After Obama announces stronger military ties to Australia, Australia makes a trade deal with China

Tony Abbot and  Xi Jinping


After President of the United States made military related statements, the Prime Minister of Australia and President of China announced they signed a major trade deal:

China, Australia Sign Free Trade Deal

November 17, 2014

SYDNEY—Australia and China have signed a free trade agreement that officials hope will open up markets worth billions of dollars to Australian exporters. The deal was ratified after an address to the Australian parliament by the Chinese president, Xi Jinping.President Xi told the Australian parliament that his goal is to double China’s national income by 2020 and create a modern socialist country. He is only the second Chinese leader to address MPs in Canberra. He said Beijing was dedicated to upholding peace, and received a standing ovation at the end of his speech.

Following his address, the Chinese leader ratified the free trade agreement. It is expected to open up markets to Australian farm exporters and the services sector while easing restrictions on Chinese investment in Australia. All tariffs on Australian resources will be scrapped under the deal, along with duties on beef and sheep exports. The trade pact will make it easier for Australian banks, insurance companies and universities to do business in China.

Xi said Australia is a prosperous and hard-working trading partner.

“Australia has a vast territory, rich resources and an advance[d] economy, and it is renowned for its diverse culture and unique landscape. It is not just a country on the sheep’s back, or a country sitting on mine casts. More importantly, Australia is a country of dynamism and innovation,” said Xi.

China is Australia’s biggest trading partner, and its appetite for iron ore and other resources helped insulate Australia from the worst of the global financial crisis.

But as Australia’s resources boom begins to fade, Canberra is keen to maintain prosperity through its services, manufacturing and agricultural sectors.

Senior government ministers insist the free trade agreement with China is one of the most important Canberra has ever signed.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott told parliament it was a day to remember.

“With free trade negotiations concluded and with a comprehensive strategic partnership established, this is a historic and memorable day. On behalf of the government and the people of Australia, I welcome His Excellency Xi Jinping on his first visit to Australia as president of China, but on his fifth visit to our country,” said Abbott.

Critics of the free trade agreement believe it could raise food prices for Australian consumers. Outside parliament, demonstrators urged President Xi to ease China’s grip on Tibet and end the persecution of religious groups.

US, Japan, Australia agree to deepen security ties

BRISBANE, Australia — Eyeing Chinese assertiveness, President Barack Obama and the prime ministers of Japan and Australia committed Sunday to deepen their military cooperation and work together on strengthening maritime security in the Asia Pacific.

The meeting, the first since 2007 among leaders of the three allies, risked antagonizing Beijing after a week when Obama reached a surprising level of consensus with Chinese President Xi Jinping on climate change and trade, and Japan and China took steps to improve their relationship.

China has viewed Obama’s efforts to deepen alliances with other countries in the region, particularly on security issues, as an attempt to counter Beijing’s rise.

In a joint statement following the meeting, the three leaders said they had agreed to “deepen the already strong security and defense cooperation” between their countries. They also agreed to work on boosting “maritime security capacity building” in a region rife with disputes between China and its neighbors over claims to waters and islands.

Australia believes that as long as the USA will defend it, its security is fine and that its arrangements with China will prosper its citizens.  While this will may well be true for a time, Chinese actions in Tibet as well as with many of its neighbors should show all in Australia that China does not have the same view of the world as they do.

China wants not only the resources from Australia, in my view, it also wants the land.

For at least five years I have warned that China may ultimately end up with at least part of Australia (see Thiel B. 2012 and the Rise of the Secret Sect. Nazarene Books, 2009).  This assessment was based upon biblical prophecy, world events, and geography.  Since that time, there have been various indications that China had interest in Australia and that the Australians have had defensive concerns related to China.

The Australians have chosen to rely on the USA and trade deals with China, yet what will it do once the USA itself is taken over?  The Bible does teach this will happen in Daniel 11:39 (for one example, many others are in the article Anglo – America in Prophecy & the Lost Tribes of Israel), yet few in Australia take the Bible that seriously.

China will not prove to be the type of partner that Australians will care for.  Ultimately, like those of the USA, those in Australia, as well as those in its close ally New Zealand, will be taken over and the survivors made slaves.  Scripturally, Asians seem to be involved with the dividing up and selling of people in the future in certain prophecies (e.g. Ezekiel 27:12-14). Since Australia and New Zealand are the closest of the Anglo-Saxon descended nations to Asia, they seem to be possible candidates to be taken over by the Asians.

More details are in the article Will the Anglo-Saxon Nations be Divided and Have People Taken as Slaves?

While there are benefits of cooperation and trade, those who ignore biblical prophecy are taking massive risks which will not turn out well.

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