UCG Announces Its 2007-2008 Budget

UCG’s United News states:

$25 Million 2007-2008 Budget Overview Outlined

At the annual meeting May 6, the General Conference of Elders approved a $25 million budget for the fiscal year 2007-2008, which begins July 1…

Increases for Preaching the Gospel and Preparing a People

The budget includes “a substantial increase (over $1.6 million)” for preaching the gospel, “the largest year-to-year increase for this purpose in the history of the United Church of God.”

The budget also includes funding to hire up to five additional ministerial trainees, expansion of the ministerial development program, several three-day regional ministerial conferences and “a significant increase in support of the Youth Corps program.”

The executive reserve of $1.65 million includes $1.5 million set aside for the home office relocation project…

Budget Amounts

The amounts budgeted for the various programs are:

Council of Elders — $174,900

Home Office — $1,317,013

Public Proclamation — $6,196,980

International — $2,017,665

Ministerial Services — $10,059,177

Festivals — $1,074,165

GCE — $80,000

Insurance — $1,880,100

403(b) — $550,000

Executive Reserve — $1,650,000

Total: $25,000,000

Dr. Kirkpatrick said the 2007-2008 budget “reflects the ongoing grace and generosity of God in blessing the Church with a steady and growing provision of financial resources to help with carrying out its mission.”

The above reflects a shifting in UCG spending that I have long expected–once it had enough reserves (it has taken them 12 years) it would increase spending on public proclamation.  Increased spending on public proclamation is a good thing.  But even with this increase, UCG will only be spending about a 1/4 of its income on that objective.

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