‘Rome’s Anglican leader says Pope Francis is advancing ecumenism in every way’


How is Pope Francis advancing the ecumenical agenda?  Well according to Anglican Archbishop Moxon Pope Francis is doing this in every way:

January 29, 2016

Rome’s Anglican leader says Pope Francis is advancing ecumenism in every way.

In an interview with ZENIT this week in Rome, the director of Rome’s Anglican Centre and the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Representative to the Holy See, Archbishop David Moxon, expressed this.

In addition to exploring how the Pope is advancing these relations, Archbishop Moxon discusses how the Argentine Pontiff makes ‘ecumenical’ personable and attractive and the possibility of closer relations between all Christians much deeper and more accessible.

He also spoke of the great commonalities between Catholics and Anglicans and how work is being done to close the gap.

ZENIT: How is Pope Francis advancing ecumenical relations?

Archbishop Moxon: In every way. He is beginning to advance many of the hopes and ideas of the ecumenical papal encyclical Ut Unum Sint. Also, by his own natural extroversion and genuine love for other churches and ecclesial communities he is making ‘ecumenical’ personable and attractive. There always seems to be room deep in his heart for others in this way, and this is noticed.

ZENIT:  What are your hopes for enhanced relations between Catholicism and Anglicans? 

Archbishop Moxon: I hope to see us draw closer together in terms of Christian mission in justice and development, including modern slavery and human trafficking where we can agree on so much, on climate change issues where our statements are so similar, and on liaising through networks like caritas and the Anglican Alliance. Then, there is the theological work which identified that we have around 80% of core doctrine in common. The Anglican/Roman Catholic International commission works hard on closing the gap between us in terms of remaining areas of dogmatic difference. Here there are huge challenges but we believe in the Holy Spirit’s power to overcome in the Spirit’s own way and in the Spirit’s own time. We believe there is much more we can agree on even while recognising some fundamental remaining gaps. The more we pray together about this the more these opportunities will arise.

ZENIT: And between Catholics and all Christians?

Archbishop Moxon: The Pope is making this link so much deeper and more accessible by his spirituality, his personality and his overall generosity of approach, using a clear Gospel base to motivate and understand every opportunity for closer relations, in word and deed. http://zenit.org/articles/interview-how-is-pope-francis-advancing-ecumenical-relations-in-every-way-says-romes-anglican-leader/

The Bible warns against the type of ecumenical agenda and unity that Pope Francis is advocating.

I have long warned about him and his agenda.  Notice a headline from COGwriter posted October 6, 2013:

Pope Francis has an ecumenical agenda that will ultimately prove to be disastrous

Since I wrote that, he has greatly pushed his dangerous ecumenical agenda.

The reality is that Pope Francis does believe that he is to remake, revise, and change the Church of Rome, and get its ‘daughters’ (cf. Revelation 17:5) back.

Notice some statements from my book The Last Pope: Do Biblical and Catholic Prophecies Point to Pope Francis?, which was published in less than 24 hours after the Vatican announced that Francis was to be pontiff:

While there is not yet completely firm proof that Pope Francis I is the last pope, and if he does not perform various signs and wonders, the Bible is clear that he certainly would not be (cf. 2 Thessalonians 2:9; Revelation 13:13-16).

The fact that Pope Francis I studied in Germany, has a connection to Italy, is a Jesuit, has economic interests, and has ecumenical tendencies make him a candidate to consider as the final pope… As far as ecumenical tendencies, the Bible shows that the False Prophet, who supports the Beast of the Sea (Revelation 13:1-10) and final King of the North (Daniel 11:28-45), will be successful in getting people in the world to worship (Revelation 13:4,8) in a different way (cf. Daniel 11:36-38). Certain Catholic prophecies suggest that this leader will try to suggest that this way is the original catholic faith, which it will not be. It will likely call itself Catholic. Yet, according to biblical and Catholic prophecies, he will betray the city of seven hills (Rome). Since Pope Francis I has not performed the types of signs and wonders that Revelation 13:13-16 requires (to cite one example) it is not clear that he is the last pope. But, because of the timing of his election and other factors, if he lives long enough, he could be… Various Catholic prophecies warn that a major “antipope” and major schism is to come. Since there has not been an antipope since the 15th century, for numerous reasons these could be interpreted to mean that a 21stcentury pope will be an antipope who will implement changes:

Anne Catherine Emmerick (May 13, 1820): I saw again a new and odd-looking Church which they were trying to build. There was nothing holy about it…THIS IS BABEL…

Anne Catherine Emmerich (October 22, 1822): I saw in Germany among the worldly-wise ecclesiastics, and enlightened Protestants, plans formed for the blending of all religious creeds…

Anne Catherine Emmerich (April, 1823): They built a large, singular, extravagant church which was to embrace all creeds with equal rights: Evangelicals, Catholics, and all denominations, a true communion of the unholy with one shepherd and one flock. There was to be a Pope, a salaried Pope without possessions…

Melanie Mathieu (19th century): Rome will lose faith and become the seat of Antichrist…

Priest Paul Kramer (21st century): The errors of Orthodoxy and of Protestantism will be embraced by that false church, it will be an ecumenical church because the Anti-Pope will be recognized by the world — not by the faithful, but by the world — by the secular world and the secular governments. The Anti-Pope will be recognized as the legitimate Pope of the “church,” and the legitimate head of the Vatican State. That “church” will be united with all the false religions.

Priest Paul Kramer (21st century): The counterfeit “Catholic” Church — the counter-church, the anti-church — the mystery of the dragon, whose tail swept down a third of the “stars of Heaven,” i.e. one third of the Catholic hierarchy under the leadership of a heretical antipope…

Laurence Ricci, S.J. (died 1775): At a time when the whole world seems doomed, God will intervene. With His aide a valiant duke will arise from the ancient German house which was humiliated by the French monarch. This great ruler will restore stolen Church property. Protestantism will cease and the Turkish empire will end. This duke will be the most powerful monarch on earth. At a gathering of men noted for piety and wisdom he will, with the aid of the Pope, introduce new rules…

D.A. Birch (20th century): “The Pope calls an Ecumenical Council which will be viewed as the greatest in the history of the Church. The world is spiritually and materially prosperous as never before and many Jews, Mohammedans, heathens and heretics will enter the Church”…

So, although certain Catholics are looking to a time that an ecumenical pontiff will appear and their faith spread, this will be more dangerous than most realize. A compromising “ecumenical” bishop or cardinal is expected to be the False Prophet of Revelation. Could this be Pope Francis I?… For years I have believed that the last pope would not truly be Catholic. He would be a different type of “antipope” (most antipopes occurred because of disputed elections, but I have suggested that a pontiff who does not hold too many of the core beliefs of the Church of Rome would also seem to fit the definition of an antipope). Will Pope Francis I end up being that pontiff?… The lack of realization by many Protestants that the apparently final pontiff will be an ecumenical False Prophet and the final Antichrist will sadly result in many of them joining to support him and the Beast. Hopefully, this will be only temporary… According to Catholic prophecy:

  • An antipope will arise.
  • A pope will hold an ecumenical council that satisfies heretics and results in a more ecumenical religion being accepted.
  • The vast majority of Catholics will accept the antipope.
  • A pope that performs miracles will arise.
  • People around the world will accept the faith that this miracle-performing pope endorses.
  • A pope that supports the “Great Monarch/Prince of the North” will arise.
  • The Great Monarch, that the pope supports, will eliminate the Anglo-descended nations.
  • The “Great Monarch/Prince of the North,” that the pope supports, will eliminate an Islamic confederation.
  • A pope will reign with the Great Monarch for around four years.
  • The destruction of Rome comes after tribulations that a pope oversees.
  • Armies from lands, including Russia and Asia, will gather in Armageddon
  • A great judge comes after Rome is destroyed.

According to certain understandings of the Malachy prophecy, Pope Francis I is the last pope and if other Catholic prophecies are correct, those events will happen under his pontificate. Thus, if all of those are true, Pope Francis I will be an antipope, he will compromise the religion of the Church of Rome, the vast majority of Catholics will accept this modified faith, the tribulation will begin while he is pontiff, Rome will be destroyed towards the end of his pontificate, and a great judge will come. On the other hand, if the Malachy list is not complete, then we will need to wait for another pontiff/religious leader to fulfill some or all of the above. Do these Catholic private prophecies have any relationship to biblical prophecy? According to Bible prophecy:

  • A false religious leader will arise.
  • This false leader will encourage an ecumenical faith.
  • The vast majority of humankind will accept this improper faith.
  • A false religious leader will perform signs and lying wonders.
  • Nearly all humankind will be deceived by signs and lying wonders.
  • The final Antichrist will promote the final “Beast/King of the North” that the Bible warns against.
  • The “Beast/King of the North,” that the Antichrist supports will destroy the Anglo-descended nations.
  • The “Beast/King of the North,” will destroy an Arabic confederation.
  • The Great Tribulation and Day of the Lord last 3 ½ years.
  • A few years after the start of the Great Tribulation, Rome will be destroyed.
  • Jesus will come after Rome is destroyed.

While the Bible does not clearly teach that Pope Francis I is that religious leader, the timing of the election of Pope Francis I is consistent with the time period for the end of the age and the rise of the final Antichrist. Although the final reign of Antichrist with the Beast will not start for at least a few years, the Antichrist leader could be in place now. We are living in the last days, and the last pope will take steps that will lead to the destruction of the world as we know it. But the good news is that Jesus will return and establish the Kingdom of God—and ultimately there will be a time with no more pain, sorrow, or suffering (Revelation 21:1-4). Until then, the Bible teaches that we can expect to face many tribulations (cf. Acts 14:22), some of which will be brought about by the last pope, who may or may not be Francis I. (Thiel B. The Last Pope: Do Biblical and Catholic Prophecies Point to Pope Francis? Nazarene Books, 2013)

The above book has quotes of many, many, biblical and other prophecies to help you see what to look out for to determine if Pope Francis will be the final Antichrist. Francis may very well be a pope who will call for an ecumenical council.

The Eastern Orthodox have actually called for their first “ecumenical council” in over 1000 years and it is to take place this year.  Whether  Pope Francis will attend has not been announced.

While the Bible does not specify such a council, since it warns of a time of a worldwide religion (Revelation 13:4,8,14-15; 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12; cf. Daniel 11:36-39), it stands to reason that there would be at least some type of meeting of religious leaders of the world to come together to agree.

Since more and more Protestant and non-Roman Catholic religious leaders, as well as political leaders, are supporting Pope Francis’ objectives, we are getting closer to the time of the type of Babylonian unity that the Bible warns against in many places (e.g. Revelation 17).

The Bible does not teach that Christians will have the type of unity that Pope Francis claims to want UNTIL AFTER THE FALL OF BABYLON (Zechariah 2:10-13 NKJV; Zechariah 2:12-16 NJB)–yet Pope Francis and other leaders are trying to build what God warns against. The Bible tells that the ecumenical/inter-faith movement will also end in destruction (Revelation 18 & 19). This is not something that Catholics nor the Protestants nor the Eastern Orthodox should want.

Francis, whether he is or is not the last pope, remains one to watch. He is taking steps consistent with being the final pontiff. Yet, presuming he is not, he continues to set the stage for the last one.

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