SDA Ben Carson on his first move ‘to save America’ if elected US President

Ben Carson (photo by Gage Skidmore)


Republican party US presidential candidate Ben Carson wrote the following about what he would do on his first day if he is elected president:

October 20, 2015

Someone recently asked me what the No. 1 national security threat is facing America today.

I probably surprised some in the audience when I responded, “The debt crisis.”

While America faces several very real existential threats in the 21st century, our ballooning debt is one impending crisis that is worse than any other threat. If not addressed, this threat is certain to bring down our great country.

The U.S. government debt stands today at $18.5 trillion – more than double what it was when Barack Obama took office in January 2009. Under a Democratic Party president and a Republican-dominated Congress, Washington sees no end in sight for its borrowing. No one has offered a plan to stop it, let alone reduce it. Borrowing and spending without limit is the new normal inside the beltway. Each year, Congress and the executive joust over raising the debt limit, rationalizing that they are really just paying last year’s bills. There’s just one problem: This exercise is completely unsustainable and will eventually, without any doubt, result in catastrophe for the U.S. government and the U.S. economy.

As president, I plan to address this on my first day in office – Jan. 20, 2017.

Here’s what I will do on Day 1.

I will tell the nation that, beginning immediately, we will no longer borrow money from future generations to sustain the growth of government or empower it over ordinary Americans.

Beginning immediately, we will also end the un-American idea that we can have unlimited, unaccountable government through reckless, irresponsible and immoral borrowing against our future.

I will put Congress on notice. As president, I will not look favorably upon the idea of raising the debt limit when it comes into question. Until now, Congress and the president have been engaged in a game of chicken over every debt ceiling increase. This is a game I will not play, as I intend to shine the light on those responsible for spending the money in the first place. We will need to begin making cuts, ending programs, streamlining departments and agencies, stopping waste and eradicating spending so that Washington will live within its means just like ordinary Americans must.

I will not be waiting until a month before we reach the next food fight over the debt ceiling. I will make this announcement immediately so that we can begin planning, conferring and making intelligent decisions.

We will not allow America to default upon the loan obligations it has already incurred. I pledge to the American people that we will continue to service the debt to avoid the possibility of a lowered credit rating for the U.S. Instead, we will do what any responsible business, government or individual would do faced with overwhelming debt – stop spending and borrowing beyond our means.

Ben Carson is a Sabbath-keeper and member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church (more on that religion can be found in the article SDA/CCOG Differences: Two Horned Beast of Revelation and 666).

While taking a tough step against increasing debt can be a positive move, it of itself cannot possibly ‘save America.’

Furthermore let me add that in Ben Carson’s article, I did not see how he would stop the growth of USA debt, only that he would place more limits on increasing debt.

But neither he, nor anyone else, can guarantee that the USA will not default or get its credit rating lowered.

The actual CAUSE of the debt is sin and disobedience.  While there have always been carnal moves that could reduce and/or eliminate the debt, because of being blinded by sin and vanity, the leaders in the USA have failed to do even the carnal steps that could resolve this.  While Ben Carson may be able to assist some this way, the reality is that he has made enough statements to concern me that he does not understand the Bible, religious freedom, and certain matters related to the end times.

As far as debt goes, the Bible teaches that the time will come when it will be ‘game over’ as foreign creditors will decide the USA has past the point of no return:

3 For the vision is yet for an appointed time; But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; Because it will surely come, It will not tarry…5 Indeed, because he transgresses by wine, He is a proud man… 6 “Will not all these take up a proverb against him, And a taunting riddle against him, and say, ‘Woe to him who increases What is not his–how long? And to him who loads himself with many pledges’? 7 Will not your creditors rise up suddenly? Will they not awaken who oppress you? And you will become their booty. 8 Because you have plundered many nations, All the remnant of the people shall plunder you (Habakkuk 2:3,5,6-8).

The United States is the most indebted nation in the history of the world.  It has already past the point of no return as enough of its political leaders continue to believe they do not have to solve the problem, but can instead continue to live off the dishonest profits of increasing debt. The USA is able to get away with this for several reasons, the main of which is that because it is the world’s dominant military power and its dollar is the world’s reserve currency, much of the rest of the world feels it has no choice but to put up with it.

The debt situation of the USA is putting it at risk of being unable to recover should it be hit by more severe weather problems, terrorist acts, war, riots, solar flares, severe earthquakes, civil unrest, devastation of their genetically-modified food supplies, food shortages, and/or various pestilences–an intensity of “sorrows” such as Jesus discussed in Matthew 24:4-8 leading up to the time of the Great Tribulation. Disasters such as pestilences, especially if there is an ElectroMagnetic Pulse (emp) attack or a severe solar flare storm, could be part of a so-called “perfect storm” of events that could set the USA for destruction (Daniel 11:39).

Ben Carson cannot prevent this, but he is right that debt is a big problem for the USA.

If the USA would turn back against the homosexual agenda (which is something that Ben Carson has apparently decided is the ‘law of the land’) and abortion and pornography, etc., etc., that could delay the disaster that will happen (cf. Daniel 4:27).

National repentance is what is required, and since that is not going to happen, catastrophe will.

Personal repentance is still possible as that is the only way out of the problems that will hit the USA and its Anglo-Saxon descended allies.

The USA needs the return of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God.

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