Germany, US Espionage, Drones, Blitzkrieg, and the World Cup

Drone MQ-9


Germany’s is upset about continued US espionage and is starting to take steps, and the USA is concerned:

July 11, 2014

Kerry looks to soothe relations with Germany

Secretary of State John Kerry is set to meet with German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier:

July 11, 2014

Germany’s foreign minister says he will discuss the expulsion of a U.S. intelligence officer from Berlin with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry when the two diplomats see each other at meetings in Vienna in the next two days.
July 10, 2014

Diplomatic tensions between Germany and the U.S. stoked by allegations of spying are spilling over into German government plans to upgrade the military’s drones, said lawmakers who sit on parliament’s Defense Committee.

Espionage activities that prompted Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government to expel a U.S. intelligence official yesterday compound German concerns over “black box” modules in U.S. bidder General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc.’s MQ-9 Reaper drones, said the lawmakers. That might help tip the balance in favor of awarding the contract to Israel Aerospace Industries’ Heron TP fliers.

“The latest spying allegations raise the hurdle for accepting black box technology,” Hans-Peter Bartels, a lawmaker from Merkel’s Social Democratic coalition partner who chairs the Defense Committee, said in a phone interview. The developments have “stiffened” lawmakers’ resistance to buying the U.S. military hardware, as the expulsion “marks a new low in Germany’s trust in its U.S. ally,” he said.

The snooping spat revives a dilemma for Merkel, who has sought to isolate Germany’s business interests from government pressure on the U.S. to change its intelligence policy since Edward Snowden’s revelations last year. It also threatens to undermine Merkel’s support for a free-trade accord between the U.S. and the European Union…

Lawmaker concerns center on what they say is the use of black box technology to store and transmit secure surveillance data to the U.S…“Naturally, we’re sensitive to the black box issue,” Bernd Siebert, a committee member from Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union party, said in an e-mailed reply to questions. This “will flow into the decision making” on the drone selected, he said…

While German politicians may be “utilizing” the spying scandals, their concerns betray long-standing attempts to free Europe from dependency on U.S. technology, said Jan Techau, who heads the Brussels office of the Carnegie Endowment.

Notice that many in Germany have long wanted to reduce dependency upon USA technology.  I have been warning for years that the Europeans will one day have sufficient technology to takeover the USA and its Anglo-Saxon descended allies (see also European Technology and the Beast of Revelation).  Now, because of the espionage scandal over the past year or so, the USA is likely to share too much technology with the Europeans in general, and Germany in particular, as well as make arrangements to allow Germany to operate with less USA intelligence oversight.

While John Kerry would like to smooth relations with Germany, he should not expect that the Germans are like the bulk of the USA media that will get over repeated indiscretions by the Obama Administration.  As I reported here before, various ones in Germany have said that they WILL NOT GET OVER THIS and consider the USA a ‘so-called friend’ (see Time: Snowden asks for extended stay in Russia, and German outrage at USA grows).

Oh yes, the Germans will act diplomatically and try to give the impression of a certain amount of cooperation, but the reality is that all the espionage revelations have strengthened the resolve of many to separate from dependency on the USA to develop a European alternative to American hegemony.

Germany is no longer as content to take a backseat to the USA as it has been since WWII.  Germany, which basically started WWI and WWII, will also be the aggressor in WWIII.

Europeans are trying to take steps to dominate world trade (see also WTO/TTIP and the Babylonian Beast), which the Bible shows they will do (Revelation 13:16-18; 18:3,11-18).  Germany’s Merkel was in China related to that a few days ago, and likely will attempt to get trade trade concessions from the USA to try to get the USA to show some remorse for its actions.  There are many end-time ramifications of the espionage matter.

Speaking of Angela Merkel, she said that she is planning on going to watch the World Cup in Brazil this Sunday.  Germany is scheduled to play Argentina for the soccer championship.

Although it is not a sport I watch, the news reported that Germany trounced the Brazilian team a few days ago 7 – 1.  Why mention that here?

Well, Germany quickly scored 4 goals in 7 minutes against Brazil, which is basically unheard of in this level of play.  According to a news report I read yesterday, Germany had planned for at least the past five years how it would play against Brazil in this World Cup, and it executed its strategy.  Some believe that Germany is being more willing to publicly be proud as a result of soccer.   Notice:

“The state of the nation has changed, outside and inside Germany,” said Christophe Fricker, a researcher of German culture at the University of Bristol in England

This year’s team represents the new generation. Of the seven goals against Brazil, five were scored by players born after 1989, the year the Berlin Wall fell: Thomas Mueller, Andre Schuerrle and Toni Kroos.

Historical Burdens

It is these athletes, and fans of their age, who are driving the changing attitudes among Germans, said Henning Meyer, a German-born political scientist at the London School of Economics.

“The younger generation has not forgotten, but they have a different identity, because history doesn’t weigh on their psyche in the same way,” Meyer said…

“We have learned that we can be proud,” said Christian Boellhoff, managing director of Prognos AG economic research institute in Berlin. “And that we can be relaxed about it, too.”

Per Mertesacker believes German football’s greatest night can be traced back to when they thrashed England five years ago…Mertesacker claims the 7-1 thrashing of Brazil– the biggest ever score in a World Cup semi-final and Brazil’s heaviest ever defeat – was the culmination of Germany’s recent progress.

When I read about the four German goals in seven minutes against Brazil, I thought of the term blitzkrieg. Today, I put the word blitzkrieg into a Google search, and apparently many others shared my view.  Here are a few of the many headlines in the news this week about it:

World Cup 2014: Brazil versus Germany = Blitzkrieg

Soccer Blitzkrieg

Brazilian fans will not want to hear this, but reports suggest that Germany decided to not play as hard the in the second half as to not excessively humiliate Brazil.  In other words, Germany possibly could have won by even a greater margin if it wanted to.

For those unfamiliar with the term blitzkrieg, it was a German war strategy utilized in World War II.  Here is some information about it:

Blitzkrieg means “lightning war”. It was an innovative military technique first used by the Germans in World War Two and was a tactic based on speed and surprise. Blitzkrieg relied on a military force be based around light tank units supported by planes and infantry (foot soldiers). The tactic was based on Alfred von Schlieffen’s ‘Schlieffen Plan’ – this was a doctrine formed during WWI that focused on quick miliatry victory. It was later developed in Germany by an army officer called Heinz Guderian who looked at new technologies, namely dive bombers and light tanks, to improve the German army’s manoeuvrability. …

Blitzkrieg was based on speed, co-ordination and movement; the major science of this approach was the ability to get large mobile forces through weak points in the enemies defences and then cause damage when behind his static lines. …

The Blitzkrieg was fundamentally about moving away from the tried and tested methods of modern warfare and creating a new, more effective doctrine. To that end, Hitler had given his full backing to Guderian. Ironically, he had got his idea for Blitzkrieg from two officers – one from France and one from Britain and he had copied and broadened what they had put on paper. …In 1940, Britain and France still had a World War One mentality.

It is interesting to me that Germany got the blitzkrieg ideas from France and the UK.  In other words, Germany got tactics and information from nations it was later going to invade.  I expect the same in the future.  It should be noted that the USA still has the ‘cold war’ mentality about the Germans and acts like they will always be USA allies.  I read something today in the Wall Street Journal where the writer could not fathom that Germans could consider that the USA is a threat.  Many do not understand the mentality of the Germans and where all of this will lead (cf. Isaiah 10:5-11).

As far as blitzkrieg goes, consider the following biblical prophecy:

3 For when they say, “Peace and safety!” then sudden destruction comes upon them (1 Thessalonians 5:3)

In WWIII, I expect that the Germans will lead a type of blitzkrieg against the USA, the UK, and other Anglo-Saxon descended nations.  It will be based upon technology, coordination, intelligence, and deception.  I believe that because of the espionage incidents with the USA, that the USA will feel that it will have to kowtow to German requests for military technologies, trade agreements, political arrangements, and espionage information, which will put Germany and much of the rest of Europe in a position that to rise up and become the successful military power that the Bible prophesies it will become in Revelation 13:1-4 and Daniel 11:39-43.

While beating Brazil in the World Cup is not particularly a prophetic matter, the strategy employed is consistent with German actions in the past and what is expected in the future.

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