Many dismissed Eurasian Union, COGwriter did not

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Notice how the following news item starts out related to the Eurasian Union:

When Vladimir Putin announced his intention to press for a so-called ‘Eurasian Union’ in the run-up to the 2012 presidential elections, his statement was widely dismissed as a pre-electoral ploy, playing as it did to the nostalgia for an idealised Soviet past held by part of the Russian population…

Two years later, it is becoming increasingly difficult to so lightly dismiss the Eurasian Customs Union (ECU – the project’s current incarnation) as a mere electoral manoeuvre… Proponents of the Eurasian Union stress that its membership is entirely voluntary…But the sheer demographic weight, economic mass and geographic breadth of the Russian Federation would also make it overwhelmingly dominant by default, even if it were to expand to include all former Soviet Republics excluding the Balts. As it stands, the Eurasian Customs Union would have a very Russian flavour indeed; and one would have to be alert as to how its overall legislative framework would evolve as it expands….

Should Putin’s assertions as to the mere voluntary ‘economic rationalities’ inherent in the ECU be taken at face value? The Soviet Union might be well and truly dead in the minds of Russian policymakers, but Russia has in recent years clearly come to define the economic sphere as one where it could and should play a defining role in the Eurasian space…

The Eurasian Union may not quite be the Soviet Empire, but it could turn into a tool of more subtle domination nevertheless.

As regular readers of this news page are aware, I never dismissed the fact that Vladimir Putin was serious about attempting to form a confederation like the Eurasian Union.

Instead, I have been writing for years that the Bible teaches some version of a Russian-led Asian confederation will form (see Russia’s Putin Still Working for Eurasian Union).  And also after he was elected again in 2012, I wrote that I felt he would work on the Eurasian Union, I did not dismiss his statements as mere election rhetoric (see Russia Votes for Putin: What Might this Mean?)

Additionally, to address the last point in the article shown above, no the final Eurasian confederation will not be the old Soviet Union–it will be much larger geographically, have many more people (including an army of at 200,000,000, which exceeds the current population of Russia), and end up militarily exercising its might on a massive scale.

Notice the following:

50:41 “Behold, a people shall come from the north,
And a great nation and many kings
Shall be raised up from the ends of the earth.
42 They shall hold the bow and the lance;
They are cruel and shall not show mercy.
Their voice shall roar like the sea;
They shall ride on horses,
Set in array, like a man for the battle,
Against you, O daughter of Babylon.
43 “The king of Babylon has heard the report about them,
And his hands grow feeble;
Anguish has taken hold of him,
Pangs as of a woman in childbirth…”(Jeremiah 50:41-43).

1 The burden against Babylon which Isaiah the son of Amoz saw.
2 “Lift up a banner on the high mountain,Raise your voice to them;Wave your hand, that they may enter the gates of the nobles. 3 I have commanded My sanctified ones;I have also called My mighty ones for My anger–Those who rejoice in My exaltation.” 4 The noise of a multitude in the mountains, Like that of many people! A tumultuous noise of the kingdoms of nations gathered together! The LORD of hosts musters The army for battle. 5 They come from a far country, From the end of heaven–The LORD and His weapons of indignation, To destroy the whole land. 6 Wail, for the day of the LORD is at hand!It will come as destruction from the Almighty. 7 Therefore all hands will be limp, Every man’s heart will melt, 8 And they will be afraid. Pangs and sorrows will take hold of them; They will be in pain as a woman in childbirth; They will be amazed at one another; Their faces will be like flames (Isaiah 13:1-8).

11 Calling a bird of prey from the east, The man who executes My counsel, from a far country. Indeed I have spoken it; I will also bring it to pass. I have purposed it; I will also do it. (Isaiah 46:11)

The Bible is discussing a far northern power to rise up in the end that has nations from the east (Asia) to support it.  While it may or may not be called the Eurasian Union, it will still happen.

And some are starting to recognize that steps towards such a union are really taking place.

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