Belgium To Ban the Burka?

Two Women Wearing Burqas


In an expected move that is consistent with end time prophecies, Belgium looks like it will ban the burka (sometimes spelled “burqa”):

Belgium moves to become first European country to ban the burka
Daily Mail, UK – March 31, 2010
Belgium is on the verge of becoming the first European nation to ban the burka. A parliamentary committee agreed yesterday to outlaw the wearing of face-covering veils in public. The full Parliament will vote later this month.There have been debates over banning the burka in France, Switzerland and Italy…

Europe is starting to get fed-up with Islam.  And this is an arena where the EU differs from the USA–the USA would be loathed against such a ban (and this would not be expected to be possible in places like Southern California)–but Europe has a different view.

France has also indicated it would like to eliminate burkas, while Switzerland voted to ban the construction of more minarets last Fall (see Switzerland Votes to Ban Minarets)

A divide between Islam and the nominally-Christian Europe is going to become more and more real.  The vote in Belgium is simply one more demonstration of that.

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