Marian miracle in Australia?


A reader sent me the following about a ‘miracle’ that occurred in Sydney, Australia:

July 22, 2015

Hundreds of Christians are flocking to church to witness a ‘miracle’ painting of the Virgin Mary who appears to join in with the Lord’s prayer.

Stunned believers filmed the astonishing moment her lips appeared to move on the artwork during Mass last Sunday.

Footage shows the congregation saying the ‘Our Father’ prayer but after several seconds it’s clear several Christians are distracted by something else.

If you look closely, the Virgin Mary’s mouth appears to move during the biblical reading, becoming clearer towards the end of the video.

Baffled George Akary filmed what he believes is a ‘miracle’ in St Charbel’s church, Sydney, before posting it on Facebook.

He said: “To clarify for the viewers I saw this during mass and at the end of mass the rosary is prayed.

“I went to the altar and wanted to confirm via recording it.”

I watched the video and witnessed this ‘miracle.’  Some believe it was a miracle, others believe it was a lighting/camera issue.

Presuming it was not a lighting/camera issue, I do not believe it was a miracle from God.  Mary, the mother of Jesus, is dead and was not making the lips on the painting move (see also Mary, the Mother of Jesus and the Apparitions and Did Early Christians Believe that Humans Possessed Immortality?).

For years I have been warning about false ‘miracles’ related to false ideas about ‘Mary.’  Here is something I wrote that was published in my book Fatima Shock!:

Archbishop Sheen felt that a Marian “miracle” would be a factor in Muslims and others together and become end time Catholics in the Day of Wrath (Dies Irae):

And as Mary revealed herself in that first Miracle of the Sun, so may we look forward to another revelation of her power when the world has its next rehearsal for the Dies Irae.

… Many people of all persuasions, including apparently atheists, are going to fall away from their current beliefs in vast numbers (even according to many Catholic leaders) to embrace one who will promote a powerful ecumenical religion that is to be accompanied by what will appear to be real miracles. …

Future apparitions of a Lady are likely to produce demonic “miracles” in addition to anti-biblical messages.  Sadly, nearly all will fall for false signs and lying wonders. …

Some Eastern Orthodox, Protestants, and Catholics are rightly concerned that allegedly Marian “miracles” will be used in a false manner. And that this may lead to an ecumenical religion that all, who claim to get their doctrine from sacred scripture (including the actual original traditions of the apostles), should not endorse.

This concern is consistent with biblical prophecy about deceptive signs:

22 for false Christs and false prophets will arise and produce signs and portents to deceive the elect, if that were possible. 23 You, therefore, must be on your guard. I have given you full warning. (Mark 13:22-23, NJB)

Fatima Shock! was written to warn people that apparitions that many people will think are Mary will likely be part of the of the signs and wonders that the Bible warns will deceive the world (2 Thessalonians 2:9-12).

Have the “love of the truth” (2 Thessalonians 2:10), love the truth of the word of God (”Thy word is truth,” John 17:17, DRB), so that you will not be deceived. …

There also is a Catholic prophecy that indicates that followers/images of Mary will do miracles at the end:

Ven. Magdalene Porzat (19th century): Mary comes from heaven…After this Mary, all powerful shall change all men…Holy women, images of Mary, shall have power to work miracles. After them comes Mary to prepare the way for her Son in His triumphant Church.

Thus, this is another possible item that may be the “image of the Beast.” Perhaps it should be mentioned that according to the above mystic, this prophecy happens after a time of “universal bankruptcy” and “confusion.”797  Thus, if the international financial situation worsens (maybe if only a little bit, though probably more than that), some may point to that as proof that certain Marion prophecies are correct.  Do not be deceived by such signs (Isaiah 8:19-20), even if true (cf. Deuteronomy 13:1-4)—many will be (Mark 13:22).

Do  not  accept  misstatements  about  apparitions, women   from   heaven   (Zechariah   5:5-11),   rosaries, mediators, intercessors, or scapulars that are in conflict with sacred scripture. Religious deception, in a more direct and public form, is  coming.     Signs,  “lying  wonders,”  and  sorceries  are expected to increase before Jesus returns and deceive many (2 Thessalonians 2:9; Matthew 24:24; Revelation 13:2-15; 18:23). Thiel B. Fatima Shock! Nazarene Books, 2012, pp. 182,184,206,228, 252-253)

Do not be surprised to hear of more ‘miracles’ attributed to ‘Mary.’  More false signs and wonders will come.  Jesus’ mother Mary most certainly did NOT move her lips in Sydney Australia last Sunday.

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