writer who was supposedly providing clarifying information said that is a mystery to me–he is totally wrong about my education.

As anyone can find out if they click the COGwriter link (which is at the beginning of most of my articles), I do have a Ph.D. and it is from the Union Institute & University.  And Union is regionally accredited (the highest accepted accrediting standard in the United States for universities and colleges).

I also have a Master of Science degree from the University of Southern California (which, of course, is also regionally accredited).

I never was a student at Ambassador College.  So to post that my academic credentials are from there is false. (Perhaps, however, I should point out that Ambassador did get regionally accredited before it closed.  But again, I was never a student there.)

Of course, many will still misreport about me, LCG, and various COGs, but today I thought I would at least point out that those that do could do some simple research to check their facts.

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