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19 Jun, 2010

Chess Master Bobby Fischer had a Filipino daughter?

The late American chess champion, Bobby Fischer, could have fathered a child to a Filipina lady years before he passed in 2008. A Filipina lady named Marilyn Young flew out to Iceland  with her 9-year-old daughter, Jinky Young, who she claims to be fathered by the late Bobby Fischer.

The remains of Fischer, will be exhumed for DNA testing to determine whether or not he is indeed the father of the 9 year old girl from the Philippines.

The reclusive chess master never left a will and his estate which is estimated to be worth $2 million is currently being contested by a Japanese chess official named Miyoko Watai who claims to be his former wife, two American nephews, the United States government who is seeking unpaid taxes from Fischer, and now Filipino lady Marilyn Young who claims Fischer is the father to her nine year old daughter Jinky…

Bobby Fischer died in Iceland at the age of 64.

Bobby Fischer, though probably not a real member, was once associated with the old Worldwide Church of God.  He failed to follow church teachings, especially after he ended his association.  His death and a little more information were covered here in an article titled Bobby Fischer Died.

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