UCG’s Former President and others Resign?

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Yesterday, UCG posted the following which I had considered as possibly an act of desperation:

The Council of Elders wishes to thank the many brethren and congregations who signed a giant “Thank You” card that was presented to the Council on December 6.

Since it became known that more than 700 names of supporters appeared on the card, many more brethren wrote in and asked for their names to be included also. So far, close to 2,000 names have been submitted, with some representing the membership of entire congregations.

In addition, the Australian ministry sent in their names, along with a resolution from the Australian National Council dated Nov. 21, expressing its thanks to the Council and president of UCGIA, including unanimous support from the Australian ministry…

I considered it to be desperation, because it seems like this was intentionally posted to show that UCG had more support than those who recently have signed a letter to challenge aspects of it.  I was not going to post anything about it until I saw the following at John Carmack’s website (John was, and still may be, in UCG but seems to have questions himself) just a few moments ago:

Facebook UWS site reports are that Roger West, Roy Demarest and Clyde Kilough have resigned today.  Previously, Demarest was suspended.

If this report on resignations is true (and it may not be–though perhaps I should add that I received confirmation related to Roger West 12/21/10), then the situation at UCG is worse than the average UCG member probably has considered that it is. I have seen no reports on where Clyde Killough, etc. may end up.  But if they end up in COGA (see COG America: A Group of Former UCG Ministers), this may be a significant problem for UCG.

The last time a former president left (David Hulme in 1998), UCG lost around 10% of its membership.  The crisis in UCG in 2010 has already cost UCG about that many (though mainly in Latin America).  This crisis is looking more like a disaster now for UCG.

The more it loses ministers in the USA, the greater its income drop will be.  UCG may end up not being the largest COG with origins in the old WCG.

UCG has long had issues. And governance, administration, and the limited fruits of its public gospel proclamation have long been part of them.  A major income drop may have major ramifications there–especially if UCG members believe that a truly competitive organization to UCG, with many former UCG ministers, awaits them.

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