Argentina, Drought, & Wheat

Wheat: How Long Will There Be Enough of It?


Drought is affecting many parts of the world, including South America:

Argentina declares drought crisis

BBC – Jan 27, 2009

Argentina has declared an agricultural emergency as it confronts one of the worst droughts in decades.

President Cristina Fernandez said the decree would defer tax payments for thousands of farmers for a year.

Farmers’ leaders had been calling for action to tackle the drought, which is estimated to have caused losses of at least $4bn (£2.8bn).

GRAINS-U.S. grains mixed as Argentina awaits rain

Reuters – Jan 28, 2009

SYDNEY (Reuters) – U.S. corn and soybeans futures rose slightly on Wednesday, boosted by firmer crude prices and a lower dollar, but attention remained focused on the weather outlook for Argentina, where crops are threatened by the worst drought in 48 years.

Rain is forecast early next week but doubt remains whether the expected wet weather will be sufficient to save crops such as corn, now at the crucial pollinating stage.

Argentina is the world’s second largest corn exporter and third largest soybeans exporter.

“There’s export orders going through the market and all sorts of bits and pieces going round, but really everyone is waiting on further weather updates from Argentina,” said Garry Booth, a trader at MF Global Australia.

“If the drought continues to get worse it will cause significant damage so that’s determining prices day-to-day.”

Booth said analysts had suggested there had been definite yield damage in the Argentinian/Brazilian corn crop but its extent would not be known for a while…

Argentina’s government is considering restricting the issue of wheat export permits to ensure domestic supplies.

Australia’s largest wheat exporter, CBH Group, said a reduction in Argentine exports could have some impact on prices.

What many people do not seem to realize is that nations that export food, tend to do less of that when their own people have shortages.  Nations that import food (which increasingly now includes the USA) are vulnerable to crop reductions in other nations.

Eventually, the Bible foretells a time of major famines (Luke 21:11), as well as a time that wheat will become very expensive:

6 And I heard a voice in the midst of the four living creatures saying, “A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius; and do not harm the oil and the wine.” (Revelation 6:6)

Now how expensive is that?  Notice the following:

Rev 6:1-8
The Roman coin denarius…was the equivalent of a man’s wages for a day of work (from The Wycliffe Bible Commentary, Electronic Database. Copyright (c) 1962 by Moody Press).

To put this in perspective, it takes someone earning minimum wage to make enough (in California) working only about 25 minutes to purchase a quart of wheat.  So, wheat would be about 17 times as expensive as it is now.  And of course, working all day just for a quart of wheat leaves no money for anything else!

And while I feel that the medium term economic outlook for Argentina, Brazil, and much of South America is bright, it will not remain that way during the coming Day of the Lord.

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