Donetsk and Luhansk to hold referendum on Sunday, despite Vladirmir Putin’s public request

Flag of Declared ‘Peoples Republic of Donetsk’


It appears that some type of vote for secession from Ukraine will happen this Sunday in at least parts of eastern Ukraine:

May 08, 2014

Pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine say they voted unanimously on Thursday in favor of holding a referendum on independence on Sunday as planned.

“We have just voted in the People’s Council. … The date of the referendum was endorsed 100 percent. The referendum will take place on May 11,” separatist leader Denis Pushilin said.

The announcement came a day after Russian President Vladimir Putin called for the vote’s postponement saying the move could open the way for dialogue with Kyiv authorities.

Some political analysts say Putin’s referendum postponement call and the separatists’ refusal to heed it might have been staged so as to portray the Russian president as having little influence over secessionists engaged in an armed rebellion in eastern Ukraine.

The crisis that has led to dozens of deaths in clashes between Ukrainian troops and separatists in eastern Ukraine and rival groups in the southern port of Odessa.

The planned plebiscite seems to mimick a Crimea scenario where a similar vote, denounced by Kyiv and the West as having been orchestrated by Moscow, led to the Ukrainian peninsula’s annexation by Russia in March.

According to media reports, three million paper ballots – have been printed for Sunday’s poll, which separatists plan to hold in Ukraine’s eastern Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s top security official, Andriy Parubiy, said on Thursday that Kyiv would press on with a campaign to regain control of the country’s east.

Kyiv condems vote, dismisses Putin’s call

Kyiv has rejected the referendum planned for Sunday as illegitimate, with Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk dismissed Putin’s call for its postponement with a Ukrainian expression equivalent in meaning to “hot air.”

“There is no point in trading air, especially for the president of a big country…I think the Russian president needs to be informed that there was no referendum planned on 11th of May. But if terrorists and separatists supported by Russia got an order to postpone something that doesn’t exist, this is an internal matter for them,” Yatsenyuk said.

Yatsenyuk said Putin’s suggestion was proof that Moscow was behind an uprising across Ukraine’s east. Russia has denied playing any role in the upheaval, with Putin saying it was Kyiv’s “irresponsible politics” that had caused the crisis.

Commentig on tensions in Ukraine, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State William Burns said that Russia was heading down a “dangerous and irresponsible path” and that the situation in Ukraine was “extremely combustible.”

Putin’s words met with caution

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said he was treating conciliatory comments from Putin on the Ukraine crisis with caution.

“The NATO assessment, in line with ours, is that we should approach President Putin’s statement with great caution,” Tusk said at a joint news conference with the visiting NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

“This is not yet the moment when we can announce with enthusiasm that the crisis is over. We both hope that perhaps Putin’s words indicate some kind of a more optimistic scenario, but today it is too early for us to confirm that,” Tusk continued.

Rasmussen, commenting on assertions from Putin that Russian troops had pulled back from the border with Ukraine, said: “We noted the Russian statement, but up to now we have not seen any signs that the troops are actually withdrawing.”

Asked about a Russian foreign ministry statement that Rasmussen must be blind if he could not see signs of the Russian troops pullback, Rasmussen quipped: “I have very good vision.”

As far as the likely outcome of Sunday’s planned vote goes, if mainly the ones that vote are those that favor separation from Kiev, then it is likely that this vote will allegedly show overwhelming sentiment to break away from Ukraine.  Russia will likely rely on this vote as justification for some of its future actions.

It was just last month that activists in Donetsk declared it is a sovereign state and proposed this Sunday’s date for an election to vote to join Russia:

April 07, 2014

Pro-Russia activists occupying the regional administration building in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk’s have proclaimed a sovereign “People’s Republic of Donetsk” and called for Russian President Vladimir Putin to send a “temporary peacekeeping contingent.”

Activists came out of the seized government building on Monday to announce the decision to a crowd of a few thousand people assembled in front of the building.

They also said a referendum on the region’s future will be held by May 11 at the latest.

Vladimir Putin wants as much of Ukraine as he can get (he wants all of it), and despite some of his public statements, will be pleased if Donetsk and vote to either become independent or ask to somehow be aligned with Russia.

The situation in Ukraine, particularly in the eastern portions, is tense.  Notice the following:

Ukraine economy choked by political unrest

Now, eastern Ukraine is in turmoil as pro-Russian protesters demand independence. Violence has spread to the south in Odessa where at least 42 people died in clashes on Friday, increasing fears of a civil war…

While the country’s economy has been weak since Ukraine’s independence, recent instability has exacerbated the situation. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says Ukraine would need more funding if the east was annexed after the organisation already agreed to a $17bn bailout.

Adrian Karatnycky, a senior fellow at The Atlantic Council, who advises investors in Ukraine, says fears of a Russian invasion or continued instability will frighten investors…

Widespread corruption has limited Ukraine’s economic growth and the country could not adapt to capitalism as well as countries like Poland which had similar economic traits yet grew at a much quicker pace following the collapse of communism, according to Karatnycky.

DONETSK — An appeal from Ukraine’s prime minister for unity is being ignored in the country’s troubled southeast, which is fast plunging into general disorder and lawlessness.

Police in towns and cities across the region are withdrawing from the streets, leaving local residents fearful and unprotected. The rule of gunmen and thugs is for the most part currently the only law.

“This is not a good time for us,” said salesman Sergey Layrih. “There are no police. They have just disappeared and crime is on the rise.”…

Ukrainian security forces lost Monday another military helicopter – their third to be shot down by Moscow-backed pro-Russian separatists in the last week.

Residents upset

The military moves do little to gain public trust.

And for little territorial gain so far, the government’s campaign is deepening the anger of local residents, including 24-year-old secretary Nadin.

“They had a lot of guns, machine guns, they shoot like this (mimicking gunfire) to all house, to all people, and my house is fully damaged, all windows,” she said.

A short distance away a truck burned, choking people with acrid black smoke.

It was hit in the crossfire in the Slovyansk suburb of Semenovka where a two hour-hour battle raged Monday.

What is the state of Ukraine’s economy?

In a nutshell: heavily indebted.

Ukraine’s new government has said it needs $35bn (£21bn) to pay its bills over the next two years, which the new loans should mostly cover. It owes the Russian gas company Gazprom $1.9bn.

The Ukrainian economy shrank 0.3% in 2013, the IMF estimates. And the months of street protests, when the barricades were up on the streets of the capital, Kiev, will also have had an effect…

The currency, the hryvnia, lost nearly a fifth of its value in February alone. It now stands at 11 to the US dollar, down from eight in January.

The economy is struggling to recover from a recession and has been shaken by capital flight, as worried investors move their money abroad.

Many in Ukraine are scared and frightened and need our prayers. Some, especially in the eastern portions, are looking to Russia.

Also many, especially in the western areas, seem to be placing their hope in the European Union, that will not turn out well according to many biblical prophecies (e.g. Revelation 18-19).

Individually, those in Ukraine and elsewhere need to turn to God.  Neither Russia, independence, nor the European Union, is the best solution for Ukraine.

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