Iceland Apparently Wants EU

Northern Shore of Reykjavík, Iceland


Over a month ago (see Iceland Crumbling: EU its Hope?), I reported that Iceland may decide its needed to change from its historical opposition to joining the EU.  The fact that Iceland is in shock over its economy (see Iceland in Shock), has now affected its position as the following news item today reported:

Iceland drafts plan for 2011 EU entry
EUobserver – Nov 17, 2008

Iceland’s prime minister has announced the set-up of a commission to investigate joining the European Union.

An initial plan has already been drafted by the country’s foreign ministry that would see a membership application made in early 2009, aiming for entry some time in 2011, according to a report in the Financial Times which appeared at the weekend.

The prime minister, Geir Haarde, also said that his centre-right Independence Party would hold its 2009 conference in January instead of October as scheduled, to consider EU membership.

In announcing the move on Friday (14 November), Mr Haarde said “We have always said that we will assess at any given time how we co-operate with Europe.”

“This process will help us make our future decisions.”

Until now, Iceland has never applied for EU membership, and the population has historically been strongly opposed to the idea.

After the bottom falling out of the Icelandic banking sector and a run on the currency in recent weeks, many are now convinced of the need to adopt the euro, but EU officials have repeatedly told the north Atlantic nation that the euro cannot be adopted without joining the union first.

The crisis has sharply boosted support for EU membership in Iceland, climbing to a current 70 percent

Iceland, in my view, gives the EU additional geographical reach that may better allow the EU to destroy the USA, probably in the next decade.

The economic shock that the Icelandic residents are now feeling will pale in comparison to the shock Anglo-Americans will experience when the European Beast power fully forms and makes its first major military strike outside its own boundaries.

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