UCG: What About the President of the European Union?

Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

I noticed that the February 2008 edition of UCG’s World News & Prophecy magazine had the following in a short news article:

The 27 members of the European Union are set to ratify the Lisbon treaty by next year, creating, among other things, the new office of president of the European council…

German magazine Der Spiegel Online reported, “Tony Blair is one prominent name that has been bandied about recently.  The former British Prime Minister is said to have a good shot, and he has powerful friends.  French President Nicolas Sarkozy has thrown his support behind Blair for reasons both of personality and politics”…

But the magazine noted that many others in Europe, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, aren’t as impressed.

One thing is for sure.  Americans will likely miss the behind the scenes and even open jockeying for this powerful new position while caught up in their personal presidential election.

And it is true that most in the USA seem to have no clue what is happening in Europe.  Though readers of the COGwriter page are regularly informed of various news items that the European Union is involved in.

Notice the following related news item:

Sarkozy and Mandelson ‘strike a deal to get top EU job for Blair’

By SIMON WALTERS – … Last updated at 01:03am on 2nd March 2008…

Nicolas Sarkozy is backing Tony Blair’s campaign to become the first President of Europe in return for the way Peter Mandelson secretly helped him win the French Presidency, it was claimed last night.

The suggestion of a secret EU Presidency deal between the three men will enrage Gordon Brown, who has always blamed Mr Mandelson for the way Mr Blair pipped him to the post of Labour leader in 1994.

A senior member of Mr Sarkozy’s inner circle claims the French President regards his support for Mr Blair’s bid to become Europe’s first fully fledged political leader as a “quid pro quo” for EU Commissioner Mr Mandelson’s help in winning last year’s election. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/worldnews.html?in_article_id=523787&in_page_id=1811

Tony Blair was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from May 2, 1997 until June 27, 2007.  It was reported last June that he told Pope Benedict XVI that he wanted to become a Catholic (please see article Tony Blair a Catholic EU Leader?).  On December 22, 2007, he formally converted to Catholicism.

We in the Living Church of God believe that the final beast power will be nominally Catholic (see Europa and the Beast of Revelation).  It is interesting that Tony Blair intends to become Catholic, meet the Pope, and has recently been proposed as a potential EU president.  And while this suggests Catholic influence within in the EU, it also seems to suggest that Tony Blair’s actions will cause many within Britain to wonder about Britain’s EU involvement.

We also believe that Britain will ultimately pull out of the EU.  However, there are some biblical passages in Hosea and elsewhere that suggest that some in Britain will try to reconcile with the EU after it attacks it (some of those verses are in the news article Tony Blair a Catholic EU Leader?). 

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