Vatican to Meet About Adding Another Dogma About Mary


In less than two weeks, according to Zenit, the Vatican intends to meet about expanding its dogmas about Jesus’ mother Mary:

Is the Time Ripe for a 5th Marian Dogma?…

By Robert Moynihan…

Presently, the Church has proclaimed four dogmas regarding the Mother of Jesus: (1) her maternal role in the birth of Christ, the Son of God, making her truly Mother of God (“Theotokos,” Council of Ephesus, 431); (2) her Perpetual Virginity (First Lateran Council, 649); (3) her Immaculate Conception (Pius IX, “ex cathedra” proclamation, 1854); and (4) her Assumption into heaven (Pius XII, “ex cathedra” proclamation, 1950).

For almost a century now, there has been a small but growing movement in the Church in favor of the proclamation of a fifth Marian dogma regarding the role of the Blessed Virgin as the Spiritual Mother of All Humanity.

While there is no doubt that Mary was the mother of Jesus, the other “dogmas” that have already been adopted do not have biblical support.

Also, the idea of anyone being a co-redeemer is opposed to scripture.

While the virgin Mary was the mother of Jesus (for details see Virgin Birth: Does the Bible Teach It?), Jesus is God (for details see Jesus is God, But Was Made Man), and Mary can biblically be called blessed (Luke 1:27,48), going beyond this should not be dogma.

I, and even some Eastern Orthodox, believe that it is likely that apparitions claiming to be Mary will deceive people into accepting a changed and more ecumenical religion that will likely call itself “Catholic”.  This is not a good thing, nor should more non-biblical dogmas concerning Mary be adopted.

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