COGaIC and LCG on Stem Cells


US  President Barack Obama lifted various restrictions on stem cell research this week.  This is not a change I can believe in.

Both COGaIC and LCG had some comments about this.

Here is all of what COGaIC said this week:

As we move ever closer toward realizing the medical potential of stem cell research there will continue to be moral and ethical conflicts in both the scientific and political fraternity. Sometimes it is the smallest steps along the path that require our closest attention.

Here are some prior comments from COGaIC’s Dan Cloer:

As medical researchers seek a multitude of cures, the embryo has no say in its own destruction. The “informed consent” that has always been at the heart of human-based research gives way to the perceived needs of the investigator’s prerogatives and the economic hopes of sponsors. It is an approach that easily morphs into one where the ends justify the means—the harsh rationalization that “you’ve got to crack a few eggs to make an omelet.” The fruit of curative medicine should not be cultivated through a neglectful disregard for the materials it employs. Good fruit is not borne from poor practice. What we are seeing today could be described as hybrid fruit from the proverbial tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Here are comments from LCG’s Wally Smith:

…the March 9th change in American embryonic stem cell research policy is a horrible sign of an atrocious attitude toward human life.  Really — absolutely vomitous.

First, the idea that revoking the previous administration’s ban on federal funding of such embryo-destructive research is somehow “removing ideology” from science or “restoring integrity” to science is so ludicrous that it would be laughable if it weren’t so horrific.  It’s almost as if one is saying, “By this taking this ideologically driven action, I hereby remove ideology from playing any role.”  The stand that destroying human life for the sake of scientific research — embryonic or otherwise — is acceptable is just as much an ideological stand as saying the opposite, and to think otherwise is nothing but hypocrisy and political theater (unless it is profound ignorance, which is always a possibility, I suppose).

I wonder…  If it ever becomes necessary to place a ban on federal funding of involuntary experimentation on the comatose, elderly, or infirm, will that ban be derided as “ideological” or “lacking scientific integrity”?

Secondly, it occurs to me that when politicians consider such issues as when human life begins as being above their pay grade, it is all the more remarkable how willing they are to carelessly pass legislation concerning such matters as if they have all the answers.

Of course, there is Someone for whom the issue is not above His pay grade.  And this country’s attitudes towards its most innocent and vulnerable have already garnered His attention.  I doubt that this has escaped His notice, either.

Don’t get me wrong.  I believe that the other side of this national debate (or non-debate) is guilty of its own hypocrisy, and I cannot understand those who believe that creating embryos to be eternally frozen in pursuit of having children is somehow a pro-human life position.

But I try to call it as I see it, and Monday’s change in policy represented another black eye for this nation’s respect for humanity, which God created in His own image.  Will it help us along to a fulfillment of Revelation 18:13 (trading in the “bodies and souls of men”) in the economy of the Beast power — which is not the U.S., by the way –  that is as yet unfathomable?  Interesting idea, but I certainly don’t claim to know.  But I guarantee you, the consequences will not be good.

I’d love to write more about this, but the time escapes me (and, frankly, if I did have more time I would be more tempted to create a cleaner essay for use as a Tomorrow’s World commentary).  But for now, let me content myself with refering you to some earlier posts on the subject (some of which, after a bit of cleaning up, did become TW commentaries):

COGaIC is correct that there are moral issues, but it seemed hesitant to discuss much about what is wrong about the stem cell research.  I agree with LCG’s Wallace Smith’s stronger stance against it.

As I have written here for years, there are other (cheaper and in my opinion simpler) ways to accomplish much of the stem cell goals without human stem cells at all (animal parts work).  Furthermore, umbilical cord stem cells have always been available and do not have the moral problems.

It has long been my belief that the real reason that the stem cell issue has been floated around is so that the abortion industry wants to use it to try to pretend that abortion is morally acceptable.  It is not, nor is the type of stem cell research that President Obama approved morally acceptable.

Without massive national repentance the USA is doomed relatively soon.  The stem cell issue is just one more area of the national sins of the USA.

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