Catalonia an EU concern. ‘Regions’ proposed for EU!

Catalonian independence protestors (Kippelboy 2012)


The situation with Catalonia remains unsettled, but the EU is not pleased:

16 October 2017

Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont has not answered the Spanish government’s question on whether he declared independence last week.

In a letter sent to Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy on Monday (16 October), Puigdemont called for dialogue, but did not shed light on a confusing declaration last Tuesday (10 October). …

Pro-independence party CUP on Sunday said in a letter to Puigdemont that the time had come to unilaterally declare independence.

Relations between Catalonia and the central state have turned sour over the referendum, which saw police brutality that left hundreds of people injured.

Meanwhile, the EU is continuing to shun a role as mediator, something which Puigdemont has asked for.

But on Friday, EU commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker said that as long as it is only one side – i.e. Puigdemont – asking for mediation, accepting such an offer “will lead to serious disruptions in the EU”.

“I am very concerned because the life in communities seems to be so difficult,” Juncker said according to the Guardian.

“But if you allow – and it is not up to us of course – but if Catalonia is to become independent, other people will do the same. I don’t like that. I don’t like to have a euro in 15 years that will be 100 different states. It is difficult enough with 17 states. With many more states it will be impossible,” he added.

As long-term readers of this page are aware, I have written for years that Europe will reorganize.

A reader of this page sent the following to me today:

Using the secessionist conflict in Catalonia as a backdrop, the website of the German weekly Die Zeit published a fiery appeal for dismembering Europe’s nation-states. For quite some time, the author, Ulrike Guérot, has been promoting the “disappearance of the nation-state” in Europe. The nation-state should be replaced by regions with their “own respective identities” that could be “ethnically” defined. …

Europe of the Regions

According to Guérot, only a “European Republic,” wherein “the regions assume the role of the central constitutional actors,” can save an EU shaken by national conflicts.[7] For example, the regions should constitute “a second chamber” in the European Parliament – “a European Senate.” …

United States of Europe

Guérot’s concept has precursors, which had been promoted, on the one hand, by intelligence agency circles of the post-war period and by interested business circles, on the other, serving however, entirely different interests under cover of promoting an alleged regional democracy.  Guérot says herself that her model is based on the “European Federalists,” particularly the Swiss Denis de Rougement. Since the mid-1940s, the “European federalists” sought to found a “United States of Europe,” as a unified economic realm – serving as a bulwark against the socialist countries, in the process of forming. …

Germany’s Supremacy

Guérot ultimately argues in favor of her regionalization concepts, using the allegation that through the removal of nation-states, “Germany’s supremacy … can be overcome.” The opposite is the case. Economic maps by the EU’s Eurostat statistics administration show the regions where  Europe’s wealth and, therefore, Europe’s economic power is concentrated, a block with its centers in southern and central Germany, to the west, in Flanders and spreading to segments of the Netherlands, and to the South to parts of Austria and Northern Italy and in various separate regions of Western and Northern Europe. A number of these regions maintain close relations to Germany, or to the German regions. ( reported.[11]) This clearly German-dominated block would hardly have any difficulty controlling a “Europe of the Regions.” 10/11/17

Notice the following scriptures, which show two future reorganizations that will happen in Europe:

12 “The ten horns which you saw are ten kings who have received no kingdom as yet, but they receive authority for one hour as kings with the beast. 13 These are of one mind, and they will give their power and authority to the beast. (Revelation 17:11-13)

Some COG groups, like PCG and LCG, changed the historic COG understanding of this and have sometimes insisted that the ‘ten kings’ refers to 10 currently existing nations (LCG has said 10 or 11). Yet, I have long contended that this is a reference to Europe reorganizing.

Here is something from my article Must the Ten Kings of Revelation 17:12 Rule over Ten Currently Existing Nations?:

‘New Europe’ Suggests Reorganizing into Multiple Regions

Some of the Europeans realize that Europe needs to reorganize into regions.

Certainly. Notice something from New Europe:

Do we need a new Europe?

Yes. Europe has to change completely because it isn’t able to solve problems but only to create them. …

What kind of Europe do you want?

I want a different kind of Europe – one based on the regions and the peoples. Lombardy is big like Belgium. We have 10 million inhabitants, 800.000 enterprises, a quarter of the Italian PIB, but in Europe we are worth almost nothing. If Lombardy was an independent state we would be the sixth biggest EU country. I want Brussels to understand that there are some regions with which the EU must start a dialogue. I’m very interested, for example, about the creation, in just a few months, of the Alpine Macro-region. This new conglomerate will include eight Italian regions, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Bavaria, Baden-W., Rhone-Alpes and Provence. This could bright about be a real change in Europe because regions would become the counterparts of the EU commission and not the member states. So if we will be able to join forces thanks the to the Macro-region and the Greek case to open the institutional crisis, I think that Europe could rapidly evolve towards a new model which is not the EU with 28 member states, each with veto right, but a Europe based on people and regions. (Grandesso F. Europe has to change completely. New Europe, July 6, 2015

Notice that the author wants it so that “regions would become the counterparts of the EU commission and not the member states.” The idea that Europe will reorganize into regions, some of which are likely to be groups of nations, is what some Europeans are considering.

Notice something from the Vice Chancellor of Germany:

2 July 2016

German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel has called for the number of EU Commissioners to be cut and for Brussels to reconsider how it allocates its budget, just over a week after Britons voted to leave the bloc.

“A Europe in which 27 Commissioners want to prove themselves doesn’t make sense,” he said in an interview with the newspaper Neue Osnabruecker Zeitung, published on Saturday. “It would be good to downsize in this respect.” …

He also said the EU should build up a joint European army.

Gabriel, who is also Vice Chancellor, said a Brexit did not endanger the EU . . .

His call for a reduction in top leaders as well as a European military is consistent with various biblical prophecies (e.g. Daniel 11:21-24).

Since Vice Chancellor Gabriel called for a reduction in EU Commissioners, let’s look at what an EU Commissioner is:

A European Commissioner is a member of the European Commission. Each Commissioner within the college holds a specific portfolio and are led by the President of the European Commission. In simple terms they are the equivalent of national ministers. Each European Union member state has the right to a single commissioner (List of European Commissioners. Wikipedia, accessed 07/02/16)

In other words, currently each EU nation gets to appoint its own EU Commissioner and German Vice Chancellor Gabriel believes that should be reduced. Thus one commissioner would represent, on average, more than one nation and/or perhaps a redefined region.

While I have contended this type of reorganization for years, the fact that the Vice Chancellor of Germany is proposing that the top ”possessor of the highest office of a political realm” (basileís in Revelation 17:12) of the European Union need to be reduced BELOW the number of nations in the EU, is confirmation that the reorganization in Revelation 17:12 certainly does not need to be the actual number of nations that will support the final Beast power. At least as far as some important European political leaders are concerned.

We are seeing more calls for Europe to reorganize into regions. Catalonia is simply one more catalyst for this.

World events continue to align with properly understood biblical prophecies.

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