EU President Declares End of Nation State, Britain Skeptical

Herman Van Rompuy


EU President Herman Van Rompuy declared the end of the individual “nation state” in Europe and suggested that those who want to pull out of the European Union will cause war:

Herman Van Rompuy: ‘Euroscepticism leads to war’
Euroscepticism leads to war and a rising tide of nationalism is the European Union’s “biggest enemy”, Herman Van Rompuy, the president of Europe has told a Berlin audience.

The end of Britain as a nation state? Not on your life, Mr Van Rompuy

By Daniel Johnson
Last updated at 8:13 AM on 11th November 2010

The President of the European Council has ­finally revealed his true colours. ‘The time of the homogeneous nation state is over,’ declared Herman Van Rompuy in Berlin yesterday.

According to Mr Van Rompuy, the idea that a country can survive alone is not merely an illusion: ‘It is a lie!’…

The British public watched in dismay as, earlier this month, David Cameron was forced to back down from his promise to stop Brussels from increasing its already bloated budget…

Mr Van Rompuy’s Berlin speech appears to be the first shot in a new campaign to speed the transfer of sovereignty to Brussels…

Britain, by far the biggest player in Europe, stands to lose most if the EU has its way…Mr Van Rompuy would rather belong to a United States of Europe.

European Union | 10.11.2010

Van Rompuy urges EU expansion in first ‘Europe Address’

President of the European Council Herman van Rompuy warned against protectionism, nationalism and euroskepticism in the first annual “Europe Address” in Berlin on Tuesday…

Van Rompuy also focused on European unification, which he said was “not just a bureaucratic process from Brussels,” but rather a concrete validation of the idea that Europeans “belong together.”

Nationalism represents a threat to the continent, as it no longer creates “a positive feeling of pride of one’s own identity, but a negative feeling of apprehension of the others.”,,6210135,00.html

As the second headline shows, many in Britain have problems with Herman van Rompuy’s statements.  And the fact that its Prime Minister (David Cameron) declared himself a Euroskeptic this week suggests that Britain and the EU may at some point part ways.

And that has long been the position of the Living Church of God and its leadership. Notice something from LCG’s presiding evangelist, Roderick C. Meredith two years ago:

As we have warned in the past, Britain may eventually opt out—or be put out—of the EU. Even so, as God’s word makes clear, the coming takeover of Britain by a ten-nation confederation—which your Bible describes as the “Beast”—is absolutely certain unless there is real repentance! (Meredith RC. “Goodbye” to England?  Tomorrow’s World magazine, Jul-Aug 2008)

Prior to that, the late LCG evangelist John Ogwyn wrote:

A great supra-national union in Europe, even now shaping up, will become the seventh and final revival of the old Roman Empire. This system, according to Revelation 13 and 17, will come to dominate the entire world for a brief period of time. It is this powerful European superpower which will ultimately attack and subjugate the American and British peoples. It will also occupy the Jewish state, called Israel, in the Middle East.(Ogwyn J.  The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy. LCG booklet).

As far back as the late 1940s, the late Herbert W. Armstrong taught that there would be an emerging, “United States of Europe” (Armstrong HW. Now It Can Be Told…The Plain Truth,December 1948, p. 5).  And while many in the UK are skeptical, many on the continent are working to make it happen.  And it is happening.

It was also interesting to note that Herman van Rompuy mainly seemed to be interested in Europe on the continent.  Many in Brussels have long been dismissive of the UK and apparently still are.

And according to both biblical and Catholic prophecies, the United Kingdom will be taken over by the final end time, King of the North, European Beast power.  A power that is forming right before our very eyes.  And this was something that I too warned about in Chapter 5 of my book 2012 and the Rise of the Secret Sect.  World events continue to align with Bible prophecy.

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