Pope Says Jews Should Not Be Blamed for Jesus’ Death

Pope Benedict XVI


Pope Bendict XVI wrote some positive statements in a new book:

Pope exonerates Jews for Jesus’ death in new book
AP – March 2, 2011

VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict XVI has made a sweeping exoneration of the Jewish people for the death of Jesus Christ, tackling one of the most controversial issues in Christianity in a new book.

In “Jesus of Nazareth-Part II” excerpts released Wednesday, Benedict uses biblical and theological analyses to explain why there was no basis in Scripture that the Jewish people as a whole were responsible for Jesus’ death.

Interpretations to the contrary have been used for centuries to justify the persecution of Jews…

In the book, Benedict re-enacts Jesus’ final hours, then analyzes each Gospel account to explain why Jews as a whole cannot be blamed for having turned him over. Rather, Benedict concludes, it was the Jewish leadership, the “Temple aristocracy” and a few supporters of the figure Barabbas who were responsible, but not Jews as a whole.

“How could the whole people have been present at this moment to clamor for Jesus’ death?” Benedict asks.

He deconstructs one particular account which has the crowd saying, “His blood be on us and on our children” — a phrase frequently cited as evidence of the collective guilt Jews bore and the curse that they carried as a result…

But Benedict said Jesus’ death wasn’t about punishment, but rather salvation. Jesus’ blood, he said, “does not cry out for vengeance and punishment, it brings reconciliation. It is not poured out against anyone, it is poured out for many, for all.”  http://www.ajc.com/news/nation-world/pope-exonerates-jews-for-858084.html

We in the Living Church of God have never blamed the Jewish people per se for the death of Jesus.  The Bible is clear that Jesus died for the sins of all humankind and that while certain Jews wanted it, the Romans actually carried the crucifixion out.

The Roman and Orthodox Catholics have several prophecies involving the Jews.  Essentially, they believe that during the end time, they will convert to Catholicism:

The Pope calls an Ecumenical Council which will be viewed as the greatest in the history of the Church. The world is spiritually and materially prosperous as never before and many Jews, Mohammedans, heathens and heretics will enter the Church. (Birch, p. 555)

Blessed Anna Maria Taigi (died 1837): “described to me the great ordeal ahead. Rome would be battered by revolutions…Then entire nations would return to the unity of the Church, and many Turks, Pagans and Jews would be converted and their fervour cover with confusion the original Christians. In one word she told me that our Lord was intending to cleanse the world and His Church…” (Bessieres A. Wife, Mother and Mystic (Blessed Anna Maria Taigi). Nihil Obstat: Carlos Davis, S.T.L. Imprimatur: E Morrough Bernard, Westmonasteri, die Februari, 1952. Reprint TAN Books, Rockford (IL), 1982, p. 166).

Magdalene Porsat (19th century): A grand event shall have to take place in order to terrify the wicked to their advantage. After this, Mary, all-powerful, shall change all men into good wheat. All shall be good. The Pharisees (the hypocrites) will be the last (to be converted); the great brigands (great sinners) will arrive beforehand. The Jews who have refused to receive Jesus Christ in his humiliation will acknowledge him at the glorious arrival of Mary…The hour is not far distant. It is Mary in person! (Rossi, p. 135)

On the persecuting side are the following Roman and Orthodox Catholics prophecies:

Saint Andrew Fool-for-Christ (c. 4th century):  This king will rule…Happiness will reign in the world as it did in the days of Noah.  People will become very rich…The entire world will fear this king…he will pursue all persons of the Jewish religion out of Constantinople…and the people will rejoice like in the time of Noah until the deluge came (Tzima Otto, pp. 76, 102, 111, 113, 114).

St. Bridget of Sweden (died 1373): The Eagle…He will destroy the Jewish and Mahometan sects. (Culleton , p. 154)

The “Eagle” and “king” in the above is one that is also known as the “Great Monarch” in certain Catholic circles.   He sounds like the beast (Revelation 13:1-8) and final King of the North (Daniel 11:29-45) that the Bible warns about.  Perhaps it should be pointed out that certain Catholic prophecies insist that the final Antichrist will be Jewish (see Do Certain Catholic Prophecies About Antichrist Warn Against Jesus?), while others suggest that the final Antichrist will be a compromising ecumenical pontiff who essentially pretends to be Catholic (see Catholic Prophecies: Do They Mirror, Highlight, or Contradict Biblical Prophecies? and, in more detail my book, 2012 and the Rise of the Secret Sect).

So while Pope Benedict is making positive overtures towards the Jews and the truth about their only limited role in the death of Jesus, this does not mean that the end-time compromised ecumenical religion of the final King of the South and Beast will maintain his position.

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