Pope Francis entrusts Albania to ‘Mary’ and pushes interfaith agenda

Presidential Palace of Tirana, Albania (MirkoS18 )


Pope Francis spoke in Albania today:

September 21, 2014

RELIGIOUS HARMONY: Pope Francis on Sunday said Albania’s interreligious harmony was an “inspiring example” for the world, showing that Christian-Muslim coexistence was not only possible but beneficial for a country’s development.  http://goo.gl/Tw2LZm

September 21, 2014

Pope Francis landed in Tirana, Albania … He then made his way towards the Presidential Palace in Tirana. Thousands of Albanians packed the streets …

At the presidential palace, the Pope was welcomed by President Bujar Nishani, as well as government authorities. In his first address, the Pope thanked them for inviting him to their country, which he described as a land of heroes and martyrs.

“Almost a quarter of a century has passed since Albania re-embarked upon the arduous but rewarding path of freedom,” the Pope said. …

Concluding his address, Pope Francis said that in today’s climate of economic and cultural globalization, growth and development must be ensured to all and not just a select few of the population. Albania, he said, is able to face these challenges “in an atmosphere of freedom and stability.”

“As Saint John Paul II did in April 1993, I invoke upon Albania the protection of Mary, Mother of Good Counsel, entrusting to her the hopes of the entire Albanian people. May God abundantly pour out his grace and blessing upon Albania,” he concluded. http://www.zenit.org/en/articles/pope-francis-arrives-in-the-land-of-the-eagles

TIRANA, Albania, Sept 21 (Reuters) – Pope Francis, in his strongest criticism of Islamist militants to date, said on Sunday no religious group which used violence and oppression could claim to be “the armor of God.”

Francis made his comments during a one-day visit to Albania, an impoverished Balkan country hailed by the pontiff as a model of inter-faith harmony because of good relations between its majority Muslim community and its Christian denominations.

“Let no one consider themselves the ‘armor’ of God while planning and carrying out acts of violence and oppression,” he said in the presidential palace in Tirana, responding to an address by Albanian President Bujar Nishani, who is Muslim. …

In Tirana, Francis lauded the mutual respect and trust between Muslims, Catholics and Orthodox Christians in Albania as a “precious gift” and a powerful symbol in today’s world.

“This is especially the case in these times where an authentic religious spirit is being perverted by extremist groups and where religious differences are being distorted and instrumentalised,” said Francis.

Some 60 percent of all Albanians are Muslim, while Roman Catholics account for just 10 percent of the population.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/09/21/pope-francis-extremist-religion-_n_5856648.html

I agree with Pope Francis that people are not supposed to be killing in this age under the banner of religion.

Jesus warned that people would also use religion as a pretext to kill true believers:

2 They will put you out of the synagogues; yes, the time is coming that whoever kills you will think that he offers God service.  3 And these things they will do to you because they have not known the Father nor Me. (John 16:2-3)

New Testament Christians have realized from the beginning that they should not engage in carnal warfare (see Military Service and the Churches of God: Do Real Christians Participate in Carnal Warfare or Encourage Violence?) or physical persecution (see Persecutions by Church and State).  However, the Church of Rome has deviated from that throughout much of its history.

While dialog between peoples of differing religions can be helpful, Pope Francis’ agenda goes beyond that.  Pope Francis is striving to attain unity between the Church of Rome and the Eastern Orthodox.  He also has an interfaith agenda that includes the Muslims (see also Will the Interfaith Movement Lead to Peace or Sudden Destruction?).

Of course, not all Muslims care for Pope Francis.  It has been reported to the Vatican that Pope Francis is at risk of an assassination attempt by Albanian jihadists from the ranks of ISIS,  the Islamic State (http://macedoniaonline.eu/content/view/26105/53/).  Pope Francis wants to function as a bridge between Catholics and Muslims–the pagan term Pontifex Maximus, that popes use, means chief bridge builder.

Pope Francis is also a very Marian focused pontiff, her name is used to attempt to build bridges.  It is noteworthy that Francis brought ‘Mary’ up in Albania.  He seems to be trying to tell the mostly Islamic Albanians that ‘Mary’ has helped them over the past couple of decades and will help them further. Mary is mentioned in the Islamic Koran more than the name of Jesus–Muslims view Jesus’ mother Mary as one of four perfect women and some venerate her.

The use of ‘Mary’ to reach Muslims and others has long been part of the ecumenical and interfaith agenda of the Vatican.  Pope Francis seems to be one of the most, if not the most, determined pontiff thus far to try to make that a reality.

Yet, the Bible warns against a changed and false gospel (2 Corinthians 11:4; Galatians 1:6-7).  The Bible never teaches that Mary is to be the focus for Christians.

The Douay-Rheims Bible (DRB) and New American Bible (NAB), which are Roman Catholic Bibles, in both the Old and New Testament teaches to turn to God and to trust God:

13 And rend your hearts, and not your garments, and turn to the Lord your God: for he is gracious and merciful, patient and rich in mercy, and ready to repent of the evil. (Joel 2:13, DRB)

I preach, that they should…turn to God (Acts 26:20, DRB).

11 Serve the LORD with fear; exult with trembling, Accept correction lest he become angry and you perish along the way when his anger suddenly blazes up.Blessed are all who take refuge in him! (Psalm 2:11, NAB)

3 Trust in the Lord, and do good, and dwell in the land, and thou shalt be fed with its riches. (Psalms 36:3, DRB)

5 Blessed is the man whose trust is in the name of the Lord;  (Psalms 39:5, DRB)

12 I will declare thy name to my brethren; in the midst of the church will I praise thee. 13 And again: I will put my trust in him. And again: Behold I and my children, whom God hath given me. (Hebrews 2:12-13, DRB)

9 But we had in ourselves the answer of death, that we should not trust in ourselves, but in God who raiseth the dead. 10 Who hath delivered and doth deliver us out of so great dangers: in whom we trust that he will yet also deliver us. (2 Corinthians 1:9-10, DRB)

Sacred scripture never says to turn to Mary.  It never says to entrust any person nor any nation to Mary.  Blessings, according to the Bible, come from trusting God, not Mary.

The version of ‘Mary’ that Pope Francis venerates developed as the result of the adoption of certain practices of Simon Magus and the worship of the pagan goddess Diana (see also Pope Francis: Could this Marian Focused Pontiff be Fulfilling Prophecy?). That is worldly and wrong–it was also NOT part of the original Christian teachings (see Mary, the Mother of Jesus and the Apparitions).

Despite it being wrong, Pope Francis has a worldly ecumenical and interfaith message that the United Nations shares with him (see United Nations: Humankind’s Last Hope or New World Order?), that is also contrary to the teachings of the Bible (cf. Revelation 18:4).

While the Bible does tell of a time of true unity to come (Zechariah 2:10-12), it also warns that a compromised religion based in the great city of seven hills that rules over the world (Revelation 17:1-9, 18) will cause a Babylonian unity that God will have destroyed (Revelation 18).  Sadly, this is the type of unity that Pope Francis is working towards in Albania and elsewhere.

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