Iraq (Political) Attack


US President Obama declared an end to the USA’s combat mission in Iraq recently and US troops are now mainly leaving or already gone.

But all is not well in Iraq. As I have written for years, Iraq is likely to experience civil war.

Notice what happened today:

New York Times – ‎26 December 2011

BAGHDAD – A powerful political group led by the anti-American cleric Moktada al-Sadr on Monday called for Parliament to be dissolved and for early elections to be held, the first open challenge to Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki from within his Shiite coalition in an escalating political crisis.
Leaders of Mr. Sadr’s faction said that scrapping the current government was the only way to steer Iraq out of the crisis, which has put Mr. Maliki, a Shiite, at odds with leaders representing the country’s Sunni minority and has quickly exploded since the withdrawal of American troops about a week ago.

This is probably not what the Obama Administration wanted to hear, but this type of political attack should have been expected.

Over five years ago (January 7, 2005), the late John Ogwyn (of LCG) stated in a commentary titled What Lies Ahead for Iraq?:

You see, Iraq has three roughly defined regions developing on their own paths. The south is under the sway of Shiite Muslim clerics, many of whom want to form an Islamic state. The Sunni Muslims in the center are increasingly influenced by members of the former regime—many of them Arab nationalists. And in the north there is the desire for Kurdish autonomy at the very least—and, most likely, Kurdish independence. In fact, the longer an effective central government is delayed, the longer the country’s three regions will continue on their diverging trajectories. Some have called this “the calm before the storm.”

The US and its allies attempted to do the best that they humanly can, but overall, things will change in the Middle East and will NOT be as the US, etc. hopes.

Civil unrest is likely for Iraq, and it may break out with civil war. Ultimately, I expect much of Iraq to align with the soon coming Islamic King of the South, and that may somewhat minimize Iraq’s disintegration–but such disintegration may happen prior to this leader being accepted.

The 2012 “Arab Spring” that Iraq ends up with may not be quite what the USA hoped.

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