US Treasury says that China is intentionally undervaluing its currency; IMF warns USA.

Chinese Renminbi Yuan


The US Treasury is again asserting that the Chinese are undervaluing their currency:

April 16, 2014

The United States Treasury criticized China for “significantly” undervaluing its currency, but again refrained from labeling Beijing a currency manipulator.In its twice-yearly report, the Treasury acknowledged that China’s currency has appreciated. But it said the increase is too slow and has not gone far enough.

Beijing announced last month it would allow the value of the yuan to fluctuate more against the dollar — a move welcomed by Washington.

However, the Treasury expressed concern about recent reports of Beijing’s “heavy intervention” to keep the value of the currency low to gain trade advantages.

A weaker yuan makes Chinese goods cheaper for Americans and makes U.S. goods more expensive for Chinese, giving an advantage to Chinese exporters.

While the U.S. has consistently raised currency complains with China for years, it has not labeled China a currency manipulator since 1994.

The label could lead to trade sanctions and would provoke an angry response from Beijing.

In this often ‘politically-correct’ speaking world, the USA has found away around its own laws, so instead labeling China as currency manipulator, it tries to say the same thing but without required actions.  More and more the USA is becoming a nation that decides what is politically more important first, then adjusts its interpretation of laws to accommodate.  This, and other forms of hypocrisy, are not going unnoticed by all of the rest of the world.

A few years ago former President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, went to China to work to replace the USA dollar with something that included the Chinese yuan and the EU’s euro (see France and China Working Hard to Replace Dollar).

The USA is taking steps to also devalue its own currency by increasing its debt and through programs like ‘quantitative easing’ that financial experts should realize is diminishing its value–biblically it is adding ‘dross’ to its currency, which is not good (Isaiah 1:22,25; Proverbs 25:4a). At some point in time in the future, this will result in disaster for the USA according to biblical prophecy.

The USA has been playing a dangerous game with its own currency.

I would also add that WHEN the USA has to increase interest rates to keep foreigners (and others) lending to it, this will lead to a downward spiral, that while it likely will have some “ups,” while result in the USA being taken over and destroyed. The Bible warns about the indebted one getting taken over by its creditors at the appointed time of the end (cf. Habakkuk 2), and the USA is currently the greatest debtor nation in the history of the world. And after interest rates rise for the USA dollar, it will be worse in the USA than almost any economist will publicly admit.

The IMF issued warnings to the USA:

The 188 members of the International Monetary Fund over the weekend gave the U.S. Congress until the end of the year to pass reforms giving large emerging countries like Russia and China a greater say in the Bretton Woods Institution, after which the global financial body may make plans to reform the IMF without waiting for Washington.

A communique from the IMF’s finance committee urged Congressto use the coming months to enact the reforms …

Some prominent international experts and IMF sympathizers are urging the Fund to go on without the U.S., including C. Fred Bergsten and Edwin M. Truman of the D.C.-based Peterson Institute on International Economic. They say there are various ways the IMF can get around the U.S.’s veto-wielding power over most major activities and decisions which require a supermajority vote of 85 percent. Although the largest single shareholder, the U.S. holds only a 17 percent voting share.

IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde said last week the IMF is considering a “Plan B” for proceeding without the U.S., although she still hopes the U.S. Congress will act in time.

The world is starting to notice that the USA has currency problems and wants to resolve them.  They will not end up being resolved as those who live in the USA prefer.  The fact that the IMF has a ‘plan B’ without the USA shows that the world is starting to get serious.

As far as China goes, yes there are problems with how China and others in Asia have been able to take advantage of certain USA laws as well as improperly restrict imports of USA goods.  That being said, China seems to be embarking on a program that will dethrone the USA dollar as the world’s reserve currency as well as to try to propose that its currency become its replacement.  Currency manipulating actions by the Chinese seem to be intended for both near and long term purposes.

Overall, the Chinese see the weaknesses in what the USA has been doing and is taking near-term steps to capitalize on that and also appears to be taking long-term steps so that it can get by without the USA.

The USA dollar will be replaced. And while the Chinese currency will not of itself be that replacement, nations around the world are taking steps to replace it, and the USA itself continues to increase debt, which will help make the replacement of the US dollar biblically required.

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