M&M & CNN: European and other governments pushing towards cashless society where 666 can operate


Larry Edelson of Money and Markets: reported about governments, and particularly European ones, moving towards having a society without cash:

Cash Will Be Abolished. Here’s Why …

August 5, 2015

Governments have largely always despised cash. It’s almost impossible to trace, and therefore, tax. … governments around the world have waged a war on cash. They’ve implemented restrictions on how much you can carry with you. How much cash you have on you that you have to report when you go through customs. How much you can withdraw from the bank at any one point in time. And more.

The thing is, government wars on cash are now on steroids. The reason: The looming sovereign-debt collapse that will soon cascade from Europe, then to Japan, and finally, to the US of A. …

One of the chief proponents of eliminating cash from the system is Ken Rogoff of Harvard University. But along with him are other economists who agree, …

Their thinking is this: Cash is, yes, difficult to track and tax, but it also makes it difficult, if not impossible, for negative interest rates to stimulate the economy.

That’s critical now because deflation is surrounding the globe. In Europe, for instance, the European Central Bank (ECB) has had negative interest rates in effect since June of last year. Currently at -0.2%, if you’re a bank in the eurozone, your “reserves” at the ECB gradually lose value if you don’t lend them out.

The Danish and Swiss national banks have steeper negative interest rates of -0.75%. After a year, 1 million Danish krone or Swiss francs would be worth only DKK/CHF992,500, respectively. …

Along comes Ken Rogoff and gang. Their answer: Eliminate cash and …

A. Less cash will be withdrawn from banks.

B. Banks will therefore lend more readily. And …

C. Bank runs, if they occur, can be ended immediately — by simply shutting down the system with an “internet-type kill switch.”

Mark my words: Elimination of cash is where the governments of developed economies are headed. Toward fully electronic currencies instead.

If you don’t believe me, then consider the steps that have already been taken that are leading in that very same direction:

 In France, cash transactions over 1,000 euros are now illegal. It’s also a crime to send any amount of cash by mail.

 In Spain, the limit is 2,500 euros. Break that law and the government will confiscate 25% of your cash.

 Italy has banned all cash transactions over 999.99 euros. To pay 1,000 euros or more, you must use a debit card, credit card, a “non-transferrable check,” or pay by bank transfer. Violate the law, and the government will confiscate 40% of the amount paid.

Similar restrictions on cash are in place in Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece, Mexico, Russia, Uruguay and a number of other countries.  http://www.moneyandmarkets.com/cash-will-abolished-heres-72623#.VcNbWvnw-s4

So, many European countries are more and more placing restrictions on cash and its use.

Notice also the following, the first item from CNN:

The Danish government has proposed that most stores could dump their cash registers from January 2016.

Essential services, such as hospitals, pharmacies and post offices, would still have to accept cash under the plan, which is some way from becoming law.

Denmark, with its Scandinavian neighbors Norway and Sweden, is leading the global trend towards electronic money. http://money.cnn.com/2015/06/02/technology/cashless-society-denmark/

June 30, 2015

Denmark becomes first country to go cashless – retailers ditching cash as of January 2016.

A cashless society is “no longer an illusion,” according to Danish Bankers Association executive director Michael Busk-Jepsen. All this is made possible by Denmark’s high adoption of electronic and mobile payments. Danske Bank announced that it had 2.2m users of MobilePay, a money transfer service – more than a third of the country’s entire population of 5.6m.

Cash would be still be accepted by essential services such as hospitals, pharmacies and post offices, but the move would essentially leave krone notes and coins redundant.  http://zandlicious.com/denmark-becomes-first-country-to-go-cashless-retailers-ditching-cash-as-of-january-2016/

July 15, 2015

Some countries are far more advanced than the UK and US when it comes to contactless and mobile payments. “Anyone wanting a glimpse of the future of cashless payments need only look overseas to Denmark, which has the lowest cash payment level in Europe and is currently considering removing obligation for some retailers to accept cash at all,” says Dan Wagner, CEO and Founder of Powa Technologies, which is working with Denmark’s Danske Bank to help it usher in a new level of payments freedom in the country. http://www.techradar.com/us/news/phone-and-communications/mobile-phones/can-businesses-cope-with-apple-pay-and-the-rise-of-cashless-payments–1299268

And it is not only a few governments that want this.  The United Nations trying to get the world to go cashless. CNN reported:

Even the United Nations, alongside the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, wants societies to forego cash for more virtual transacting. It wants to cut costs and improve transparency, and is working with governments and the private sector to encourage more use of electronic payments. (http://money.cnn.com/2015/06/02/technology/cashless-society-denmark/)

Notice also something proposed for Australia in 2016:

August 4, 2015

The Mayor of the South Australian town of Ceduna says he hopes the trial of a new cashless welfare card will help “break the cycle” of alcoholism in the small community.

The Federal Government has secured agreement with Ceduna community leaders to test the card.

From February next year adult welfare recipients in the town will have 80 per cent of their payment quarantined so it cannot be spent on alcohol or gambling.

The restrictions on cash are also designed to prevent government payments being used to buy illegal drugs.  http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-08-05/cashless-welfare-card-to-be-trialled-in-south-australian-region/6672968

But what about the USA?  Well, in California, there already is an electronic welfare card that replaced what are called ‘food stamps.’

For decades the USA has been pushing first to pay its employees, then those who receive various government payments (like social security) electronically.

While the USA does allow cash transactions, it has certain restrictions and reporting requirements related to cash–and it requires banks to report those who might use cash suspiciously. In addition, the USA is getting many banks around the world to comply with its FATCA regulations, which are designed to eliminate any financial privacy around the world (for USA residents and citizens).  The pushing of these rules is helping set up a banking monitoring system that the Europeans will also likely use (see also ‘The Coming Death of the Dollar’).  The USA, though NOT 666, is helping set the stage for 666.

Look at the following report:

August 5, 2015

Every week seems to bring new developments from different corners of the globe that indicate we are inching ever closer to being a “cashless” world.

The last few months in Europe has seen much associated with the topic come to the fore. It was recently announced in the UK that cashless payments have exceeded the use of physical money for the first time ever.

This came hot on the heels of an announcement from the Danish government that businesses such as retailers, petrol stations and restaurants will soon no longer be obliged to take cash payments. …

Global revolution

Not only is the cashless movement being driven by various groups in different ways, it’s also a trend moving just as fast in developing nations as it is in developed nations. In North America and Europe we often forget about the significant mobile payments and mobile banking ecosystems that have emerged across places like Latin America and Africa. …

A new world order

The march to a cashless world will not be driven by governments or even major financial institutions. It will be led by start-ups, tech engineers and the men and women on the street who respond to their products.

Sure, government policy will play a part (and most governments are more than keen on supporting the concept), but it will be more to help smooth out obstacles or bureaucratic resistance rather than in a leading role.   http://www.businessinsider.com/the-kings-of-a-cashless-world-2015-8#ixzz3iG3WthO3

Well, while businesses and consumers are making a lot of this happen, there are government leaders and bankers who want to make this happen.  And this is more than the United Nations.

Notice something about a meeting in Europe a couple of months ago:

20 June 2015

One of the main topics at the Bilderberg Group meeting held last week in Telfs-Buchen, Austria was the idea of promoting a cashless society.  It seems like governments in Africa think that a cashless society is a good idea, which is good news for the Bilderberg elite, but really bad news for the rest of us.  …

Teddy Bhullar, Airtel Rwanda chief executive officer declared that “We are optimistic that we will create a new wave of accepting payments using mobile phone technology, thus bridging the gap between the traditional brick-and-mortar modes of payment”. In other words, using traditional methods such as cash is considered a primitive way of doing business. How times are rapidly changing. In 2013, CNBC published an interesting commentary by Scott A. Shay, Chairman of Signature Bank titled ‘Cashless society: A huge threat to our freedom’ and said the following:

There are certainly positive outcomes that can be obtained by going cashless. For example, banning sale transactions of cigarettes or sugary drinks or stopping cardholders from overeating, gambling, or whatever other vice is targeted, could lead to a decrease in these vices and their associated problems. A decrease in those problems could positively impact other areas, like, for example, our nation’s health-care system. A cashless society would probably also mean less street crime. Yet in return for these benefits, there is an incalculable cost to our humanity. We would lose our freedom to make decisions. It is easy to imagine a totalitarian regime using these tools to great harm. Given current U.S. government policies, it is also very easy to imagine even a liberal government such as our own, being sorely tempted to use the confluence of these technologies. And once used, because they are so very, very powerful, even liberal governments will be enticed into using them until there is pretty complete monitoring and control of every transaction.

When a banker admits that a “cashless society” poses a danger to the human race, you know something is terribly wrong!  http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-bilderbergs-cashless-society-proposal-and-rwandas-us-supported-cashless-payment-system/5457032

Might Europe go completely cashless?

It very well might.

Why do I conclude that?

Basically for three reasons.

First, as technology advances, more and more financial transactions are electronic. it makes the idea of eliminating cash feasible.

Second, because of the above people are becoming less tied to cash.  Governments will likely also claim that mugging related crimes will be reduced if no one carries cash–governments tend to tell people that their rules help provide them with security, without dwelling on the loss of freedom and privacy.

Third, because of Bible prophecy and the tendency for governments to want to control and monitor more and more, the elimination of cash would assist.

Regular readers of this Church of God News page are aware of the following prophecy:

16 He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, 17 and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

18 Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666. (Revelation 13:16-18)

It will be a European power that will fulfill the above prophecy of 666.  And as Larry Edelson reported, we are seeing governments in Europe attempting to force people to no longer use cash.  I will also add that even an Deutsch Bank executive is working on a system called to get small vendors in India to take electronic payments (http://yourstory.com/2015/08/ftcash-cashless-transactions/).

We are nearing the time of great distress and more massive financial monitoring. The Great Tribulation is coming and actions by the Europeans, the USA, and others are leading to it.  It will not be completely in place in 2016, but steps are being taken.

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