Donetsk supporters push ahead, while G7 condemns Russian actions in Ukraine

Supporters of Donetsk Republic (Andrew Butko)


The tensions in Ukraine continue and the G7 condemn Russian actions:

June 5, 2014

Donetsk, a city of more than a million people, is in limbo: caught in the middle of a bitter and bloody conflict. This is the heart of eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk Region. But it is also now the capital of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic: a breakaway state which has asked to join Russia. Moscow has yet to respond…

There have been clashes, too, in Luhansk region. On Wednesday insurgents there seized two bases: one belonging to the Ukrainian National Guard, the other to the Border Guards…

Alexander Borodai, the self-styled prime minister of the Donetsk People’s Republic…”May I remind you that the Ukrainian military’s initial plan was to finish their operation by May 1st. Then by May 9th. Then it shifted to even later. They made so many promises about completing their so-called “anti-terrorist operation” with grandiose success and without casualties. All these declarations are rubbish. They mean nothing.”

Mr Borodai, who describes himself as a “crisis manager”, says he is one of many volunteers who have come to Ukraine from Russia to protect Russian-speakers.

“The volunteers have come from all over Russia,” he explains. “Some of them have taken up arms. Others, like me, have got involved in civilian activities.”

Kiev accuses Moscow of funding and fuelling the separatist movement in eastern Ukraine. It has labelled the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics “terrorist organisations” and has vowed to defeat the militants. Mr Borodai is confident that Kiev’s military operation will fail.

June 5, 2014

Leaders from the Group of Seven industrialized economies gathered Thursday in Brussels for a second day of meetings, focusing discussions on Russia’s involvement in the Ukraine crisis.

After a morning group meeting, U.S. President Barack Obama will hold separate talks with British Prime Minister David Cameron…

Late Wednesday, G7 leaders urged Moscow to respect the results of Ukraine’s presidential election, stop the flow of fighters and weapons to the eastern part of the country, and completely withdraw troops from its border with Ukraine.

The joint statement threatened to “intensify targeted sanctions and to implement significant additional restrictive measures to impose further costs on Russia, should events so require.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin was not invited to the summit, a move that came in response to Moscow’s incursion into and annexation of the Crimean Peninsula in March.

Putin on Wednesday played down the boycott, but insisted he was open to dialogue with Ukraine President-elect Petro Poroshenko.

The G7 is trying to isolate Russia over Ukraine, while various Russians are supporting separatist actions in Eastern Ukraine.

If Vladimir Putin’s plan was to divide Ukraine so all of it would not end up in the European Union and/or NATO, he is seemingly being successful.

The situation in Ukraine is tense and difficult. However, what is going on in Ukraine is NOT the start of WWIII as some, including various Protestants (who tend to point to certain prophecies in Ezekiel 38), have suggested (at least not the way they seem to intend those statements).

The USA and European Union do not want Russia to end up with any additional Ukrainian territory, but that, of itself, has not stopped Russian plans. The situation in Ukraine remains tense.

From a prophetic perspective, we appear to be seeing a separation between some of the peoples that live within the borders of Ukraine.  Those that appear to have descended from the ancient Medes will ultimately align with Russia, and some of them (like those in Crimea) already have.

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