Continuing Church of God and the Feast of Tabernacles, 2017

The Continuing Church of God observes God's Holy Days (click here for you can click here for the calendar of Holy Days), sometimes called festival or feast days, throughout the world.

Services began the evening of October 4th and continued until the Last Great Day which is October 12th in 2017.

We have updated this and expect further reports.

For 2018, check out, Feast of Tabernacles' Sites for 2018.


San Diego

In the USA the site was in San Diego, California.

We held services in the Bay Room at the Best Western Plus Island Palms Hotel & Marina 2051 Shelter Island Drive, San Diego, California 92106 Phone 619-222-0561 Fax 619-222-9760.


The hotel is located on Shelter Island, but as it is connected to the rest of San Diego by roads: you can drive to get to it. It is also fairly close to the San Diego airport, though for many people it may be less expensive to fly into one of the other Southern California airports (LAX, John Wayne, Burbank, or Long Beach) and to drive south.

We had a group actiivity after services at Balboa Park. The heart of Balboa Park is located at 1549 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101.

San Diego, California, USA

For more information about this Feast site, contact Dr. Bob Thiel, email

Wichita, Kansas

We also had a semi-video site in the Wichita, Kanasas area. Deacon Richard Close is working on having a limited site in Wichita, Kansas. He emailed me that it is confirmed. The plan was to hold services on most days at the Wichita Public Library, Evergreen Branch, 2601 N Arkansas, Wichita, KS 67204.

For more information about this site, contact Richard Close, email


Herb Haddon coordinated the site in Kingston, Ontario, which is ashort distance from New York Interstate 81.

For more information, contact Herb Haddon, email


Here is an email report we received from Ethiopia:

Dear pastors:

The Feast of Last Great Day is going well here in Ethiopia. And also we are happy to heard that you are going well too. Let the world to see Our God's plan after the reign of Jesus Christ, He will  save others peoples after the end of days (Millennium). ..
Best regards,

Deacon Koang Deng also sent the following photograph from the festival site in Ethiopia:

Gambella, Ethiopia 

People from Ethiopia attended. Some were also invited to attend from South Sudan.


We have hundreds with us in Ghana. They came to us from a Church of God, Seventh-day background and are relatively new to keeping the Feast of Tabernacles.

I do not yet have more specific information on the site there. However, here is the email address of two contacts we have there, the leading Pastor Samuel Ofosu Gyeabour and an elder named Osei Bonsu


We had Feast sites in Kenya.


The smallest site was probably Bomet. Here is a report on that:

Here is our one week Feast of Tabernacles at Bomet it began on
Wednesday 4th of October when we open out meeting with cerebration.
We have preparing best meal for our visitors. We had over 30 members
who attended on the first day. We have two lesson on the first day and
was largely on part of Feast of Tabernacles. We also had an evening
lesson to which more people attended and the house was full on Friday
more people attended and we had morning after lunch and evening
lessons. We continued doing the same until Wednesday and God bless us
and new souls were saved and we prayed for,the years feast was actually
more different from the others since we have spend allot due to big
turn up. Thank you

Tomas Koskey

This site is expected to have hundreds of people from Kenya and possibly other parts of Africa. Ndhiwa expected to be the largest or second largest Feast of Tabernacles' site for CCOG in 2017. For more information on the sites in Kenya, contact Evans Ochieng, email

Malawi and Mozambique

We had a site in MIGOWI, Malawi. Migowi is next to Migowi Trading Centre and is located in Phalombe District, Southern Region, Malawi. Those from Mozambique also attended. For more information, please contact Radson Mulozowa email or Evans Ochieng, email

If you can speak (like give sermonettes) that would be helpful.

New Zealand

In New Zealand we had services in the town of Takanini, which is just south of Auckland, is to be the location.

Takanini, New Zealand

For more information, contact John Hickey, email; his mobile phone number is 021 519 441.


Anthony Flavell sent in some clarification information about the Feast in the Philippines:

The Philippine Feast of Tabernacles was very successful in Bacolod and we received much spiritual Food.

There were 11 Brethren in attendance  including one new Brother ... who was with Church of God cogwa but after studying our Website he decided to join us.

Myself, Oscar Mediavilla and Jose Lumpay shared duties in Song Leading, Opening and Closing Prayers and me Anthony Flavell delivered 4 Sermonettes which were well received by the Brethren.

We had several Field Trips during the Week and enjoyed a number of Lunches and Dinners together.

On the Last but one day of the FOT we received a call from Dick Perlass who informed us that he and his Wife wished to join the Church and they are already saving to attend 2018 FOT probably in Bacolod again. ...

Kind Regards

Anthony Flavell

His wife also sent the following photograph:

Bacolod, Philippines

For further details, contact Oscar Mediavilla via email or Anthony Flavell via email


Alexsandar 'Sasha' Veljic coordinated the CCOG site in Serbia. Joanna Kersten sent the following photograph from there:

Zlatibor, Serbia

She mentioned that the weather has been absolutely wonderful there.
For more information, contact Alexsandar 'Sasha' Veljic, email


We had a site in Utegi, Tanzania. For more information, contact Martin Wanga, email


Those in Uganda, that could, attended in Kenya.

Internet and Other Areas

We do have some type of services available via the internet for those who cannot get to the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Malawi, Ghana, Serbia, or the Philippines sites. Sermons, offertories, and some other items are expected to be at the Sermons link at the website and probably more will be in this article.

Please obey God and keep the Feast of Tabernacles as He would want you to (see also How to Keep God's Festivals).

Online Possible Sermons and Sermonettes for the Feast of Tabernacles in 2017

Here is an opening night message: 2017 Feast of Tabernacles Opening Night Message.

Here is a sermon message that will be played at some sites in 2017: Holy Day Plan of Salvation.

Here is a sermon length message that will be played at some sites in 2017: Behind the Work 2017: Into Europe and Africa.


Here are links to sermons giiven in 2017 at the Feast of Tabernacles in New Zealand and two from San Diego:

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