USA may abandon Israel in the United Nations

United Nations General Assembly Hall (Patrick Gruban)


Because of the win by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as well as disappointment related to some of his statements, the Obama Administration is rumored to be considering abandoning Israel at the United Nations:

March 19, 2015

Washington (CNN) The Obama administration’s frustration with Benjamin Netanyahu is turning into outright hostility after the Israeli prime minister’s commanding victory this week.

A senior administration official said that Netanyahu’s sharp tacks to the right before Tuesday’s vote — in which he ruled out the creation of a Palestinian state, a pillar of U.S. policy in the Middle East — “raise very significant substantive concerns” for the White House, and that “we have to reassess our options going forward.”  …

President Barack Obama made it clear to Netanyahu on Wednesday that the Israeli prime minister, with whom he has repeatedly clashed, is still in the doghouse — likely more so than ever before.

Waning U.S. support for Israel at the U.N.? …

While U.S. officials continue to insist that U.S. support for Israel’s security is sacrosanct, they have suggested that U.S. political support for Israel at the United Nations and with its European allies could suffer if the rift between the U.S. and Israel deepens.

Steven Simon, a former National Security Council official under Obama, said that given the strain with Netanyahu, the White House might now consider paring down the defense American diplomats play for Israel at the U.N.

The U.S. typically uses its veto power to swat away any anti-Israel resolutions or Palestinian attempts at reaching statehood through the U.N. Now, American diplomats could instead authorize some resolutions after edits or abstain from voting on them.

“That in itself in the context of administration policy would be a fairly dramatic step,” Simon said.

March 19, 2015

Israel and the United States have a long, deep friendship. It’s based on shared interests and values. But it’s no longer clear that the old interests and values are shared. The U.S. government believes that Palestinian Arabs, like Jews, are entitled to a sovereign state. …

We must clarify the price Israel will pay for continuing to flout international norms and commitments. The challenge is to find the right measure. It can’t be destructive, vengeful, or disproportionate. That rules out sanctions, cutting military aid, and subjecting Israel to prosecution under the International Criminal Court. It also rules out supporting a Palestinian-backed United Nations resolution that would demand the establishment of a Palestinian state within a year, with no corresponding promises to Israel.

The right vehicle is a different resolution, floated three months ago by France, which would authorize a two-year timetable for resolving the terms of statehood. It would stipulate a “non-militarized” Palestine, as well as a “full-phased withdrawal of Israeli security forces.” The terms of the French draft aren’t much different from what the United States informally accepts. But by endorsing the resolution and making clear that we will no longer use our veto in the Security Council to fend off such measures, the United States would signal to Israel that our patience has run out. Israel can join the discussions and move toward recognition of Palestine. Or it can stand alone.

Notice some other developments on this story:

March 19, 2015

On Monday evening, a day before his party would come out on top of Israel’s elections by an impressive margin, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu performed an act of political survival by renouncing his previous support of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The move earned him both international scorn and domestic support…

On Thursday, Netanyahu performed yet another act of political survival by disavowing his disavowal. In his first interview after the elections, Netanyahu equivocated on his “not on my watch” stance on Palestinian statehood, offering instead that his statement had been a reflection of what was currently possible rather than what was desirable.

“I don’t want a one-state solution; I want a sustainable, peaceful two-state solution, but for that, circumstances have to change,” he told NBC News. “I was talking about what is achievable and what is not achievable. We have to have real negotiations with people who are committed to peace.”

March 19, 2015

WASHINGTON, March 19 (Reuters) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denied on Thursday abandoning his commitment to the eventual creation of a Palestinian state, backing away from pre-election comments that deepened a rift with Israel’s ally the United States.

But the White House, unmoved by Netanyahu’s post-election effort to backtrack, delivered a fresh rebuke against the Israeli leader and signaled that Washington may reconsider its long-standing policy of shielding Israel from international pressure at the United Nations.

“I haven’t changed my policy. I never retracted my speech in Bar-Ilan University six years ago calling for a demilitarized Palestinian state that recognizes the Jewish state,” Netanyahu said in an interview with MSNBC two days after winning a bitterly contested Israeli election.

How the Obama Administration will really handle this is not entirely clear.

If it is seen as too anti-Israeli, then the Democratic party may face additional losses in the 2016 elections, including possible loss of the White House itself.

However, since Barack Obama is not a fan of Israel and its Prime Minister, at minimum I expect that his administration will take some steps against Israel in places, possibly including the United Nations, that Israel will not like.

As far as the Palestinians go, they already did not care for Benjamin Netanyahu and will likely refer to his statement on Monday as proof that he is not really serious about peace with them.  On the other hand, Benjamin Netanyahu will try to say he is always willing to discuss a two-state solution is the Palestinians agree to his terms and are not a threat.

The reality is that peace is not coming to this area for a while.  And when a prophesied significant peace deal comes into play (and this likely after a regional war or other conflict), it will be temporary according to Bible prophecy (Daniel 9:27).

As far as the USA and Israel goes, relations between the two will be tense for a while, but would be expected to change once there is a new USA president and/or a new Israeli prime minister.  Bible prophecy does NOT allow for a complete detachment between the USA and Israel yet (cf. Daniel 11:29-39; Psalm 83:3-8).

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