Russia to Allow India to Use its GLONASS “GPS”, But EU Does Not Want China (or Canada) as Involved With Galileo


World alliances are being affected by the intended use of military satellite and positioning systems.

Russia has recently made a deal with India related to satellite tracking for military applications:

India, Russia for joint venture to produce GPS receivers
Economic Times – March 10, 2010
MOSCOW: India and Russia are negotiating a joint venture for the production of dual band GPS / GLONASS global positioning receivers for civilian and military use, an official said today.”We are actively working on a project to establish a joint venture on Indian territory to produce various navigation equipment. In March a group of our negotiators will head there for another round of talks,” CEO of Navigation and Information Systems (NIS) Alexander Gurko was quoted as saying by RIA Novosti.GLONASS – the Global Navigation Satellite System – is the Russian equivalent of the US Pentagon controlled GPS.

The deal between India and Russia will tie them much closer together in the future.  And it is likely that India will cooperate with Russia and China in the prophesied 200,000,000 man army (Revelation 9:13-21) as, biblically, India is likely to be one of “the kings of the east” (Revelation 16:12).

And now the EU has backed out of a deal with China, which will also likely cause China to move closer to Russia:

European Officials Poised To Remove Chinese Payloads From Galileo Sats Space News – March 12, 2010   By Peter B. de SeldingMUNICH, Germany — The European Commission appears set to order the builders of the initial four Galileo navigation satellites, now in final assembly, to remove their Chinese-built search-and-rescue payloads as part of an evolving security and technology-independence policy, European government and industry officials said.

What the above article fails to mention is that when Galileo became a government-funded project, it did so for military applications (see EU Approves Galileo For Military Use).  But also notice that the article mentions that Canada will be limited from being involved with Galileo as well.  The USA and Canada are becoming isolated–the UK will ultimately be as well.

But it needs to be understood that the USA simply will not have a monopoly on global positioning or tracking as other powers are developing their own.  Furthermore, with the problems that the USA is starting to have with GPS (Butler A.  U.S. Satellite Coverage Gaps Loom.  Aviation Week,  November 10, 2009., combined with its budgetary problems, the EU (and perhaps others) will likely have more advanced satellite tracking and positioning abilities than the USA in a few short years.  Notice also the following:

Tardy, but Twice as Precise

With New GPS Satellites, U.S. Seeks To Double Resolution

The U.S. Air Force is preparing for a May launch of the first of a new generation of Global Positioning System satellites.

If it occurs on time – it’s years behind schedule …

The Air Force says the system’s “requirement” is for just 24 and that there is little danger of the constellation falling below that number. But other GPS experts say 24 satellites can’t provide the level of accuracy that’s available with 30, and the requirement should be raised to 30.Rival global positioning systems being set up by Europe and China are designed for 30 satellites.

While, in a sense, this should be good news for the Southern California aerospace industry, comments that members of the Obama administration have made have suggested that it is not likely that the USA will spend enough money it needs to catch up.  The USA is losing its dominance in space, while other nations are expanding into space at a faster pace than the USA.

Prophetic events are lining up and they do not bode well for the USA and its Anglo-allies.

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