Russia, Syria, and Kerry suggest relinquishment of Syrian chemical weapons: Will the Vatican claim credit?

Chemical Weapons Canisters


Russia has proposed that Syria give up its chemical weapons and others seem to like this:

September 9, 2013

BEIRUT — The Syrian government said Monday that it backed a Russian proposal calling for Damascus to hand over its arsenal of chemical weapons to international authorities in a bid to avoid a U.S. attack.

“We, for the sake of protecting our people and children and country and due to our trust in the Russian efforts, will cooperate fully with Russia in this regard so as to take away the excuses of this aggression,” Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem said in a statement.

Russia has been a staunch ally of Syrian President Bashar Assad…

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, speaking in Moscow, floated the proposal that Syria place its international chemical stockpile under international supervision.

“We are calling on the Syrian authorities [to] not only agree on putting chemical weapons storages under international control, but also for its further destruction and then joining the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons,” Lavrov said, referring to the international body that implements the Chemical Weapons Convention, agreed to by 189 nations, not including Syria.

The Russian foreign minister’s statement apparently came in response to comments in London by U.S. Secretary of State John F. Kerry.,0,3744754.story

September 09, 2013

UNITED NATIONS — U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says he will urge the Security Council to demand that Syria transfer its chemical weapons stocks to areas in the country where they can be safely stored and destroyed. His call comes as Moscow urges Damascus to put its weapons under international control to avert a possible U.S. military strike.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry called on Monday for the Syrian president to surrender control of “every single bit” of his arsenal to the international community by the end of the week.

Russia’s foreign minister also proposed that Syria put its chemical weapons under international control to prevent a possible U.S. military reprisal. Reports quoting Syria’s foreign minister appear to welcome the offer.

Syria has, in the past, admitted to having both chemical and biological weapons. And it MAY be that he may be willing to give some (or all) of them up.  Of course, he could probably get more later (and he allegedly still has biological weapons).

Meanwhile, it seems like the Vatican may try to take at least some credit for this:

Damascus, ( Junno Arocho Esteves

Archbishop Mario Zenari, the Apostolic Nuncio in Syria, reflected on this weekend’s prayer vigil led by Pope Francis. Various Christian communities and other faiths held similar vigils around the world in solidarity for the Pope’s call for peace in the region…

Concluding his remarks, the Apostolic Nuncio to Syria expressed his belief that the the prayer vigil would have a great impact on the current situation in the region. “I already see here that this initiative of the Pope, his words truly have an extraordinary resonance,” Archbishop Zenari said.

“The people, who I have spoken to, tell me that the resonance of his words were exceptional, the reflections and initiative of the Pope for the day of prayer and fasting. I would like to think that in the whole world – without a doubt – a positive response will weigh in on certain decisions.”

Pope Francis did send Russia’s President Putin a letter last week to encourage him to tell others (like the USA) to not begin bombing in Syria.  The Pope then appealed to ‘Mary’ to bring peace to the region (see Francis prays and fasts to ‘Mary’).  While there is no possible way that Mary of the Bible intervened (so in that sense Pope Francis’ approach to praying etc. to Mary did not work), it certainly is possible that Russia and others were influenced by the Vatican (though Russia was opposed to USA intervention prior to getting the letter from Pope Francis).

If people actually believe that Jesus’ mother Mary was involved with this development and there is a temporary ‘peace,’ this will likely increase the “Marian influence’.”  Many will be misled by signs and wonders (Matthew 24:24).

If the world believes that appeals to Jesus’ mother Mary were successful, this will not bode well for the world for very long.  And change will come to Syria.

“And what I say to you, I say to all: Watch!” (Mark 13:37).

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