UCG’s Dennis Luker vs. Leon Walker

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The United Church of God (UCG) posted a letter late yesterday from its president, Dennis Luker where he goes blow-by-blow against Leon Walker’s positions regarding the split in UCG in Latin America.

For those who wish to read it, it is at http://realtimeunited.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/update-on-the-situation-in-latin-america-and-with-leon-walker.pdf

Most readers of the COGwriter page (including me) are not part of UCG, so I have tried to minimize the amount of UCG bickering that I report here.  But since I reported some of Leon Walker’s comments yesterday (see July 31 Journal Out), I felt having UCG’s response linked here would help those interested in this matter.

On other UCG-related matters, someone forwarded me a jpg file titled “fruitless tree”.  Essentially, it shows that UCG has not been particularly successful with its public proclamation efforts.  And, that seems to be correct.

The main reason that I chose not to be part of UCG is that when I learned how it intended to govern itself (which I disagreed with), I told someone at that time (1995) who went with UCG that its governance form meant that UCG would not be effective in proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom to the world as a witness.  That UCG individual disagreed with me over 15 years ago, but sadly I was correct then

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