Geert Wilders wants Netherlands to vote to leave EU; Herman Von Rompuy expresses disappointment with USA

Geert Wilders


There is now talk of a Nexit, a Netherlands exit from the European Union:

Geert Wilders outlines case for a Dutch ‘Nexit’ from the EU.

Geert Wilders, leader of the far-right Freedom Party (PVV) that is leading in Dutch polls for May’s European parliament elections, presented a study on Thursday that claims the Netherlands would be better off if it left the EU and he urged voters to support his call for “Nexit”.

The study, by the consultancy Capital Economics, claims the Dutch economy would quickly emerge from its sluggishness to brisk growth, generating billions of euros – or new Dutch guilders – in fresh revenues for debt-laden households.

Mr Wilders is one of a handful of populist leaders in the EU – including Marine Le Pen in France; Nigel Farage in Britain and Alexis Tsipras in Greece – whose sharp anti-Brussels rhetoric has helped push them into either first or second place in public opinion polls ahead of May’s Europe-wide vote.

The Netherlands is one of the founding members of the EU, and has long been seen as a core supporter of a more integrated Europe. Yet public opinion polls reveal growing support across the country for a renegotiation of powers with Brussels over a number of policy areas, including access to domestic welfare for other EU citizens.,Authorised=false.html?

What’s the point of calling for a Nexit?

Wilders is after the protest vote, and he will get it – just like Marine Le Pen’s National Front and the UK Independence Party of Nigel Farage. All three movements have an excellent chance of topping the polls or at least upsetting the political apple cart in their respective countries.

Here lies the significance of Wilders’s call for “Nexit” – or Dutch exit from the EU. As an economic argument, it does not stand up at all: the Netherlands is so deeply integrated into the eurozone and the EU single market that Nexit makes no more sense than “Brexit” for the UK or “Grexit” for Greece.

Rise of Eurosceptics in Netherlands Prompts Serious Discussion of “Nexit”

by Michael Shedlock

Eurozone exit talk first started with “Grexit” (Greece exit). It progressed to “Spexit” (Spain exit), and now talk centers on “Nexit” (Netherlands exit)…One can stop reading right there understanding full well the extreme bias in what Rachman wrote. Given that Rachman is a columnist and not a news reporter, bias is to be expected.

But please note the extreme irony in his statement: Nexit makes no more sense than “Brexit” for the UK.

The fact of the matter is that “Brexit” happens to make perfect sense for the UK.

There is not going to be a two-speed EU with some countries in the Eurozone and others not. One is going to be either in or out. Sitting on the fence forever won’t happen. Neither French president Francois Hollande nor the UK liberals will allow that.


Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom (PVV) is an anti-Islamic Netherlands’ political party. There are changes happening in Europe. And according to the Bible, more economic (Revelation 13: 14-17) and political ones must come to pass (Revelation 17:12-13).

While I do believe that the Netherlands will support the EU (though it could temporarily distance itself), the Bible clearly shows that there will be problems in the end time European alliance.  Notice the following:

41 Whereas you saw the feet and toes, partly of potter’s clay and partly of iron, the kingdom shall be divided; yet the strength of the iron shall be in it, just as you saw the iron mixed with ceramic clay. 42 And as the toes of the feet were partly of iron and partly of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong and partly fragile. 43 As you saw iron mixed with ceramic clay, they will mingle with the seed of men; but they will not adhere to one another, just as iron does not mix with clay.  (Daniel 2:41-43)

As far as a Brixet, I agree with Michael Shedlock’s comment above that Britain is more likely to leave the EU than the Netherlands.  The Bible shows that a European power will takeover Britain at some point (the Bible teaches that there will be at least two or three reorganizations still to come in Europe, and the takeover seems to be after the one mentioned in Revelation 17:13); so I expect the UK situation to change.

Partially, that will be do to how those in Brussels view the future of the EU, compare to how the Brits tend to view it.  Various ones, mainly leaders on the continent, have called for a United States of Europe (see EU Commissioner calls for United States of Europe!).  And they do not seem to want those who do not have the same goals or who do not share the same vision.

And it not just the UK that does not seem to have the same hope for Europe.  Yesterday, Germany’s Angela Merkel expressed upset at comments that a US diplomat made about the EU (see also European technology advances, while USA disses EU to Ukraine).  Today, the President of the European Union expressed his disappointment:

February 08, 2014

The head of the European Council says U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland’s use of vulgar language about the European Union is “totally unacceptable.”

Council president Herman Van Rompuy commented during a Saturday interview with Belgian broadcasters, a day after German Chancellor Angela Merkel echoed a similar sentiment.

Nuland’s comment was part of a private phone conversation that was leaked to social media.

In the call with U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt, Nuland used foul language to suggest that the United States should ignore the European Union’s position on resolving the crisis in Ukraine.

This is not endearing the USA to the EU.

The Europeans have learned a lot in the past year or so about the USA.  Here are ten actions by the USA that have concerned the Europeans:

  1. The USA continues to increase its debt without a real plan to resolve this.
  2. The USA continues to dilute the value of its currency through debt and programs like quantitative easing.
  3. The USA is shifting military support away from Europe and towards Asia.
  4. The USA does not consider the Europeans to be close friends.
  5. The USA only considers that the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are trustworthy close friends.
  6. The USA has spied heavily on the European Union.
  7. The USA has attempted to gain economic advantage over the European Union from its spying.
  8. The USA has spied on private telephone conversations of European leaders.
  9. The Europeans do not believe that the USA is listening enough to them on trade matters.
  10. The USA considers that, even involving Ukraine, a country that seems to want to be part of the European Union, that the EU is irrelevant.

The first three items are often reported in the news, and points four through eight are related to revelations related to the Snowden leaks.  That last item is simply another insult that the Europeans will tend to remember.  All ten are reasons for the Europeans to move ahead and become less dependent upon the USA.

As I mentioned yesterday (see European technology advances, while USA disses EU to Ukraine), on the military and economic side, Europe is developing technology that will help allow them to do just that.  And that will not bode well for the USA or its Anglo-Saxon allies like the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

The Bible prophesies that the Europeans will become a major international trading power (Revelation 18).  And it does not have any country identifiable as the USA functioning in that capacity towards the end.  Actually, the Bible teaches that the nation with the strongest military (and that currently is identifiable as the USA) will be taken over and its lands divided by a European leader called the final King of the North (Daniel 11:39-40).  Steps are being taken for that to happen, but there still is some years left.

I would also add that I have watched one or more YouTube clips were the UK’s Nigel Farage (see also Might Europe collapse before the final Beast rises up?) lambasts the EU in general and Herman Von Rompuy in particular.  He did not look pleased with the tirade.  The continental Europeans are getting fed up with the USA and UK.  Probably not long after they feel that they do not need the USA or UK, both of them will be taken over by the final prophesied European power.  This is the time of Jacob’s trouble (Jeremiah 30:7), the beginning of the Great Tribulation (Matthew 24:21).

For more on what is expected to happen, please see the following:

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