By E. N. Adams.

(Note this was originally published in the New Zealand paper called the Otago Witness, September 24, 1902--Dr. Thiel reformatted and provided partial typing of the article below, hence it could have some errors from the original. It is a public domain article presented ford educational interest. Comments from Dr. Thiel are shown in italics)

Getting to the article, let me mention that In 1860, Church of England minister Frederick R.A. Glover wrote a book titled 'England: The Remnant of Judah and the Israel of Ephraim' where he attempted to trace the line thought the daughter of the last of the kings of Judah into the British Isles. Her name according to various legends was Tea Tephi. The version of Glover's book I read him was the second edition, printed in 1881. He discusses the spectre of Judah, and ties that in with "the Sceptre of Queen Victoria" (p. 65) and Throne of David (p. 108). Glover predicted that the United States might be clearly the promised 'Empire of Manasseh' (p. 151). The Stone of Destiny being Jaob's Pillar Stone was mentioned by Dr. Warner in his 1770 book, History of Ireland, volume 1 p. 164 (Glover p. 67)

The Royal House of the British Empire is able to trace back its ancestry many centuries further than any other now existing. This is not merely a statement of some not over-careful enthusiast, whose desire is, though unconsciously, to unduly magnify the already great dignity of our Sovereigns; it is a solid historical fact, soberly admitted in a written acknowledgment by the late memorable Queen Victoria, endorsed by her husband, Prince Albert.

The Rev. F. R. A. Glover, an accomplished scholar and a diligent antiquarian, about the middle of last century was led into an examination of the Royal pedigree in connection with the production of a book he was then writing on a cognate subject, and having made what he considered a discovery in reference to the Queen's remote ancestry, he sent her Majesty a letter intimating the nature and result of his labours. In reply he got what both surprised and delighted him

The Queen's answer was a most; gracious letter, in which she acknowledged Mr Glovei's, and informed him that she was already in possession of the facts of which he had spoken concerning her ancestral line.

This communication, instead of indicating any disapproval of Mr Glovei's work, gave him great encouragement, and led him to believe that the facts were actually accepted as genuine by the Royal Family — as true and authentic.

Now. this line of descent is simply the one which connects the Princess from the East who ai rived in li eland in the year 586 8.r., in the charge of the old wise man who brought with him the Stone of Destiny — Lia Fail. -The Princess, who wedded the Heremon, or supreme ruler, of Ireland, is by this argument made out to be the ancestress of our present King, and if our previous efforts have been correct, the line is by this means traced back unbroken to King "David of Israel, to whom it was promised by Divine interposition that he should never want a man to sit on his throne.

Tea Tephi, who came from the East, is certainly, then, the connecting link between our Royal House and some more remote line of kings ; and there are many circumstances that go to show that she and her guardian undoubtedly spoke the language of the House of David — Hebrew — and that the age in which she and her companions lived, has left much in the language of Ireland that was pure Hebrew.

It would be foolish, perhaps-, to say that the ancient speech of Ireland was Hebrew, but it is not foolish to say that m the oldest speech of Ireland there were many ' words that must have been brought into the country very much in the same manner into England, because they were used by the more aristocratic families.

Many words of law, religion, and social; customs are said by scholars to be purely Hebrew, with no meaning in the native j Irish tongue. The name "Tephi" itself is an example ; others are "Ollam Fodla," "lodhan Moran," "Lia Fail," "Gin Naomta," and "Tara," which are all said by the Rev. IF. R. A. Glover, M.A., to be Hebrew, pure and simple.

Glover mentions that " 'Ollav Fala' is no king at all ... his office was made and filled by the Prophet Jeremiah a, as Ard Ollam. ... Ollam Fola was ... a Foreigner ..." (2nd ed. 1881, pp. 20, 27)

"Tephi," the name of the Princess who is from any and all points of view such an important personage in Irish history, means I in Hebrew "beautiful," but is not a native Irish word. "Ollam Fodla" is Hebrew for "the learned revealer." "lodhan Moran" means "judge " or "the Lord will | judge,'" and was used in Irish to designate the chain or collar worn by the judge. "Gin Naomta" was ft. term applied, it is said, by Irish Druids to Patrick, the Christian apostle of Ireland, in derision, as one who claimed a power and character he had no light to. In Hebrew its meaning is "offspring of glory." The word "Tara," the name given to the king's palace and the | hill on which it, with the other public institutions of that singular era, stood, is simply the Hebrew word "Torah" — i.e., "the law," and so on.

These words, with others of a similar character, could only find a place in the language of a people with whom they were not vernacular through being introduced by persons whose • official position and honour gave them special force.

And when we remember that these words are not only the survivors^ of a pre-Christian period, but are still used in the vocabulary of the people, while continuing to show their foreign derivation, it goes to prove a strong influx, and the continued residence, of a race to whom these words belonged as part of their mother tongue. More than that, they show the persons who brought these strange words into the country, and successfully engrafted them into the language of the race among whom they came to dwell, must have been or have become a ruling party in the State.

Had the "Learned Revealer" been a man I of small importance, he would have failed to inscribe his name in such ineffaceable characters. He must have been a man in the front ranks of the most influential party — an epoch-making personage whose individuality could not be obliterated by centuries of subsequent history. Had the judge who presided over the court and administered justice for the people not been the head of an institution of memorable importance, his title would have faded from the language of the country, and his office would have been forgotten. This is how these peculiar facts bear on the history of Ireland. They mark a period of strong moral and political character, which must have been promoted by strangers who spoke Hebrew coming in among the natives.

Since, therefore, these words — the names of the chief personages and of the most important institutions of that period — were j Hebrew words, the fact goes to prove that I those who introduced them and gave the stamp of currency to their use must also have been Hebrews, and it follows that Hebrews introducing Hebrew words and \ establishing moral, social, intellectual, and political institutions must have been Hebrews of influence, of strong force of character, such as we have in former papers contended for in connection with the emigration of Jeremiah the prophet and Tephi, the daughter of Zedekiah, King of Judah.

Let us repeat that this epoch in the early history of Ireland is by most modern critics set down as occurring a little less than 600 years B.C., and that this agrees with the disappearance of Jeremiah and his party from the pages of history in Egypt and Palestine.

Now, to this epoch-making party — to the central figure of the party — the young, fair, and charming Piincess Tephi is the Royal line of ancestry directly traced by the Rev. Mi Glover, whose work has been confirmed by others not less skilled in research of that sort, and in the Royal archives at Windsor are to be found to-day the admitted records of the labours and results of those who have worked out this curious and important family line. For the work has not been | left to rest on the declarations of one man, i however capable and honest he may have proved himself to be; but others have followed up the train, to correct errors and to confirm facts through the successive generations, till now the combined, yet to a large extent independent, labours of several men have culminated in producing what they believe to be an unbroken chain from v r. 586 to A.D. 1902.

It is not becoming of anyone whose reading has not been of the closest sort, and whose time and attention have not been devoted to this question, to pass over an argument like this with a to^ of the head and a contemptuous laugh at the "faddists” who have given long and laborious study to verify this line of descent of our Royal House. It is a branch of study laudable, if only a hobby, but if it is as these men suppose, as these men believe themselves warranted in asserting to be an indisputable fact, and a matter of incalculable public and national importance, then it is only reasonable that each citizen of this great empire should, at least, treat it with respect.

What does It involve? Simply this: that our empire is established on a basis different from all other empires; that we are divinely destined to occupy, not only our present position, but to retain it, to improve it, to extend our influence from sphere to sphere, over island and continent, and under the guidance of Omnipotence guide the world into the great time for which the best of men have yearned — the time when men will be ruled' by wisdom truth, and justice. That, and very much more, is what it involves, along the same line of a splendid outlook, not for us only, but for all nations, because of the ascendency of righteousness and decadence of wrong.

But do not suppose that these good things depend on the forthcoming of absolute proof of this line of royal pedigree, and will fail should it not be confirmed. Not by any means.

If we are the chosen race, we must have a descendant of David on our throne, but it is not necessary for us to be able to show that he came through the female line of Tephi, and Ireland. We are not confined to that line if it should fail, but so far as at present can be seen it is the most perfect and most direct, and more on the lines of scripture prophecy.

Note: The descendants of Joseph were promised physical blessings of wealth and greatness. This should not be taken as a statement of salvation as there is no distinction by God as the Apostle Peter realized in Acts 10:34-35).

There are many persons at work searching eagerly, not on this line .alone, but on perhaps four other lines, which history seems to indicate aft all converging in' the present occupier of our Empire's throne; and every year is contributing something to the elucidation of the subject, and facts never before suspected as having any bearing on such arguments are now being set in their places, and stand out as landmarks of the progress of the strains of blood flowing from the greatest monarch of the Hebrews to the monarch of the world's greatest empire.

As far as the Royal Family goes, here is something that the then Duke of York, who later was King George VI of England from 11 December 1936 until his death on February 6, 1952, reportedly wrote in 1922:

... I am sure the British Israelite business is true. I have read a lot about it lately and everything no matter how large or small points to our being ’the chosen race.’ (George, Duke of York. Letter, 1922. Facsimile printed in The Independent, April 6, 1996 per Crawford H, Leo R, eds. Scholarship, Sacrifice and Subjectivity: The Renaissance Bible Today. Taylor & Francis, 2021, p. 113)

So, even the last King of Great Britain believed in British-Israelism.

Have any in the current Royal Family professed belief in British Israelism?

Well, as it turns out, a longtime colleague of mine (who asked not to have his name publicized because it could impact his relationship with the Royal Family), told me on April 6, 2022, that during the 1980s, Prince Charles privately told him that “he believed that the British royalty was part of the line of David, but would never say this in public or print” and that Charles seemed to know a lot about the matter.

Yet even if no one in the Royal Family believed in this, the reality is that England’s ancient coronation ceremony helps demonstrate a connection to the Bible’s King David.

Now, at least one critic has cited a mistranslation of the some scriptures in the 21st chapter of Ezekiel as “proof” that the royal line died out in Judea and could not make it to the British Isles. Yet probably understood, the following supports the idea of the throne going away from Judea:

13 Because [it is] a trier {trial}, And what if it is even despising the scepter? It will not be, a declaration of Lord YHWH. …  26 Thus said Lord YHWH: Turn aside the turban, and carry away the crown, This—not this—make high the low, And make low the high. 27 An overturn, overturn, overturn, I make it, Also this has not been until the coming of Him, Whose [is] the judgment, and I have given it. (Ezekiel 21:13,26-27, Literal Standard Version)

Notice that verse 26 says that the crown will be carried away—and it was—eventually to the British Isles.

Anyway, yes, there are reasons to believe that the British Royal Family sits on the Throne of David. And that is the throne that Jesus will takeover when He returns.

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Note, unlike some who hold to British-Israelism, we hold to the view that the descendants of Israel are about to be punished for despising the word of God.

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