Trading baby parts for a Lamborghini?

Unborn baby vs. Lamborghini Miura SVJ Spider


While pro-abortionist have discounted the video revelations that Planned Parenthood is engaged in harvesting and ultimately selling human tissues from aborted babies, more has again been released about this:

July 21, 2015

An antiabortion group on Tuesday released a second video apparently showing a Planned Parenthood official discussing the method and price of providing fetal tissue left over from abortions for medical research.

The edited video from the Center for Medical Progress shows excerpts of a conversation with Mary Gatter, Medical Director for Planned Parenthood Pasadena and San Gabriel Valley, in what appears to be a booth at a restaurant. The woman is shown talking with unseen activists, posing as medical company representatives, about the price of the tissue while also stating that “we’re not in this for the money.”

At one point, Gatter jokes: “I want a Lamborghini.”

The Center for Medical Progress also posted a longer video described as the full footage of the hour-long conversation.

“What the video released today shows is a Planned Parenthood medical provider, who has dedicated her career to ensuring that women have access to the best health care, stating over and over again that she follows all laws and medical standards,” Eric Ferrero, vice president of communications for Planned Parenthood of America, said in a statement on Tuesday afternoon.

The videos were “heavily edited in attempt to support false and outrageous claims,” Ferrero said. He continued: “These videos are part of a decade-long campaign of deceiving the public, making false charges, and terrorizing women and their doctors, all in order to ban abortion and cut women off from care at Planned Parenthood.”

No one should be defending what the abortionist do, but may improperly are more worried about some of the truth getting out than how inhuman abortion is.

Abortionists can publicly pretend that abortion is about ‘compassion,’ women’s rights, and other such misguided positions, but the reality is that abortion is a big financial industry.  Abortionists have long looked at various ways to profit further from their murderous craft.  And while Planned Parenthood claims that they mainly seek reimbursement for expenses, the expenses include the salaries of those involved in harvesting baby parts.  So both the employees and organization ‘profit’ from the harvesting and sale of baby parts.

There are at least seven ways that abortions are induced.  Here are six of them:

First, there’s the suction type abortion. This is where the unborn child is literally vacuumed from the mother’s womb during the early stages of pregnancy.

The currette-type abortion is where the child is cut from the mother’s womb with a spoon-like object.

A third type is similar to a Caesarean operation. The baby is surgically removed from the mother and allowed to suffocate, because the child’s lungs aren’t developed.

The fourth type of abortion is the Salt Brine technique. With this method, the unborn child is literally “pickled” to death by the injection of a strong salt solution. A few days after the injection the child is still born.

There is currently much debate about partial-birth abortions. This is where a child is partially delivered, then stabbed in the skull to have his or her brains sucked out.

There is also much talk about the RU-486 abortion pill from France, also called “mifepristione” in America. This pill works by inhibiting pregnancy hormones, and is normally used within seven weeks from conception (Melton J.L. ABORTION Ten Bible Reasons Why It Is Wrong. Copyright © 1996).

Because it can remove a fertilized egg, IUDs (intra-uterine devices) are considered to be abortion-inducing and are not considered simply as birth control by those in the the Churches of God. Certain “birth control” pills do something similar. Including what has been called ‘Plan B’ or the ‘morning after pill.’ Some have questioned its safety on female health, but on April 5, 2013, a US federal judge decided that girls of any age could take it, then a few weeks later the FDA decided on age 15, and US President Barack Obama endorsed his comfort with that:

A federal judge…ordered that the most common morning-after pill be made available over the counter for all ages, instead of requiring a prescription for girls 16 and younger…the pill…helps prevent pregnancy after sexual intercourse…

(CNN) — The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced Tuesday that it approved the availability of the Plan B One-Step emergency contraception pill without a prescription for women 15 and older…If there has been fertilization, Plan B may prevent a fertilized egg from embedding in the uterus. (

The “morning after” pill, designed to induce abortion immediately after sex, will now be available without a prescription to any female 15 and over.  This, my friends, is bigger than Roe v. Wade. (

President Barack Obama said Thursday he was comfortable with his administration’s decision to allow over-the-counter purchases of a morning-after pill for anyone 15 and older.

Helps prevent pregnancy? Well it helps insure that an ovum, fertilized or otherwise, will not survive. It can be an abortifacient.

Speaking of abortificants, notice also the following:

Women who use an IUD will expel about one fertilized ovum annually (assuming that they engage in intercourse once per week) (Source: ABORTION: CURRENT BELIEFS BY VARIOUS RELIGIOUS AND SECULAR GROUPS. 07/17/07).

The abortions from IUD and pills are not counted in the official abortion statistics, but should be obvious that these form of abortions are very common. And they also kill a human life.

Late term abortionists make sure that the baby will die, one way or the other. Notice:

In an undercover sting operation, a woman who was 23-plus weeks pregnant (abortion is illegal in New York and other states after 24 weeks) secretly recorded the conversations she had in this abortionist’s office. In an exchange laden with euphemisms on both sides to conceal the gruesome nature of the discussion, the pregnant woman wondered aloud what would happen if “it” (her fetus) emerged from her intact and alive.

The employee assigned to take note of medical history reassured the woman, “We never had that for ages” (a seeming admission that a baby did survive abortion at the clinic at least once) but that should “it” “survive this,” “They would still have to put it in like a jar, a container, with solution, and send it to the lab. . . . We don’t just throw it out in the garbage.” Oh, and this innocuous-sounding “solution” was, of course, a toxic substance suitable for killing an infant.

“Like, what if it was twitching?” asked the pregnant woman.

“The solution will make it stop,” said the clinic employee. “That’s the whole purpose of the solution . . . It will automatically stop. It won’t be able to breathe anymore.”

As for any qualms a woman might have about seeing her newborn child being poisoned and drowned in a jar, the employee advised her “patient” not to worry: She’d be under sedation, and the murder would take place in another room anyway. (

29 April 2013 PHILADELPHIA — They are known as Baby Boy A, Baby C, Baby D and Baby E, all of whom prosecutors call murdered children and the defense calls aborted fetuses — the very difference in language encapsulating why anti-abortion advocates are so passionate about drawing attention to the trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell…

To anti-abortion leaders, the accounts have the power to break through decades of hardened positions in the abortion wars, not just because of the graphic details but because they raise the philosophical issue of why an abortion procedure performed in utero is legal, but a similar act a few minutes later, outside the womb, is considered homicide.

The distinction “is maybe a 15-minute or half-hour time frame and 10 inches of physical space,” said Michael Geer, the president of the Pennsylvania Family Institute, an anti-abortion group. “I think it’s going to resurrect a debate about the humanity of the unborn child.”…

Baby D, a clinic worker testified, was delivered into a toilet by a woman waiting for Dr. Gosnell and it appeared to make swimming motions before one of the doctor’s assistants pulled it out and cut its neck.

Two workers said they heard Baby E crying before Dr. Gosnell cut its spine with scissors. The prosecutor quoted a worker: “It made noises, a whine like my baby.” (

Gosnell, 72, is accused of killing babies by using scissors to cut their spinal cords. Authorities allege that some of the infants were born alive and viable during the sixth, seventh and eighth months of pregnancy. ( Dr. Gosnell, who is now 72, “never turned away a desperate troubled young lady,” said McMahon. “Abortion…isn’t pretty,” he told the jury…Cameron said that Dr. Gosnell murdered infants who showed signs of life despite being aborted by cutting their spines with scissors and causing subsequent suffocation.(

Abortion is the taking of a human life.  And apparently some are more careful about how they do it, not to help the mother or the baby, but in the hope of financial gain (I believe Lamborghinis are very expensive, but I have never tried to price one).

There are terrible consequences for sin, and instead of properly discouraging sexual immorality, encouraging abortion increases the tendency towards sin. This does not bode well for the United States.

While Europe, China, and certain other areas also have abortion and other issues, the reality is that the Bible shows that, for a time, they will do much better than the USA. So much so, because the time is coming before their end, when the USA will be no more.

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