Egyptian court bans Muslim Brotherhood!

Muslim Brotherhood


A court supporting Egypt’s military-backed government has decided to ban the Muslim Brotherhood and confiscate its assets!

September 23, 2013

CAIRO — An Egyptian court on Monday banned the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamist group that was the chief supporter of deposed president Mohamed Morsi, and ordered all of the organization’s assets confiscated.

The interim government has been steadily escalating a crackdown on the group since the July 3 coup that toppled Morsi, but this represents by far the most drastic step against it to date.

Most of the Brotherhood’s leadership is imprisoned, including Morsi, and those who are not in jail have gone into hiding. The ousted leader and his senior lieutenants face an array of charges including serious accusations related to murder.

The ruling, which came after the court was asked to review the movement’s status as a nongovernmental organization, bans all activity by the Brotherhood, which was previously one of the oldest and most influential Islamist movements in the Middle East. The text of the ruling was made public by Egypt’s official news agency.,0,4306956.story

Egypt will not continue this way.  Driving the Muslim Brotherhood underground may buy the interim government some time, but this will not solve the problems in Egypt.

UPDATE 12:35 pm PDT.  Notice also the following headline:

Egypt court bans Muslim Brotherhood, eliminating its critical social services

This will upset a lot of Egyptians.  It is not likely that the Egyptian government will be able to be as effective in providing these services.  Resentment will build up.  Egypt will change.

The biblical reality is that situation in the Middle East and North Africa must change. It is tense and battle lines are being drawn. Now, I am not saying that what will replace the interim government in Egypt nor the Assad regime in Syria will be better for the West than the current ones. But what I am saying is that neither the interim government of Egypt nor the Assad regime will continue as they have been.

The Muslim Brotherhood itself is a Sunni Muslim group. Most Arabs are Sunni Muslims (countries such as Iran and Iraq are mainly Shi’ite Muslims; Syria has a Shi’ite Muslim leader, its President Assad, though the majority of Syrians are Sunnis). A few months ago, Egypt’s President Morsi called for Egyptian fighters to begin a war against three Shi’ite ruled nations, including Syria (see Egypt’s Morsi taking ‘King of the South’ steps, but…). This did not set well with the military in Egypt and it decided that it wanted to see certain changes from President Morsi or it would support the unelected opposition. When the changes the military wanted did not quickly materialize, after mob protests, it removed President Morsi from office and declared the Chief Justice of its Supreme Court, Adly Mansour, as interim president (Adly Mansour installed as Egypt’s interim president).

So, the Muslim Brotherhood called for protests. The military-backed government decided to not tolerate certain protests and helped kill and/or injure thousands of people, as well as arrest many associated with the Muslim Brotherhood.   Now, like it has been for much of its history, the Muslim Brotherhood has been banned.

Yet, the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a confederation of states in North Africa and the Middle East will come to pass (Daniel 11:40-43; Ezekiel 30:1-9).

Related to the idea of a confederation of Arabic, Turkish, and North African peoples, which includes Egypt, the Bible teaches, “For indeed it is coming!” (Ezekiel 30:9).

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