Brexit: Is Theresa May playing ‘Deal or No Deal’?



Some believe that UK Prime Minister Theresa May is trying to run out the clock and leave the Parliament with the choice of her proposed Brexit deal or no deal:

Deal or no deal, UK parliament will debate Brexit next steps – minister

December 11, 2018

LONDON (Reuters) – Parliament will debate and vote upon the government’s next steps whether or not Prime Minister Theresa May has a Brexit deal for them to approve, junior Brexit minister Robin Walker said on Tuesday. … “We will have a vote in this house, a motion before this house, by the 21st of January. That is in all scenarios I talked through in my statement.”

December 11, 2018

Back in Westminster, May’s refusal to commit to a timeline for a vote is inspiring speculation that she plans to “run out the clock” to force MPs into backing her deal by effectively leaving them two options: Her deal, or no deal. Parliament leaves for a holiday recess on Dec. 20, and won’t return until Jan. 7.

Even if the EU relents and reopens the deal, May doesn’t expect material changes to be made. Her new strategy was perhaps best summarized by an anonymous cabinet source during an interview with a Bloomberg reporter.

A Cabinet ally of May’s, speaking on condition of anonymity, put the prime minister’s strategy more charitably, saying that if the deal can’t go through then the only option is to keep talking –  to EU leaders, in the hope they might offer something more, and to lawmakers, in the hope they might ask a little less.

One anonymous “cabinet source” told the BBC that May and her senior ministers would discuss “preparations for no deal” during tomorrow’s cabinet meeting (the meeting was moved from Tuesday to allow May some time to try and ‘handbag’ the EU). While May and her time have long prioritized contingency planning for a worst-case scenario, the BBC’s source said this would now take on a “special urgency.”

“Deal or No Deal” was the name of a television game show that was popular in the USA and UK for a time. It was essentially a high risk game that was based upon luck. Brexit is more complicated and serious.

The EU does not want to renegotiate its Brexit offer–and its two presidents say that it will not:

EU rules out reworking Brexit deal, prepares for no-deal: Tusk

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – EU leaders will not renegotiate Britain’s Brexit deal, including the Irish border “backstop”, their chairman Donald Tusk said on Monday after Prime Minister Theresa May put off a parliamentary vote on a package that was facing heavy defeat.

EU officials said European Council President Tusk could meet May as early as Tuesday to prepare talks on Brexit during a regular Brussels summit which May will attend on Thursday and Friday. Tusk said he had scheduled a meeting of the other 27 leaders on Brexit, to be held at some point during the summit.

“We will not renegotiate the deal, including the backstop,” he said on Twitter after May said she would go back to European neighbors to seek new reassurances about the insurance clause which would bind Britain into a customs union with the EU in order to avoid a “hard” EU border for troubled Northern Ireland.  12/10/18

As far as the EU goes, BBC’s Kevin Connolly reported a while back (see EU states that UK must pay a price for Brexit and be worse off than EU member states):

The 27 EU Remainer states are adamant that Britain will pay a price for leaving and will be worse off outside than the union than it is on the inside.

Now, Theresa May keeps hoping to get the EU Brexit deal approved anyway.

The EU is pushing a deal that many in the UK do not want. Jean-Claude Juncker said last year that the UK would regret its Brexit decision:

13 September 2017

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker … said Europe’s economy was “bouncing back” and the EU had to move beyond Brexit. …

Addressing the UK’s decision to leave the EU on 29 March 2019, he said that “we will always regret this” and, departing from his script, he added “and you will regret it soon, too”. “We will move on because Brexit isn’t everything. It isn’t the future of Europe – it’s not the be all and end all.”

If the proposed deal is approved as is, it is not a total break from the EU (at least at this stage; see also EU approves Brino Brexit deal, but deal still needs approval by UK and EU parliaments). The EU will still be upset with the UK and later will further insist on outcomes that many in the UK do not want.

Euro-skeptic Nigel Farage has strong words about Prime Minister May’s Brexit deal:

“The Worst Deal in History”: Theresa May’s Surrender

December 4, 2018

This “deal” will cost the British taxpayer, £60 billion; require that the British still comply with EU rules without having any say in what those will be, and worst of all, it permits the British to leave the EU only if the EU agrees. As Nigel Farage, former UKIP leader and one of creators of Brexit, asks, “Why should it?”

This “deal” effectively commits the British to subjugation by the EU in perpetuity, with no recourse should the British change their mind. It is a prison. It is also the first step of the EU toward its dream of global governance: unaccountable, untransparent, unelected by the public, and with no way out.

The French will still be able to fish in British waters, and the Spanish will claim that the UK will have to open talks on the sovereignty of Gibraltar. As Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has said, “Once the UK has left the EU, Gibraltar’s political, legal and even geographic relationship with the EU will go through Spain…”

New trade barriers would also be put in place between Northern Ireland and Great Britain, fundamentally undermining the constitutional and economic integrity of the United Kingdom.

This “deal” is, in reality, a sell-out. Farage has described it as “The worst deal in history”; even more wretched, as he points out, is that — as one cannot leave it without the EU’s permission — it offers Britain even less sovereignty than it has now. …

There must be no “deal” — apart from the one for which the British voted and were repeatedly promised (falsely as it turns out) would be honoured. 12/04/19

While I would not agree that Theresa May has been pushing “the worst deal in history,” there are obviously many issues that many have about it.

I have been warning for some time that Northern Ireland would be a major issue with Brexit, and it clearly is.

At this stage, Theresa May seems to hope that given the option of her deal or no deal, that Parliament will choose her route.

But no one is sure about that.

She is playing a high stakes political game.

A no deal Brexit is often referred to as a hard Brexit.

Many who voted for a Brexit seem to prefer a hard Brexit to Theresa May’s deal.

But most in Parliament do not seem to want the UK to exit the European Union, so some like at least aspects of Theresa May’s deal.

As I mentioned last week, some now see less chance of a Brexit at all:

5 December 2018

US investment bank JPMorgan said on Wednesday the chances of Britain calling off its divorce from the European Union had increased after a string of humiliating parliamentary defeats for prime minister Theresa May cast new doubt over her plan to quit the union and sent sterling higher. …

In one of the biggest shifts in perceptions since the shock 2016 vote to exit the EU, JPMorgan raised the probability of Britain ultimately staying in to 40 per cent from 20 per cent.

Ever since the referendum, investors have speculated that the UK’s biggest economic and political shift since the second World War could ultimately be thwarted, though it was unclear what the mechanism might be.

“The UK now appears to have the option of revoking unilaterally and taking a period of time of its own choosing to decide what happens next,” JPMorgan economist Malcolm Barr wrote in a note to clients.

He placed a 10 per cent probability on a no-deal Brexit, down from 20 per cent, and a 50 per cent probability on an orderly Brexit, down from 60 per cent.

Even if there is a ‘hard’ (no deal with the EU) or ‘soft’ (May’s proposal) Brexit. or even if there is NO Brexit, all this Brexit talk has upset the Europeans and they will not forgive and forget.

Consider that the Bible itself teaches that Europe will reorganize and unite (Revelation 17:12-13; see also Must the Ten Kings of Revelation 17:12 Rule over Ten Currently Existing Nations?), as well as become the dominant world trading power for a time (Revelation 17 & 18). The Bible also teaches of a time of Jacob’s trouble (Jeremiah 30:7)–and this will include the UK (as well as the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand).

Europe is not going to ‘get over’ the Brexit and will one day take actions that most of those in the UK (as well as USA and Canada) will not consider possible (cf. Daniel 8:24-25, 11:39; see also USA in Prophecy: The Strongest Fortresses).

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