Ronald Weinland Again Calls for Death

Which Book Do You Think Christians Should Rely On?

Ronald Weinland Says His Books Are What He Wants Potential Supporters to Closely Study. The COGwriter Site Instead Urges Those Interested in Him and End-Time Prophecies to Spend More Time Checking His Writings with the Bible.


Strangely, Ronald Weinland’s pre-recorded 4/19/08 church service begins with the hymn titled “In thy loving kindness Lord”. He titled his sermon It Has Begun–the 1260 Days Have Begun.

The reason that this is so strange, is that instead of loving kindness, basically Ronald Weinland calls for the death of those who point out why he is wrong.

Here are some statements from it:

We are in Jerusalem…it has been very, very, nice hear….the Harrells are with us…

Everyone has done quite well here…This sermon is filled with power and strength, if you have ears to hear…

All of this is from God…

For those of you who want to mock, I do forewarn you, you are going to cease or you will die…You see, I have a unique job and you don’t understand what that job is…You don’t understand…

You don’t understand the power of God and what He has given me to do…

And my first exercise in use of power, that God has granted me in Revelation 11, is to you, you mockers…Truly.

It begins with you, first and foremost.

You will be the first to experience…You don’t have to wait long.

For those who mock, again, from this day forward, by what you say against God’s people, by what you say against God’s truth, by what you say against God’s truths, by what you say against God’s prophets, you will suffer from sickness that will eat you from the inside out. And you will die. Your death will not be quick…

So now according to Ronald Weinland, those who point out why he is wrong do not understand and thus he calls for their deaths.

Ronald Weinland has a history of calling for death.

Notice the following from what he calls his “second book”:

The most notable deaths early on, which are yet to come to pass, will be the two remaining television presenters in the Living Church of God.

The sound of this thunder will be intensified by the early deaths of the leaders of the Philadelphia Church of God, the Restored Church of God and the Church of the Great God. Then, those in the largest scattered group, who think they have escaped, will be lifted up to believe that God is with them because they are so filled with pride. But, when that happens, the deaths of many in the United Church of God will begin (Weinland, Ronald. 2008 – God’s Final Witness. Copyright © 2006 by, inc., Cincinnati. Published October, 2006, pp. 107-108).

Two years later, none of those people have died yet.

However, since the people mentioned above have not been reporting much (if anything) against Ronald Weinland, he apparently is referring to people such as me as a mocker –but at least it won’t be quick 🙂 according to him this time.

And apparently those he is calling “mockers” are now to die first, before the others whose deaths he called for 2 years ago.

I, however, am NOT a mocker. I am asking people to compare Ronald Weinland’s claims with the Bible, world events, and even his prior claims.

If anyone will honestly do that, they will conclude that Ronald Weinland is a false prophet.

Nothing happened in Jerusalem on April 17th that began the 1260 days. Nothing happened anywhere in the world that fulfilled the 1335 days nor 1290 days (which were supposed to be February 22, 2008 and March 18, 2008, respectively, according to Ronald Weinland’s earlier pronouncements).

Since nothing happened, notice what else Ronald Weinland also claimed later in that same sermon:

April 17th, 2008…

You haven’t understood what was written in my book

God began to give me what the 17th was all about…I received strength, confidence, boldness…an absolute knowing…I know my job and I’m doing it, because it started on the 17th…

So on the day of the 17th, I knew what would happen on the world scene that most people are looking for. Nothing, nothing and that is the whole point. The world doesn’t know what to look at, what to to look for, so they must be told…

My job as an end-time witness, began on the 17th…

Having said that, more will be said in the months to come, but now is the time to publicly reveal the name of the second end-time witness. It is my wife Laura. We are a family through whom God will be working to bring an end to this age and setting the stage (and much more) for the age to follow. Many will mock and ridicule, but as we go forward, this time God will place fear in those who mock Him and His servants. Power has been given to make this so…

The second book–GOD gave me what to write as I wrote…It is about the will of God…

It has begun…

The trumpet is two-fold. It is physical and it is spiritual…

Two great events happened on the 17th…But the world doesn’t grasp…The scattered church doesn’t see it yet it.

What are those two great events?…

The revelation of both of God’s two end-time witnesses…that’s a great event that began on the 17th…

And the 17th marked the identifying and the beginning of Satan’s direct power and influence of a great false prophet, the Pope of the Roman Catholic church.

So basically, Ronald Weinland seems to be saying that because he believes he is one of the two witnesses, that he received confidence on April 17, 2008. And that this is the event that marks the beginning of the 1260 days, per Revelation 11.  He also said basically what I said he would about Pope Benedict (see news item April 17th is Not the Start of the Tribulation).  (I should perhaps also add that I do not believe that Pope Benedict XVI is the great false prophet that the Book of Revelation warns against–nor do I believe that Satan’s influence over the Pope increased on April 17th.)

But what about all the other events? What about people fleeing Jerusalem before the start of the 1260 days of the great tribulation per Jesus statements in Matthew 24? Of the saints given into the hand of the pompous one per Daniel 7:25-27?

Instead, Ronald Weinland is claiming that the Bible simply should not be looked to, but that people who do not understand how Ronald Weinland is trying to explain HIS book are those with the problem.

How sad.

Ronald Weinland is sadly still fulfilling 2 Peter 2:

2:1 But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Lord who bought them, and bring on themselves swift destruction. 2 And many will follow their destructive ways, because of whom the way of truth will be blasphemed. 3 By covetousness they will exploit you with deceptive words; for a long time their judgment has not been idle, and their destruction does not slumber (2 Peter 2:1-3).

Ronald Weinland is causing the way of truth to be blasphemed.

People who listen to Ronald Weinland need to stop being misled by one who primarily calls for death and ignoring the Bible, as world events have not gone as the Bible shows they must.

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