RCG’s David Pack declares that ‘three shepherds’ will die on August 30, 2013. Is Bob Thiel one of them?

Laodicea has many ineffective structures


A reader sent me an email to inform me the following:

Dr. Thiel if you’ve listened to some of the 14 sermons since last December by Mr. Pack this reunification of sorts hinges on the deaths of three leading shepherd’s (who are misleading their flocks) according to Mr. Pack’s interpretation of the Haggai prophesy.

He has not specifically named the three to the brethren but has said he’s floated the names among his ministers and they agree.

Three…leading shepherds are to die by Fire on August 30, 2013- six weeks from now.  He walks this out, then walks this back seemingly every sermon. He is not surmising, musing, he clearly has prophesied this and so I an many others await Aug 31. He listed 20 of 40 of so reasons why it has to be this year in Part 14 two weeks ago.

He also muses that he doesn’t care if they die by fire, it can be anything- accident, cancer, etc. But he has made much of the death by Fire that he can’t walk that back either, at least not to congregants with an IQ above room temperature.

My response to him included the following:

If you can give me a couple of verbatim quotes, as well as which sermon they were in, this is something I would be interested in quoting.

He responded with:

will do – the intimation is you are one of the three- but since Mr.Pack has not announced I can’t be sure

Let me state for the record that I will not die on August 30, 2013.  If David Pack was including me, he is very wrong about that.

The reader who sent me those emails later said he would send me more detailed notes about David Pack’s sermons by late last night, which he did.

And this morning, I read what he sent.  Note: This reader has been reliable in the past, and he gives details for those who want to listen to this personally.  Anyway, here are his excerpts from one of David Pack’s sermons:

All Brethren United Soon Part 12

How could so many things happen in 24 hours?

Minute 26. Three men die- Elul 24, then everyone makes a decision that day.

Minute 29. Certain things about this prophesy is very complex, others are very simple.

Minute 30. No way everything could happen in one day.

Minute 32. Do you care most how the 3 Shephard’s die?  In their sleep, by fire?

Do you care who they are?

If God tells us then I want to know otherwise it doesn’t matter.

You are going to find out how they die and who they are.

Minute 33. I know their names 100% sure. Don’t want the names out yet. Now I’m certain I know.

Do you care where it happens? I don’t know where it will happen.

I know how they die and who they are. I’m certain.

Minute 34. How about when they die?  They die sooner then we thought.

Do they die together or separately. I know they die together.

Two culminating events. The death of these men is the first. The central point is God is going to bring his people back together/unify his people.

Although I have not listened to David Pack’s recent sermons, the above seems consistent with certain statements that he has posted.

The 24th of Elul is August 30, 2013.  If I, Bob Thiel, am actually one of the three that are supposed to die, and I am supposed to die with the other two, this is even more extreme delusion on the part of David Pack.  While I suspect that I may know who two ‘shepherds’ that are allegedly going to die then according to David Pack, I feel it is better not to mention those two at COGwriter lest some RCG supporters go over the edge and attempt to make David Pack’s false prophecy somewhat true.

Similarities to Ronald Weinland?

One point about his Part 12 sermon that is interesting is that David Pack’s statement indicating that the death of the three shepherds comes first really reminds me of something that the false prophet Ron Weinland wrote in his book 2008: God’s Final Witness:

The most notable deaths early on, which are yet to come to pass, will be the two remaining television presenters in the Living Church of God.

The sound of this thunder will be intensified by the early deaths of the leaders of the Philadelphia Church of God, the Restored Church of God and the Church of the Great God. Then, those in the largest scattered group, who think they have escaped, will be lifted up to believe that God is with them because they are so filled with pride. But, when that happens, the deaths of many in the United Church of God will begin (2008 – God’s Final Witness, Copyright © 2006 by the-end.com, inc., Cincinnati. Published October, 2006, p. 107-108).

None of the people that CGPFKG’s Ronald Weinland declared would die first have died and they were supposed to be some of the first proof that he was right (they were supposed to originally die in 2008 according to Weinland).  Furthermore, Ron Weinland claimed to have been granted special powers in a post dated 4/18/2008:

The Seventh Seal has been opened and now the First Trumpet has been blown…

Having said that, more will be said in the months to come, but now is the time to publicly reveal the name of the second end-time witness. It is my wife Laura. We are a family through whom God will be working to bring an end to this age and setting the stage (and much more) for the age to follow. Many will mock and ridicule, but as we go forward, this time God will place fear in those who mock Him and His servants. Power has been given to make this so.

A month or so after that threat came out, a follower of CGPFKG’s Ronald Weinland  emailed me and basically told me that he thought that I was not reporting as much about Ronald Weinland because supposedly I was dying as the result of Ron Weinland’s curse.  I informed him that I had not been reporting as much about Weinland then as there was less to report and been in Turkey for 10 days that month.  I also informed him that I was not dying.

But while Ron Weinland was wrong about my death and the deaths of certain others, I posted this about him (as well as David Pack):

1 But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Lord who bought them, and bring on themselves swift destruction. 2 And many will follow their destructive ways, because of whom the way of truth will be blasphemed. 3 By covetousness they will exploit you with deceptive words; for a long time their judgment has not been idle, and their destruction does not slumber. (2 Peter 2:1-3).

And this, in Ron Weinland’s case has basically come to pass as he is currently in federal prison.  David Pack will also have issues (though not necessarily anything like Weinland’s tax evasion conviction.

Will RCG supporters stay with David Pack once he is proven wrong on this?  If the track record with CGPFKG’s Ronald Weinland  is any indication, sadly some will.  But others will also likely leave (which happened to Ron Weinland).

More David Pack Sermon Information

Getting back to David Pack’s sermons, the reader who listened to them also sent me the following related to another sermon:

All Brethren United Soon Part 13

Min 8. Regarding this prophecy- we are done, we don’t care it out. Step back and watch Christ save this flock.

Min 11.33 – What happens on Elo 1?

Min 14. LCG- couple thousand people in 15 years.

Min 15. PCOG losing by the thousands

Min 16. Starts to catalog all the splinters evangelists, ministers and elders who’ve died – a widow’s convention (LCG). Listing UCG, PCOG- just one after another men who are dead, have cancer, etc.

Min 22. Only two evangelists by Mr. Armstrong still alive today…

Min 42. Elo 24.

Min 43. Who are the three men/shepherds?  God is essentially saying “Isn’t it pretty obvious who they are?” God getting rid of the obstructionists

Min 45. How do they die? They are particularly evil. Fire is God’s pattern when dealing with the wicked- Sodom, Aaron’s sons, three men slandered Mr. Armstrong, Koran, numerous Psalms of wicked die by fire, the Beast and False prophet. Those who go up against the 2 witnesses- die by fire.

Min 50. Conclusion- I don’t care how they die, but God’s clues can only be taken one way. God will cut off the three Shepherds. Not saying absolutely fire, but can’t imagine any other way. Always deals with the wicked in one day- Sodom, Aaron’s son, Elijah and the 50, Korah and the princes.

Beast and False prophet will not die on separate days- always one day. Tribulation the starts on a specific day, etc.

Min. 53. All his clues point to one day, though he says he doesn’t care how or when.

Where will they die? I don’t know-

Time of the month? Only 29 days in Elo.

Weinland and Flurrey- complete false prophets…

Min 75. Elo 24 will happen.

Min 80. Absolutely believe it will be this summer. Not exactly the day they die—but awful lot of certainties.

Min 81. God doesn’t scare people into his church. Not can come unless they are drawn. Not scaring them into obedience. Not scared into fear. Fascinating August.

Apparently, those of us who disagree with David Pack and his of the improperly named Restored Church of God (RCG) are considered obstructionists, and at least three of us he believes are “evil.”  Perhaps I should mention that in April of 2012, David Pack called me and various other COG leaders part of the ‘synagogue of Satan’ (What is the Synagogue of Satan?).

Another Sermon

The reader who listened to Pack’s sermons also sent me the following related to another sermon:

“All Brethren Reunited SOON—More Detail, and Immanency of Connected Events (Part 15)” given by Mr. David Pack  …

Min 59-61. Have our financial strategy changed? Are we going to build more buildings- probably not but not counting it out. Working along with a revitalized Church of Rome. The man of sin has been revealed- but doesn’t say who it is. How long are we going to have an open door? Eight weeks from today God’s church will be united.

Min 62-70. The desolation of more men in the splinters, slivers. Not one reason the prophecy is off for 2013- found many reasons it points to this year. The three (shepherds) are ripe for removal. Every COG seem to be the same. Calls everyone outside of RCG as blind. They can’t see- haven’t proved everything. If the Splinters can’t tell where the truth is how can the world who knows nothing see it?

Min 71-80. Egypt is the King of the South. It’s not Morocco, Tunisia, etc. The scepter is in Egypt. Not relevant to me if the prophecy is another year. This is the True Church of God no one else has the truth. Will you leave if the prophecy doesn’t happen? Where would you go? We are the only true church.

David Pack is delusional.  RCG is not the true church.  I have had doubts for a long time whether or not David Pack a is converted Christian, and he keeps making statements and taking actions suggesting to me that he is not.

For months, David Pack has been writing weekly letters to those he tends to call “the splinters.” He basically is teaching that he is the prophesied Joshua from the Book of Haggai and that all those in the Church of God will reunify with his group on August 30, 2013. I have been covering this at the News of Those Once Affiliated with GCG page.

When he is proven wrong and I right, what will those he has misled in his Restored Church do?

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