Former Weinland Elder Resigns and Posts Statements



A “senior elder” from Ronald Weinland’s CGPFK/CGPKG posted something that is at an rcg site:

Senior Elder (New Zealand Church Pastor) Resigns from Ron Weinland’s COG – PKG

An Open Letter to PKG Members and Ministers from Adrian Gray
Dear Brethren,
I am a senior elder in The Church of God – Preparing for the Kingdom of God (PKG). Both my wife and I have been deeply troubled over the last number of years with the teachings of Mr. Weinland…

False Teaching: There is no literal place of safety—but rather God is our Rock and can protect us anywhere...

False Teaching: The first 4 seals of Revelation are spiritual, relate to the Church and have already taken place…

False Teaching: The Philadelphian and Laodicean eras of the Church are finished and the Church is in a time of transition…

False Teaching: The Work was finished at Mr. Armstrong’s death...

False Teaching: Women may be ordained as elders...

False Teaching: Mr. Ron Weinland and his wife are the Two Witnesses and they have finished their job…

False Teaching: Ronald Weinland says he is a Prophet, an Apostle, a Witness, and the Elijah to come...

False Teachings: 2nd Tithe can be used for purposes other than God’s Holy Days. The Feast of Tabernacles does not need to be kept…

May you all come to the same decision as my wife and I—and recapture the full truth of God, found only in The Restored Church of God! Your eternal life depends upon it.

Adrian Gray
New Zealand

Ronald Weinland was a PROVEN false prophet many times and it is surprising that those following him did not figure that out until later.  People like Adrian Gray should have known enough to stand up sooner and not wait until months after Jesus did not come in May 2012 as Weinland insisted or until after Ron Weinland was convicted of tax fraud the following month.  Sadly, Adrian Gray has now decided to follow the false and self-anointed, apostle David Pack (see also Why Not the Restored Church of God?)–a group that does not have “the full truth” (it has trouble with many issues, including the gospel).

It is a bit astounding that the letter from Adrian Gray does not mention the Ron Weinland’s unitarian teaching as one of the false teachings (see also Was Unitarianism the Teaching of the Bible or Early Church?).  But it was.

Of course, Ronald Weinland had, and still has, other false teachings.

For those unfamiliar with him, Ronald Weinland was a former WCG then UCG minister who falsely claimed to be one of the two witnesses, Elijah, etc. He was again proven wrong last month when Jesus did not return as he has claimed He would. And he will be proven wrong again when Jesus does not return on Pentecost in 2013.

The main point of COGwriter posts about him is to warn all not to let false prophets and false apostles like Ron Weinland (and David Pack) turn people away from the God of the Bible. Jesus will not return in 2013.  And salvation is not something that one would go to RCG to really expect to find as it does not even have the “full truth” about the gospel (see What is the Gospel? and Why Not the Restored Church of God?).

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