Der Spiegel: “Germany Must Abandon Its Military Reluctance and Lead … the era of total dependence on the U.S. military is over”


A reader tipped me off to the following in the German publication Der Spiegel:

Germany Must Abandon Its Military Reluctance and Lead

Germany enjoys high regard around the world. But with American power weakening and authoritarian powers rising, the country needs to abandon its military reluctance and finally lead in Europe.

23 August 2017

Now Is the Time for German Leadership

Some even speak of Germany as the West’s new leader. As Donald Trump’s America turns inward, possibly abandoning its free trade agenda and its longstanding commitment to democracy, Germany seems like a possible replacement. A poll taken in 2013 showed Germany to be the most admired country in the world; Chancellor Merkel is one of the most trusted public figures in Europe. Germany’s public commitment to environmentalism, multilateralism and human rights give Germany moral standing; Germany’s industrial strength and export clout have given Germany economic power as well. …

If Germany does not want a powerful army, it should still, as a matter of urgency, work with the institutions it has built, most notably the European Union, and especially with France and even Britain (this might be a way to give Britain a future European role) to create a multinational European force that can be deployed in defense of Europe’s borders, and in Europe’s name, at any time. It could be part of NATO, and should work with NATO. But the era of total dependence on the U.S. military is over.

Notice that last statement, “the era of total dependence on the U.S. military is over.”

Europe is going to arm. The Bible says that Europe will have “a great army” (Daniel 11:25).

A different reader tipped me off to the following:

BERLIN (Reuters) – Alarmed by the rise of unpredictable strongmen around the world, Angela Merkel feels she must do more to defend the Western order on which Germany depends.

It has been a transformation for the chancellor. Last year, she dismissed as “absurd” the idea that she should head a Western alliance shaken by Donald Trump’s U.S. election victory. …

But now … the 63-year-old is ready. Visibly happier, she is campaigning for next month’s election with renewed conviction: a resolve to secure a world order threatened by leaders like Trump, Vladimir Putin and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

On the campaign trail, she likes to invoke the “uncertain situation in the world”.

The message is clear. “Things have changed,” the aide said. “This means Germany must take on more responsibility.”

German foreign policy has been constrained by the legacy of the last World War. But Merkel is pushing Berlin’s interests beyond its traditional European sphere. …

In April last year, Merkel described how she realized that trouble on the European Union’s doorstep meant Germany must play a bigger role beyond its borders. …

Looking at a map showing the EU’s passport-free area in one color and neighboring countries in another, she saw clearly how close Syria and Ukraine were.

“This is Europe’s neighborhood,” she said.

Germany, will one day, have a strongman.

Notice something a reader from Australia sent me yesterday:

I just came across an article that has one Karl Theodore zu Guttenberg as the third in betting at an irish online betting site. They have him as a longshot at 50/1 but believe that he would be the next in line if Merkels party wins but is not dominant in their victory. I looked up the betting site and sure enough he is listed as number 3 out of a list of 9 current German politicians! Thats a bit of food for thought… Though it is probably a bit to early for him to take the reigns yet, but it’s interesting that a betting site would have him in the mix!

This is interesting as, although the bookmakers do not expect him to have much of a chance now, even they are pointing out that Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg has political potential. Herr Guttenberg could be the strongman to lead Europe and one day, temporarily, dominate the world.

Back in February Der Spiegel called for world resistance against US President Donald Trump:

February 6, 2017

The magazine Der Spiegel has called for Germany to lead global resistance to President Trump and his administration in an editorial published over the weekend.

“Germany must stand up in opposition to the 45th president of the United States and his government,” executive editor Klaus Brinkbäumer wrote Sunday in an editorial.

“That’s difficult enough already for two reasons: Because it is from the Americans that we obtained our liberal democracy in the first place; and because it is unclear how the brute and choleric man on the other side will react to diplomatic pressure,” he wrote. “The fact that opposition to the American government can only succeed when mounted together with Asian and African partners — and no doubt with our partners in Europe, with the [European Union] — doesn’t make the situation any easier.”In one of the toughest sections of the editorial, Brinkbäumer described Trump as a “pathological liar” and racist.

“It is literally painful to write this sentence, but the president of the United States is pathological liar,” he wrote. “The president of the U.S. is a racist (it also hurts to write this).”

“He is attempting a coup from the top; he wants to establish an illiberal democracy, or worse; he wants to undermine the balance of power,” Brinkbäumer added. …

Der Spiegel last week by publishing a cover that depicted Trump as having beheaded the State of Liberty.

Last week, we had two EU leaders stating that Donald Trump is one of the biggest threats to Europe.

Now, one of Germany’s most influence magazines wants Germany to lead the resistance against Donald Trump. I would also add here that I did a search and found the article in German, from Der Spiegel. It was titled Nero Trump. The Roman emperor Nero is remembered as a horrible and narcissistic leader.

A real divide between Europe and the USA is taking place. There will be major ramifications.

We are seeing more in Germany turn further away from the USA.

Germany has already started to take steps. The week before the nomination, the German cabinet approved a plan to increase German military spending and the number of people in its military (watch Germany ready for military leadership?).

It is not just military issues that Germany is separating from the USA over:

Germany repatriates gold reserves ahead of schedule

23 August 2017

The Frankfurt-based Bundesbank said that half of Germany’s 3,378 tons of gold had been brought home from New York, London and Paris, where it had been stashed for many decades to avoid it falling into the hands of the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

In a recent shipment, some 374 tons of the metal, 11 percent of the German stock, left the vaults at the Bank of France, while 300 tons had been removed from the Federal Reserve in New York to the Bundesbank vaults in Frankfurt, board member Carl-Ludwig Thiele told journalists.

“We’ve checked every ingot against authenticity, fineness and weight. We have nothing to complain about,” Thiele said, adding that the secret shipments were finished three years ahead of schedule and at a cost of some 7.7 million euros ($9.1 million). Under the gold repatriation plan announced in 2013, Germany originally envisaged bringing home half of its reserves by 2020.

Germany holds the world’s second-largest gold reserves after the United States, at 3,378 tons or 270,000 ingots of around 12 kilograms each. The amount has a market value of around 120 billion euros. Some 1,710 tons – or 50.6 percent – are now kept in Frankfurt, while 1,236 tons remain in New York and 432 in London. …

in the wake of the US subprime crisis and the emergence of the eurozone debt crisis in 2012, euroskeptic voices in Germany began pressing for an audit of the precious metal kept abroad.

They had suspected the gold might have been tampered with, lent out or sold off. The Bundesbank responded to the calls for greater transparency by agreeing to bring a larger share home.

Germany still has gold stored in the USA. But the fact that it brought gold back, and faster than planned, shows that it wants to have less reliance on the USA in economic areas (watch also Germany, Gold, and the US Dollar).

The Bible tells of a military power that will have vast economic power that will rise up in Europe, have gold (Daniel 11:40-42; Revelation 18), and cause many to prosper (Revelation 18). Many in Europe in general, and Germany in particular, are working towards that goal, despite biblical warnings against being part of it (e.g. Revelation 18:4).

With the Brexit, Germany is the undisputed leader of Europe.

With Donald Trump, more in Europe seem to like (or at least tolerate) that idea.

This will not end well (cf. Daniel 8:25; 11:31-40; USA in Prophecy: The Strongest Fortresses).

World events continue to align with properly understood biblical prophecies.

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