Francis seemingly suggests reducing power of the papacy: an ecumenical move?

Pope Francis


Pope Francis made an unusual announcement today:

October 17, 2015

Pope Francis has called for a “healthy decentralization” of power in the Catholic Church, including a greater role for the laity, more decision-making authority for bishops’ conferences and even changes in the papacy.

Frances made his comments Saturday during a ceremony marking the 50th anniversary of the Synod of Bishops, which meets occasionally and advises the pope on various issues.

Francis said it is “necessary and urgent to think about a conversion of the papacy,” a possibility that was first addressed by the late Pope John Paul II in 1995. He did not explain what kind of changes he has in mind.

Various parts of what he said will sound good to some Catholics, the Eastern Orthodox, and certain Protestants. I believe that this is an ecumenical move.


COGwriter Outside the Administrative Office of the Patriarch of Constantinople

When I was in Istanbul in May 2008, I visited the offices of the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, who was then, and is now, Patriarch Bartholomew.  One of his people told me that when Pope Benedict XVI visited there, a papal representative of Benedict XVI told Patriarch Bartholomew) that Rome would change all doctrines necessary to attain full unity with the Orthodox, if the Orthodox would accept papal authority.   The representative told me that while Patriarch Bartholomew was interested in ecumenical unity, that the subject of papal supremacy vs. primacy was the major sticking point to unity.

While the Eastern Orthodox accept that the ‘see of Rome’ has a certain primacy, they do not accept that this means it is to have supremacy over all the Greco-Roman churches.  Certain modern Protestant leaders seem to have a similar view.

By indicating that the powers of the papacy need to be diminished and local bishops/leaders get more power/influence, this would seem to have been an announcement by Pope Francis to show how serious he is about addressing what seems to be the biggest issue in the type of ecumenical unity he wants.

Of course, Pope Francis can push for this and gain some ecumenical unity.  A unity that leads to the type of system that the Bible warns of throughout the books of Daniel 7 & 11 and Revelation 13:1-18, 14:12, 18:4 and Zechariah 2:6-7.

The idea of ecumenical unity is not new.  Notice something that happened decades ago according to the late Herbert W. Armstrong:

Now, by the way, let me interrupt right there and say the last time I was in Jerusalem, the Patriarch of the Eastern Church at Jerusalem came to see me in my hotel suite. And he gave me what he considered the highest prize he could give, which was the cross of Constantine — Constantine the Great — which dates back to 325 AD, 325 years after Christ. And Constantine is the one you know who called the Nicene Council, and who practically dictated a lot of the doctrines of the Catholic Church. Constantine was the ruler of the empire at Constantinople, and Constantinople was named after him. …

And I was the 129th person to receive that award since 325 AD. So they consider it a very high honor because very few have ever received it. Anyway, I asked the Patriarch of the Eastern Church… He is the Patriarch at Jerusalem. He considers he’s probably the highest man in the church, but I think generally the one at Athens is considered the highest. Nevertheless I asked him, “Do you think that there will be an Ecumenical movement so that the Eastern and the Roman Church will go together and be rejoined?” And the answer was, “We are praying for it.” (Armstrong HW. United States of EUROPE IS COMING! Sermon, November 27, 1982)

The leaders in Athens consider that they have high authority, whereas the Patriarch of Constantinople is often considered to have the highest authority within the Eastern Orthodox churches (Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill has by far the greatest number of members and could be considered to have the most authority in that sense).

COGwriter has been one of the few non-Roman, non-Orthodox sites to warn against the coming unity for years.

Bartholomew, the ‘Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople,’ has encouraged Catholic-Orthodox ecumenical dialogue and has stated that to finalize this will take an Ecumenical Council or “synod”:

Patriarch of Constantinople’s new encyclical defends Catholic-Orthodox dialogue

Istanbul, Turkey, Feb 20, 2010 / 06:14 pm (CNA).- Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople’s newest encyclical encourages dialogue between the Orthodox Church and other Christian churches and laments those who are “unacceptably fanatical” in challenging such dialogue…“They disseminate false rumors that union between the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches is imminent, while they know well that the differences discussed in these theological dialogues remain numerous and require lengthy debate; moreover, union is not decided by theological commissions but by Church Synods,” Bartholomew wrote. (Patriarch of Constantinople’s new encyclical defends Catholic-Orthodox dialogue. February 20, 2010. viewed 11/22/11).

Now I actually agree with the Orthodox Patriarch that the Orthodox will likely need to have a church synod for unity.  But what he did not mention is that Orthodox prophets have expected such a meeting to take place and result in unity. According to an Eastern Orthodox, Byzantine, prophet the final (the Orthodox recognize seven previous ones) ecumenical synod council satisfies what “heretics” want:

Saint Neilos the Myrrh-Gusher (died 1592): During that time the Eighth and last Ecumenical Synod will take place, which will satisfy the contentions of the heretics…(Tzima Otto, p. 111).

By satisfying “heretics”, clearly this council compromises and changes the religion, which will be called “Catholic.”  If heretics are truly heretics, should their complaints be satisfied?

It was announced that the Eastern Orthodox have called for such an Ecumenical Council in 2016 (Afanasieva D, Heneghan T. Orthodox Patriarchs urge peace in Ukraine, agree on council! (Ecumenical News, March 10, 2014.; see Orthodox agree to eighth ecumenical council: If Orthodox prophecy is correct on it, this council marks a major step towards the end!). We are getting closer to the time of the end.

Now there are other possible meetings/synods that could accomplish this goal of unity. Pope Francis and Patriarch Bartholomew, for example, have called for a meeting in Nicea in 2025 to commemorate the 1700 year anniversary of Emperor Constantine’s first Council of Nicea in 325 which helped change/define some of the doctrines and practices of the Roman and Orthodox Catholics in the fourth century (other councils did as well). Some details about the 325 and 2025 meetings are in the news post titled Ecumenical meeting in Nicea planned for 2025: What happened in 325 and what could happen in/by 2025?

Notice something that a Catholic monsignor priest, Charles Pope, wrote:

No pope, no council, no Synod, and no priest in any confessional has any right or capacity to set aside Divine Law. (Pope C. The Church Cannot Change Her Doctrine on Marriage and Divorce. Concerns for the Upcoming Synod. May 4, 2014.

But the synod that the Orthodox have called for will require doctrinal compromise and will not fully embrace Divine Law.  Perhaps Pope Francis’ statements today will encourage more to support his vision of ecumenical unity.

The Bible warns about a future leader who “he shall think himself able to change times and laws” (Daniel 7:25, Douay-Rheims).

If an antipope convened/attended an ecumenical synod that satisfied heretics, would he not also be supportive of changing laws? Many Catholic prophecies warn about an antipope who will arise and who could be the final Antichrist.

One Catholic nun told of a time when some agreement would deceive many:

Jeanne le Royer (died 1798):  One day I heard a voice which said, ‘The new Constitution will appear to many other than what it really is.  They will bless it as a gift from heaven; whereas it is really a gift from {haydes} and permitted by God in His just wrath.  It will only be by its effects that people will be led to recognize the Dragon who wanted to destroy all and devour all (Dupont Y. Catholic Prophecies, p. 53).

Whether this is a reference to some type of power agreement with the Beast (Revelation 17:12-13) or an ecumenical council (cf. Revelation 13:1-4), notice that it is expected to be satanic (Satan is the Dragon, per Revelation 12:9).

A Catholic prophecy shows that after its church is changed (reformed below), the Orthodox will come back:

Roger Bacon (died 1294): There shall arise a…priest to reform the Church.  The Greeks will return (to the Church)…there will be one fold, one shepherd (Culleton, The Prophets and Our Times, p. 149).

All (Catholic or otherwise) should be careful, compare their teachings with the Bible, pray to God, and not accept doctrines that are unbiblical for the sake of this coming ecumenical unity.

Pope Francis is quite ecumenical. Notice the following report about what happened when he first became pontiff:

Unlike his predecessors, he doesn’t sign his name “Pope Francis,” ending his official correspondence simply “Francis.”…

Even on Day One, Francis didn’t acknowledge he was pope…And bishop of Rome is the title he has emphasized repeatedly ever since — not vicar of Christ, or any of his other official titles.

“I do think there is something about trying to reduce the awesomeness, the grandeur and majesty of the papacy,” said John Allen Jr., Vatican columnist for the National Catholic Reporter…

In his March 20 audience with religious leaders, Francis sent an important signal about his view of the papacy and its relationship with other Christians. He addressed the spiritual leader of the world’s Orthodox Christians, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, as “my brother” — a fraternal nod to a church that split from Rome 1,000 years ago and has remained separated in part over disputes about the primacy of the pope.

To make that message abundantly clear, Francis’ chair was on the ground — the same level as all the other religious leaders — and not on a raised platform. (Winfield N. Pope Francis seems reluctant to be pope, preferring title bishop of Rome in hint of priorities. Fox/AP, March 27, 2013.

This is the type of behavior I believe that many of the Orthodox wanted to see–but others see these moves as dangerous ploys. And while humility is a good thing, this may have other ramifications as may the statements that Pope Francis made today.

While he looks like a lamb to many (cf. Revelation 13:11), it needs to be pointed out that Pope Francis does have a different plan for it than God does. Pope Francis is promoting world unity through human efforts as opposed to proclaiming that only the Kingdom of God will be able to deliver.

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