Commando raid against barricades in eastern Ukraine; might Russia respond?

Sloviansk Barricade, Pre-Raid (Александр Сирота)


Ukraine sent in commandos to eliminate some barricades in Sloviansk, Ukraine:

April 24, 2014

Ukraine crisis: Barricades burn after commando raid

The Ukrainian government says its forces have moved on the eastern city of Sloviansk a pro-Russian separatist stronghold.

According to the interior ministry, three checkpoints manned by illegal armed groups were destroyed. It said at least five people it described as terrorists were killed.

Russia has indicated that it would take steps if military actions escalated and involved the government in Kiev and has increased military exercises:

 April 24, 2014

MOSCOW — Russia said Thursday that it would undertake military drills along the Ukrainian border in response to a mobilization by Ukrainian government forces against pro-Russian militias in eastern Ukraine, the country’s defense minister said.

The move was certain to sharply raise tensions with the United States and its Western allies, who have demanded repeatedly that Russia cease its efforts to stir unrest in eastern Ukraine and desist from military action along the border, where the Kremlin has massed as many as 40,000 troops.

The defense minister, Sergei Shoigu, said that the exercises would include troop movements on the ground as well as flights by the Russian air force. Mr. Shoigu also complained about NATO exercises in Poland and the Baltics, which the alliance announced recently in response to previous Russian threats of military intervention in Ukraine.

“The starting gun on the use of weapons against their own civilians has already been fired,” Mr. Shoigu said, according to the Interfax news service. “If today this military machine is not stopped, it will lead to a large number of the dead and wounded.”

“We have to react to such developments,” Mr. Shoigu, was quoted as saying.

Ukrainian forces were reported to be mobilizing in the eastern part of the country against pro-Russian separatists on Thursday in what appeared to be a limited action on the outskirts of Slovyansk, a stronghold of militants allied with the Kremlin.

Elsewhere, the Ukrainian interim authorities said Thursday that “civilian activists” had regained control of City Hall in the southeastern city of Mariupol on the Sea of Azov, forcing pro-Russian protesters to leave without bloodshed.

April 24, 2014

SLOVYANSK, Ukraine — Russian President Vladimir Putin has said there will be consequences if Ukraine’s new government uses the army against its own people, the Interfax news agency reported, on a day when Kiev said its forces have killed five militants as part of an operation to clear pro-Russian forces in eastern Ukraine…

Interfax carried Putin’s comments which were delivered on Russian TV.

Putin said that “If the Kiev government is using the army against its own people this is clearly a grave crime.” He said that the recent events in eastern Ukraine proved that Russia’s decision to annex Crimea was the correct one…

At a secessionist checkpoint on the road to Slovyansk in eastern Ukraine, 60-year-old Alexander Malinovsky was helping check cars on the main artery. Dressed in faded camouflage fatigues but carrying no weapon, he said the people here want peace and protection from Kiev which they accuse of aggression.

“We’re not terrorists,” he said. “We just want to live on our own land.”

At a former livestock feed plant, a group of heavily armed militia manned a smoking barricade they said was attacked by Ukrainian forces earlier today. Holding up a glossy photo of a dark-haired youth, the self-proclaimed people’s mayor of Slovyansk, Vyachislav Ponomaryov said the man had been killed and another wounded.

The USA and EU want to support the Kiev government, and likely have made military-related suggestions–these raids may have partially been the result of consultations with the West.  Russia is not pleased with what is going on with the raids.

People in Ukraine are aware that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has made statements to the effect that he wants all territory that was once part of the old Soviet Union to either be part of the Russian Federation or his upcoming Eurasian Union.  And that includes some or all of Ukraine. He already has Crimea.  Bible prophecy tells of a Eurasian confederation with Russian involvement (see Russia and Ukraine: Their Origins and Prophesied Future), and Vladimir Putin seems determined to try to make that type of confederation happen (see The Eurasian Union, the Kings of the East, and Bible Prophecy ).

Ukraine is in a difficult spot. If it takes no action, there may be more unrest in the east, and by taking action, this could trigger more unrest in the east, as well as direct Russian intervention.

Ukraine also has serious economic problems and these tensions are not helping that.

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