Moldova concerned about Russian plans, while Ukraine admits Russia is making gains in Bakhmut

Moldovan Parliament


Political leaders in Moldova continue to have concerns about Russia:

February 13, 2023

CHISINAU, Moldova (AP) — Moldova’s President outlined Monday what she described as a plot by Moscow to use external saboteurs to overthrow her country’s government, put the nation “at the disposal of Russia” and derail its aspirations to one day join the European Union.

President Maia Sandu’s briefing comes a week after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said his country had intercepted plans by Russian secret services to destroy Moldova, claims that were later confirmed by Moldovan intelligence officials.

“The plan for the next period involves actions with the involvement of diversionists with military training, camouflaged in civilian clothes, who will undertake violent actions, attack some state buildings, and even take hostages,” Sandu told reporters at a briefing.

“The purpose of these actions is to overthrow the constitutional order, to change the legitimate power from Chisinau to an illegitimate one,” Sandu said, “which would put our country at the disposal of Russia, in order to stop the European integration process.” …

Since Russia invaded Ukraine nearly a year ago, Moldova, a former Soviet republic of about 2.6 million people, has sought to forge closer ties with its Western partners. Last June, it was granted European Union candidate status, the same day as Ukraine. …

Sandu said that Russia wants to use Moldova in the war against Ukraine, without providing more details, and that information obtained by intelligence services contained what she described as instructions on rules of entry to Moldova for citizens from Russia, Belarus, Serbia, and Montenegro. …

The President added that the plan would “rely on several internal forces, but especially on criminal groups” and went on to name two Moldovan oligarchs, Ilan Shor and Vladimir Plahotniuc, both of whom are currently in exile. Both men last year were sanctioned by the U.S. and the U.K.

Last fall, a series of mass anti-government protests organized by Shor’s populist, Russia-friendly Shor Party, also rocked Moldova amid the energy crunch.

There are some similarities between Ukraine and Moldova–both nations have a lot of Russian speakers, have had pro-Russian governments, and have territory in the east that prefers closer ties with Russia.

Last May, Voice of America had the following about Moldova:

How Russia Tries to Counter Moldova Separatist Region’s Westward Drift

May 7, 2022

Russia’s desire to create a land corridor to Moldova’s separatist region of Transnistria is drawing attention to Moscow’s efforts to prevent the pro-Russian enclave from deepening ties to the West and undermining the decadeslong Russian grip over part of Moldova, some analysts say.

Russian General Rustam Minnekaev endorsed the idea of a land corridor on April 22, saying: “Control over the south of Ukraine is another way to [reach] Transnistria,” according to Russian news agency Interfax. He said Transnistria’s Russian-speaking population suffers “oppression,” implying that it needs Russia’s protection from Romanian-speakers in the rest of Moldova.

Moscow has made similar assertions about Russian speakers in Ukraine to justify its invasions of Ukrainian territory since 2014.

Transnistria is a majority Russian-speaking territory that broke away from Moldova in 1990, a year before the majority Romanian-speaking Soviet republic declared independence from the Soviet Union. A 1992 war between Moldovan forces and Transnistrian separatists backed by Russian troops ended with a cease-fire that has remained in effect for 30 years, leaving Transnistria to run its own affairs as a de facto state but without international recognition.

Russia has not recognized the region as a state. But it has helped the separatists for decades to administer a sliver of land on Moldova’s eastern edge, between the east bank of the Dniester River and the Ukrainian border. Transnistria has a population of 300,000 to 400,000 according to Moldovan and separatist estimates, respectively.

Russia’s support for the separatist region has prolonged what some observers call a “frozen conflict” that has kept Moldova too weak to join major Western institutions. Moscow has long regarded the expansion of the NATO alliance and European Union into post-Soviet states such as Moldova as a threat to its security.

Moscow’s main support for Transnistria has taken the form of providing it with free Russian natural gas, a presence of about 1,500 Russian troops and bank transfers of Russian funds.

Moldova is probably still the poorest nation in Europe. Both Russia and the European Union want it. Moldova has applied to be part of the EU, but Russia does not like that.

The European Union wants nearly all of continental Europe to be part of it, and that includes Moldova. Moldova is a land, which like Ukraine, some in the West see as a ‘buffer’ against Russia because of geographic proximity.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin, on the other hand, wants all the former Soviet states, including Moldova and Ukraine, to become part of Russia or at least part of his Eurasian Economic Union.

Moldovans took some steps towards the European Union several years ago, which made them poorer as this displeased Russia, which restricted aspects of trade. But with a major part of its workforce actually out of the country but working within the European Union, this has greatly increased its support for the EU. Many in Moldova do not trust Russia and believe that they will be freer and wealthier as part of the European Union. Others have been disappointed with the Europeans and have serious doubts that the Europeans can improve their lives for some time.

As far as the situation in Ukraine goes, notice the following:

Russians slowly take ground around Bakhmut

13 February 2023

Russian forces have spent the past six months trying to capture Bakhmut. Now they have intensified their onslaught – Ukraine believes – to tear it down ahead of the anniversary of the invasion.

We follow orders, darting down an icy rubble-strewn street, with a clear blue sky overhead – ideal for Russian drones. …

There is street fighting in some areas, but Ukrainian forces still hold the city – despite sub-zero temperatures and dwindling ammunition.

“We have some shortages of ammunition of all kinds, especially artillery rounds,” says Capt Mykhailo from the 93rd Mechanised Brigade, whose call sign is ‘Polyglot’. “We also need encrypted communication devices from our Western allies, and some armoured personnel carriers to move troops around. But we still manage. One of the main lessons of this war is how to fight with limited resources.” …

Moscow now has effective control of both main roads into the city, leaving just one back route left – a slender supply line.

“They have been trying to take the city since July,” says Iryna, press officer of the 93rd Brigade. “Little by little they are winning now. They have more resources, so if they play the long game they will win. I can’t say how long it will take.

“Maybe they will run out of resources. I really hope so.” …

And if the defenders of Bakhmut were to withdraw, it would pave the way for Russia to push towards bigger cities in eastern Ukraine like Kramatorsk and Slovyansk.

Moscow has stepped up its attacks in other front-line areas in the Donbas region in the east, and in the south. Ukrainian officials say a new Russian offensive is already under way.

The Kremlin is on a clock, as it counts down to the anniversary on 24 February. “They are mad about dates and so-called ‘victory days’,” says Capt Mykhailo.

February 13, 2023

Ukraine said Monday that Russian forces were hitting the area north of Bakhmut with “intense shelling and storming actions.”

Bakhmut, located in Ukraine’s Donetsk region, has been the site of months of heavy fighting with Russia pushing to capture the area.

Ukraine’s presidential office said in its daily report that the situation in the village of Paraskoviivka, just north of Bakhmut, was “difficult.”

The Ukrainian military reported Russian artillery and tank attacks against 16 settlements in the Bakhmut area.

The head of the Russian Wagner paramilitary group claimed Sunday to have taken control of one such village, Krasna Hora.

So what will happen?

Some areas will, ultimately according to scripture, align with Russia.

Yet, the Bible also teaches that the European Beast power will expand to the south and the east.

Notice that, in Daniel 8, the Bible prophesied that a little horn would mainly expand south and east:

9 And out of one of them came a little horn which grew exceedingly great toward the south, toward the east, and toward the Glorious Land. 10 And it grew up to the host of heaven; and it cast down some of the host and some of the stars to the ground, and trampled them. 11 He even exalted himself as high as the Prince of the host; and by him the daily sacrifices were taken away, and the place of His sanctuary was cast down. 12 Because of transgression, an army was given over to the horn to oppose the daily sacrifices; and he cast truth down to the ground. He did all this and prospered. (Daniel 8:9-12).

And while the above has had a past fulfillment, this prophecy seems to be dual (compare with Daniel 11:27-39). The European Union has mainly expanded south and east of the Benelux nations (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg)–which is where it initially formed. Now, approximately 500 million people are now under a new, single (though not completed united) government, called the European Union, headquartered in Brussels. Ukraine is mainly east of much of the EU–thus its geography is consistent with at least some of it being part of the EU. And Moldova and Georgia are south and east, which is also consistent.

In the old Radio Church of God, the late evangelist Dr. Hoeh taught that this little horn of Daniel 8 was the power that would become the final King of the North:

Turn in your Bible to verse 9: “And out of one of them came forth a little horn, which waxed exceeding great, toward the south, and toward the east, and toward the pleasant land.” …

The King of the North

The little horn in Daniel 8 is none other than the LAST KING of one of the four divisions of Alexander’s Empire. He is, in fact, the final “King of the North” described in Daniel 11. (Hoeh H. The 2300 Days. Plain Truth, August 1965)

Again, it looks like at least part of Moldova will support the Europeans for a time. The same is the case for Ukraine.

Consider also the following:

27 Behold, the name of the Lord comes from afar,
Burning with His anger,
And His burden is heavy;
His lips are full of indignation,
And His tongue like a devouring fire.
28 His breath is like an overflowing stream,
Which reaches up to the neck,
To sift the nations … (Isaiah 30:27-28)

From a prophetic perspective, we appear to be seeing some sifting/separation between some of the peoples that live within the borders of Ukraine as well as Georgia and Moldova. According to Bible prophecy, those that appear to have descended from the ancient Medes will mainly ultimately align with Russia. We have seen some separations in Moldova and Ukraine for several years.

This does not mean that some or all of Ukraine, Moldova, etc. will not be part of the European Union, at least for a time.

As I have long asserted, I expect at least parts of Ukraine to support Russia, and that has happened with Crimea and at least parts of the Donbas.

That being said, the European Union has demonstrated a history and willingness to enlarge–and it is interested in Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia. The USA keeps encouraging all of this, but this will not end well for the USA (cf. Daniel 11:39; Isaiah 10:5-11).

Of course, even now, not all in Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia want to be part of the European Union, some prefer to be in Russia’s upcoming Eurasian Union (though this has been diminishing because of Russia’s ‘special military operation’ into Ukraine).

That being said, those that become disillusioned/disappointed by the EU may ultimately back out of it.

Notice also the following:

1 The burden against Babylon which Isaiah the son of Amoz saw…

17 “Behold, I will stir up the Medes against them,
Who will not regard silver;
And as for gold, they will not delight in it.
18 Also their bows will dash the young men to pieces,
And they will have no pity on the fruit of the womb;
Their eye will not spare children.
19 And Babylon, the glory of kingdoms,
The beauty of the Chaldeans’ pride,
Will be as when God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah. (Isaiah 13:1, 17-19)

11 Make the arrows bright!
Gather the shields!
The Lord has raised up the spirit of the kings of the Medes.
For His plan is against Babylon to destroy it,
Because it is the vengeance of the Lord,
The vengeance for His temple. (Jeremiah 51:11)

Biblically (because of prophecies involving the Medes, some of which are in Ukraine, and some in the “north and east” in Daniel 11:44), it would seem that Russia (a power of the “far north” Ezekiel 38:3,6) would be closer to at least parts of Ukraine (like some of the eastern portions of it) and possibly at least parts of Moldova and Georgia in the end, than many realize. (There is also a YouTube video available titled Ukraine in Prophecy?)

This will ultimately not end well for Europe:

50:41 “Behold, a people shall come from the north,
And a great nation and many kings
Shall be raised up from the ends of the earth.
42 They shall hold the bow and the lance;
They are cruel and shall not show mercy.
Their voice shall roar like the sea;
They shall ride on horses,
Set in array, like a man for the battle,
Against you, O daughter of Babylon.

43 “The king of Babylon has heard the report about them,
And his hands grow feeble;
Anguish has taken hold of him,
Pangs as of a woman in childbirth…”(Jeremiah 50:41-43).

8 O daughter of Babylon, who are to be destroyed,
Happy the one who repays you as you have served us!
9 Happy the one who takes and dashes
Your little ones against the rock! (Psalms 137:8-9)

That is some of the bad news. The above could be called World War IV (watch also Woes, WWIV, and the Good News of the Kingdom of God).

The good news is that Jesus will return after this and usher in the millennial Kingdom of God.

Until then, expect ups and downs and ups, and then ultimately major downs in Europe–including Moldova and Ukraine.

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